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Found 1 result

  1. new contributor article link Oh God, this is laughable. How could you get neat picture quality from such a nano-tiny-sensor? Personally i rarely shot on mobile and if it is happening i use mighty Nokia 808 with 1/1.2" sensor (2012).N808 can produce acceptable quality in good light conditions and only after very heavy postprocessing on 'puter. Choosing from new phones i can mention Huawei P30 Pro (1/1.7"). It has more modern versatility but lose a tad bit in terms of resolution (funny thing also). Dynamic range of Huawei much better than N808. Due to modern BSI sensor vs Toshiba FSI used in N808. As for upcoming phones: Mate 30 (1/1.54" smaller than N808) and Xiaomi Mix Alpha (1/1.33" again smaller than N808) could be interesting. But considering high megapixel count > 100. S/N ratio will be not so good. The only thing that could save the situation is to shrink 100mpix -> to say 10mpix. Anyway it will be interesting to see review from a real person n808 vs mate 30 or MIx Alpha. DXomark reviews are bribed, it is known fact and that is why site couldn't considered as smth serious. And yeah, i forgot to mention Panasonic CM1 star-magic phone (1" sensor). It has 20 Mpix and very often image quality is neck-and-neck with N808 (41.5 mpix with special hack, but a bit smaller sensor). Hope this will clear things up and somebody find useful info! Have a neat weekends!
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