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  1. From the album: Trying to learn how to make interesting time-lapse

    Time lapse video of a hill with houses in the neighborhood of Campo Grande in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    © jluiz@jluiz.com

  2. Just wanted to take a minute and get opinions from some of the forum regarding this amazing view to be caught just before sun up on a Colorado Winter morning.
  3. wonderful parashara rishi temple and ancient architecture and lake .
  4. The third largest mountain in the world. Soaring over 8,500 metres, this colossal wonder really does keep you in awe.
  5. A morning view of Mt Baker USA from Mt Prevost BC Canada
  6. I know that there is no great commercial value in micro stock waters, but anyway I'm interested in which way is develops my landscape photography (postcards, ordinary landscape photography, fine art landscape photography or something else) I appreciate your opinion. Summary slide show from my last year's visit to the Dolomites:
  7. Hi, guys! Newbie here, need some critics on these photos if it deserves your time.
  8. De viaje al sur de Argentina, más precisamente San Carlos de Bariloche. Me encontré con el, abandonado a orillas del lago. me puse a pensar en que habrá pasado, como habrá llegado ahí. en que historias tendrá para contar. mientras preparaba mi cámara para tomar la foto, ver ángulos, ver que hay por delante y por detrás. que suma y que resta a la foto y la tome. El barco por si no me supo contar nada, pero en el me refleje, estaba solo como el a orillas del lago. Yo si sabia que me estaba pasando, y si sabia que me iba a pasar. Me estaba enamorando. --- Travel to the south of Argent
  9. Mont-Blanc

    © (C) Louis-Martin Carrière all rights reserved

  10. ok... though market i think... anyway I want to share my shot

    © Mattia Riccadonna

  11. pegunungan tangkuban perahu yang memiliki keindahan alam yang sangat bagus, yang terletak di kabupaten Bandung
  12. I do have a model release. Any comments or suggestions?

    © Darla Hallmark

  13. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=404099389 http://www.shutterstock.com/?rid=4120711
  14. Aiguille de Midi above Chamonix. So is this a photograph or an illustration?
  15. this is my first photo in shutterstock hope everyone like my photo
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