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Found 44 results

  1. dimarion

    Missing payment

    Hello I not recieved money. When will I get my money 228 dollars that must be send to my moneybookers account to 12 january 2016. Why I still did not get this money? I am waiting for this 228 money on my PayPal account now (I changed payment information from moneybookers to paypal) Why you do not answer ? I wrote many times to submit@shutterstock.com - but no any answer? Why you ignore me? Hope for your help. Thank you. Dmitry
  2. Hey guys. I hope there isn't another thread like this, at least I haven't found it. I've been around for a year or so and I've made a just a little bit of money from selling wildlife. Since I hope one day I can make a living from this type of photography and i'm trying to became good at this, I'd like to know how other wildlife photographers are doing, so I have a few questions: If you mostly shoot wild animals (including macro, of course), would you mind sharing your experience? What agencies work best for you? How much money do you usually earn per month or year? What kind of pictures sell more often (exotic mammals like tigers and leopards, cute pictures of squirrels, colorful birds, scary spiders...)? Does macro stock work any better? Have you made money from your pictures outside of the stock world and how (selling them directly to newspapers or magazines, printing them yourself...)? Does video of wildlife sell? If you don't mind i'll mention a couple of users from the forum that are familiar to me (I'll remove your nickname if you want me to): @Claude Huot @Sari ONeal @Michal Ninger @Phil Lowe Thanks in advance!
  3. My humble question is, I've some really professionally worthfull content on my part and want to sell it on stock sites but it is making me uneasy to think about how much I could get through such photo and videos sell though I heard this site (Shutterstock) pays lot than others stock sites, but is it really great decision to sell it for pennies? My Photo Examples I really want you go check my suggested images and give your unbiased review. Below is the link for some of my example images...
  4. hello everyone, I'm a graphic designer and i have some questions about selling vector stock i hope that experiencing contributors in this platforms help me get some insight. my questions are: obviously the first one will be if this worth my time? what are the best platform to sell stock vector? how many sale you have monthly? what items that sell well (posters,logos,patterns...)? how much you earn from each platform (you can avoid this if you don't feel comfortable to answer) ? individual or set? I would appreciate any help ,this will help me and help other designers that are new in vector stock contributing. thank you
  5. Hi guys, The question is mostly related to those folks who are using Payoneer. This Monday certain sum from my SS account was deducted and sent to somewhere. Today is Friday and I still don't see this sum in my local bank account as well in Payoneer account. This is my first transfer from SS to a bank account via Payoneer. How much time usually this transfer takes?
  6. Hi everyone! I live in Peru and I’m working with a company that have eco lodges in the national reserve of tambopata, Madre de Dios. It’s a pristine undisturbed place to see a loooot of wildlife, And filming wildlife full time is my gol. So I’m thinking about stook footage as an income and doing what I love. I have a good relationship with the founder and owner of the lodges and we are evaluating a company option. He will finance equipment, flight tickets to tambopata, food, transport, lodging, permits, etc. In exchange I will put my time as camera man, editing the clips and upload them. So this is great as you can see, but he as the investor want to know how the money will eventually return (we both know this is a long term project). I’ve already made a cash flow but there is just one data missing to be more realistic. And that is: in one month, how many clips do you guys sell from the clips you have upload, and what was the income for that month? I could find in the web only the $income for the number of sold clips, but is missing the number of clips been uploaded in total and for that month. Knowing that number, I could estimate roughly the number of clips I need to make per month to see an income in the x year. Please notice this is for footage, not photos. I know this is a valuable information and I would really appreciate it since this is an exception opportunity for me, please can you guys give me a hand with this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I was just wondering which service is best to use for receiving Shutterstock payments, PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer? I used to get a check, which I much preferred, but now I have to sign up for one of those three and am looking for the one with the lowest (or no?) fees for receiving a Shutterstock payment. I would not use the service for anything else, just to get that one payment once or twice a year. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!
  8. Something weird (maybe) in my account. My balance went down, like I had reached payout. But I didn't actually reach payout level until Aug 1, not July 31. So I figured I would have to wait until the end of August. I haven't got the email notice about payout yet either (but sometimes those are slow.) Has anyone else had this happen? Will they do the payout on the first of the month? Or should I be concerned? And who would I try to contact about this?
  9. My photos had been approved...but i have a doubt when will i get money?
  10. My portfolio has 700 designs and I'm earning 80-100 dollars. My earnings should be greater or more than that. You should tell your opinion? Please see my portfolio https://www.shutterstock.com/g/shabirajmeri
  11. Does any one of you have a delay in payment from Skrill to a bank account? I am withdrawal money on 12/7/2018, but it's still on Pending...
  12. Skrill does not send my money still, is it normal ?
  13. Hello everybody. The last few months I noticed that sales have fallen very strongly. This is a link to my stock. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/belchenko maksym I do not know what's going on with the stock, sales have fallen sharply, although I'm constantly throwing work here. What is the problem with the rating of photos, it seems to me
  14. hello, i wonder what the problem of my vectors and illustrations. i really have a very small portfolio, thinking how to sell .........even one.. can you pls view my portfolio and tell me why don,t I get any sale at all. i am so disappointed. really appreciate if anybody can give me good advises to make me a single sale. http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?gallery_id=3514679 thanks.
  15. Hello, I was robbed and my credit card was stolen by , July 19. I canceled the card and ordered a new one, but the money did not arrive, not from last month, nor from this, I'm trying to link my account to a new card, but I can't , i redirected on page to order a new one, but the card is already there How can connect my account with a new card from Payoneer I think now, it was successful. I tried before few minutes and was written account was changed and now i see the message: "Account pending" If you need a number of my card, new one, i can send Thanks a lot With Best Regards, Voliansky Sergey P.S. For the last 2 months, I have not received any money. I attached the files.
  16. Da li neko u Srbiji prebacuje novac sa skrila na pejonir?! Nama ne daje vise tu opciju i ne znamo kako da dodjemo do para!!!
  17. how do you sell photos on here do you just upload and when its approved you play the waiting game ?
  18. Hi everyone! I received an email with blackmail today. Please, help me! What should I do? Here is a translation of this e-mail from google translate (russian to english): "Hello! A couple of minutes ago I bought 5 of your video files as HD XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX You should have accrued somewhere 20 bucks for 1 video, every day I will purchase from your photo / vector / video portfolio a certain amount files to the complete blocking of your portfolio. You have an excellent portfolio and it brings a good deduction, it will be a pity to lose it, the first purchase is not terrible, it remains for you. 1. You can contact the technical support service to shutterstock by providing this letter as proof, but I would not advise it to do so as there will be no quick response, in our experience the portfolio after being familiar with your complaint will be frozen until the circumstances become clear, at this time I I will move on to your profiles creativ, istock, fotoolia, which will also be blocked with a huge increase in unauthorized downloads on your portfolio. Sinks will suspect your account of fraudulent accrual of monetary charges on your balance, eventually the portfolio will be remotely and the account will be blocked. 2. I monitor various forums of the group, etc. dedicated to the stockers and work on the sinks, if it is found that the topic has gone beyond this dialogue, All your portfolios in all stocks will be subject to massive unauthorized downloads and lead to an early liquidation and blocking. 3. Even if you manage to prove your not involvement in fraud, you will have a lot of time during which you will lose income, perhaps temporarily, perhaps forever, at any rate it will do you harm. 4. To stop these actions, you must refill the BTC purse for $ 500 within 10 hours, otherwise if this is not done I will regard it as a waiver of my terms. Requisites of BTC purse 1EEaoYSE5eM85ZgUyj7Qtitk9PUNwA2pRV I guarantee that after payment you will no longer be subject to blackmail and other unjust actions on my part, think judiciously. I will not enter into any negotiations, etc. want to save the portfolio on the sink, waiting for payment." Origin on russian: "Здравствуйте! Пару минут назад мною были приобретены 5 Ваших видео файлов в качестве HD 430144, 5616977, 6404207, 5647676 , 452908 Вам должно было прийти начисление где то по 20 баксов за 1 видео, ежедневно я буду приобретать с Вашего фото/вектор/видео портфеля определённое количество файлов до полной блокировки Вашего портфолио. У Вас отличное портфолио и оно приносит не плохое отчисление, будет жаль его потерять, первое приобретение не страшно, оно остаётся Вам. 1. Вы можете обратиться к службе технической поддержки к shutterstock предоставив это письмо как доказательство, но я бы не советовал этого делать так как ответа быстро не будет, по нашему опыту портфель после ознакомления с Вашей жалобой будет заморожен до выяснения обстоятельств, в это время я буду переходить на Ваши профили creativ, istock, fotoolia, которые так же будут блокироваться при огромном увеличении не санкционированных скачиваний по Вашему портфелю. Стоки будут подозревать Ваш аккаунт в махинации по накрутке денежных начислений на свой баланс, в конечном итоге портфолио будет удаленно, а аккаунт будет заблокирован. 2. Мною мониторятся различные форумы группы и.т.д. посвященные стокерам и работе на стоках, если будет обнаружено что тема вышла за пределы этого диалога, Все Ваши портфели на всех стоках будут подверженный массовым не санкционированным скачиваниям и приведёт к скорой ликвидации и блокировке. 3. Даже если Вам удаться доказать свою не причастность к махинациям у Вас уйдет масса времени в течении которого Вы потеряете доходы, возможно временно, возможно навсегда, во всяком случае это навредит Вам. 4. Для остановки этих действий ВЫ должны в течении 10 часов пополнить BTC кошелёк на сумму 500$, в противном случае если этого не будет сделано я буду расценивать это как отказ от моих условий. Реквизиты BTC кошелька 1EEaoYSE5eM85ZgUyj7Qtitk9PUNwA2pRV я гарантирую что после оплаты Вы больше не будете подвержены шантажу и другим не правомерным действиям с моей стороны, подумайте рассудительно. Я не буду вступать ни в какие переговоры и.т.д. хотите сохраните портфолио на стоках, жду оплаты." Here is a screenshot:
  19. hello, I got written permission to photograph an event. The responsible persons for the event knew i was going to submit the photos to microstock websites. Recently a visitor of that event discovered her photo on shutterstock. Asked for the photos to be removed and asked for money. i said to her i got written permission to photograph and sell the images as editorial to microstock websites. What is the best answer to give when something like this happens ? Do i have to remove the photos if she wants? If the organizers of the event give in to her requests and then ask me to remove the photos, what can i do? Do i have to give her any money of the sales? Note: one reason for removing the photo could be that it causes ridicule to her, like: "i think i'm fat and ugly on the photo" - Is this considered a valid reason? thanks
  20. I am new contributor here, So first of all Respect and Hello to all of you. Now move to the question... As you know i am new here, So my question is how much images i need for earn $20 every week and how much time it will take for my first Earning. And i also read everything like Keywords, High commercial value images, Quality of images etc.. and i understand all concept. But i want to know because i really need money ASAP And i also know that its not possible asap but if you give me a guess, then it will put smile on my face. Thank to all of you in Advance, Give me blessings of success :-)
  21. Hello All, I am here on SS for last 10 months. initially 2 months I was active on SS later I stopped uploading pics on it. After 5 months I got 2 downloads then I again started uploading images on SS. Now I am having total 9 downloads which is very low count. I am just using point and shoot camera, is this the reason for low sales. is DSLR is mandatory to sell images or we can sell images with point & shoot camera and from mobile phone. I am not having confidence as of now to buy DSLR, waiting for the first payout. Please look at my portfolio and give your suggestions on the same. Regards, Sheetal
  22. Hi everyone, I don't know why but this month is terrible for me in the aspect of earnings. Now it's about half of the earnings I have as usual. Does Shutterstock have a trouble or is it my misfortune only? What about your july month? Thanks.
  23. Hi guys, I just made over $500 but my images still sailing for $0.25 not $0.33 https://submit.shutterstock.com/payouts Would somebody please explain what is going on? Thanks
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