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Found 9 results

  1. Langur monkey
  2. An old photograph of a rusty shed and a gasless truck.

    © Shane St. Louis

  3. My attempt at a black and white shoot, please let me know what you guys think regarding the contrast and if you thing there is too much grain and noise!
  4. Gmgadani

    Old man

    Edited version.

    © Gmgadani

  5. Trying my hand at low key portrait. It is a image of old Indian man with turban. Harsh critique welcomed and much appreciated

    © gmgadani

  6. Just a minor complaint. Two of my images were rejected for the ever popular Lighting/Color Balance. These were toned B&W images of boats on a sandy beach, one toned blue and one sepia. They both had sunlit and shadowed areas, and I thought made stunning photos. Don't reviewers realize that monochrome has different standards from color images? Of course a blue or sepia toned image will have an odd color balance. And what makes monochrome work is often the play of light and shadows--sometimes dense shadows. I guess it could be that I should leave the toning to the buyer, or leave the entire B&W conversion from color to the buyer. The commercial use? I was trying for boat rentals by tourists. Ah, well. Mox Nix. Moving on.
  7. A mine extracting dimensional blocks of Portland Stone.

    © Mark Godden

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