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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, Having read a series of books on stock photography, I came across the frequently expressed idea, that your best selling photograph is often one, you yourself, regarded as the plainest, or least expected to sell. This was certainly the case with my best selling photograph, on Shutterstock. I was very cynical about even trying to recycle food waste in a compostable food bag, let alone take and publish a photograph of it. After finally being persuaded by my wife to donate one of my compost bins to the cause, I almost took the photograph to prove the justified reasons for my reluctance. How wrong I was. The bag is no longer with us. Ashes to ashes, compost bag to compost. All that said, the photograph is still selling steadily, 10 months later. Not a load of rubbish after all. Have any of you similar stories to share and tell? I'd love to hear from you as a beginner stock photographer, who wants to become an intermediate in the very near future. Best wishes, Peter Shaw https://www.shutterstock.com/imaghttps://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/this-initiative-avoids-plastic-being-used-1469706467e-photo/this-initiative-avoids-plastic-being-used-1469706467
  2. From the album: Photo Critiques

    Maui, Hawaii

    © Laurel King Photography

  3. Natural photoshoot one leaf in human hand

    © This image is capturing by superpixelsphotographer

  4. hi guys Here I attached some new images. I hope you will like it. Please give feedback with your comments. Thanking you Murad Hossain
  5. Hi guys This is the best site I found to share my photos. I share here some more beautiful images of nature, foods, flower, culture etc. Join with http://www.shutterstock.com/?rid=174802462 to find out as you need.
  6. Autumn harvest fresh autumn fruits In The basket

    © iperdana

  7. Found either loose or buried in the earth by itself or embedded in stone. These are naturally formed and sometimes perfect crosses. This one was found in Copperhill, Tennessee
  8. I have mixed feelings when i noticed that someone bought 40 clips at a go. has never happened since 2010 when i joined. clips bought are unrelated. as in it would be difficult to make a continuous story with the clips. someone hinted that a buyer can buy some of the best clips, make simple adjustments and resell the same clips elsewhere. is that a possibility?
  9. moon night mode

    © vindula

  10. monn zooming
  11. Just wondering how many of you use ON CAMERA fill flash, and in what circumstances? Perhaps some of you use it a lot, or some maybe never. I come from the (fashion/beauty) school of "never ever use a flash ON your camera", but things are different with stock and I find myself using it more often these days. Often it's just me and a model, in a place where I cannot set up light stands, or even bounce a flash and a wider angle doesn't allow for a reflector. I found myself in that situation today, with an overcast sky casting very heavy shadows under the models eyes, and black tarmac giving nothing back. I dialled in a bit of fill flash and it really helped things, though sometimes it took away from the natural look. I think I'll be using it more often, dialled down, when I can't use OCF, bounce or reflector. Thanks for any thoughts on this
  12. bysame R

    rice field .

    From the album: My Country

    rice is life . people can live becuz rice.
  13. could any one tell me if the attached photo will rejected or accepted and what i can do to improve my landscape pics
  14. From the album: Tims Collection

    Close up of wild berries.

    © 2015

  15. Timothy Babcock


    From the album: Tims Collection

    Spider on Brick wall.

    © 2015

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