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Found 6 results

  1. If the people in my editorial images or footage are not celebrities is it still important to include their names?
  2. Hi, When submitting image or footage files is it okay if the file names are in all upper case instead of lower case? For example, instead of naming a file, 2018-5-2-809-fun-beach-people-sunny-day.jpg, is it okay to submit it in all upper case like the following?, 2018-5-2-809-FUN-BEACH-PEOPLE-SUNNY-DAY.JPG I am just asking about file names only, not title, description or keywords Thanks
  3. Hi all. So I'm trying to upload and submit some images that I took in Bolivia, in Eduardo Avaroa National Park. For some reason, Shutterstock's uploader does not allow the keyword "avaroa" to be in the keywords of those images.... and if I search Shutterstock for "eduardo avaroa" I get a bunch of images that have the "avaroa" keyword. This does not makes sense at all... why such restriction? If people want images of that national park, the most obvious conclusion is that they'll search of the NAME of the place! I'm just curious if these sort of situations have happened with you as well and, if so, how did you manage to bypass it without submitting the images one by one on mobile...? Thanks
  4. Hi, Had two rejections that my editorial captions was not up to standard, very strange I think. Should I write down every move he/she does left right, looking forward, left, right, up, down, wondering, I settled with the name of the people in the game...feels crazy, happily some other agencies have taken the photos, but you are looking ridiculous ... Comon Shutterstock, you are better that this!
  5. I am a scientist and I shoot a lot of Nature pictures (animals and plants). However, some of my pictures have been rejected because I used their scientific names (which are usually written in Latin or Greek) as keywords. Since it is a very common and sanctioned practice in the scientific world to refer to an animal or a plant by their scientific names when searching for a picture or referring to it, how does Shutterstock instruct their reviewers as to those scientific names? What is the policy in this case and how does Shutterstock educate their reviewers in that regard?
  6. What is the name for those animals ?
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