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Found 47 results

  1. I recently used shutterstock's new beta feature for model releases but they are rejecting that model release by saying that it doesn't meet their requirements.
  2. Como envio autorização a partir de 18 anos? Ele não é adolescente! E você não tem nem 20 a 29 anos.
  3. © Nicola Morris

  4. https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/100492-what-can-i-sell/
  5. Hi everyone I am new here not sure what I am doing. Any advice welcome. I am a model and have a portfolio of photographs. I have a large library of animal photography. I travelled to Mauritius and also have nice video and photo content. Any suggestions on what I can do/ sell/ gain from the above? Many thanks
  6. Hi, I’m new to SS and like many, struggling to come to terms with the inconsistent rejections. The most frustrating is Model Release rejections - I have many clips with 20+ people in which have been accepted fine elsewhere, however, i’m Having problems here. The most infuriating part is the reviewers just giving a generic rejection reason saying something like ‘Invalid Model Release’ How am I supposed to know which one of the 20+ releases they have the issue with? And then how do I know what the specific issue is? Mind reading isn’t my strong point! Am I missing some specific details somewhere? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Recently Ive been in a fashion show in Detroit and a took around 1000 pictures of models walking on runway but I dont know if i can sell them as editorial pictures ? Am I allowed to sell them here ?
  8. We plan to invite to the shooting - you can suggest contacts for cooperation or the model name - https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/search/models/19966933
  9. If the person taking the photo is also the model in the photo will a release still be required?
  10. Excuse me, how do you load model release?
  11. I generally photographed not so long ago and was always afraid to work with models. This is because, the model needs to be relaxed, so that she would be comfortable with you and she followed your instructions. In this case, emotions will be sincere, and she herself will give ideas for good photos. I want to share with you my experience and options for processing such photos. Автор: AlexRudenko I had some questions. On how many it is effective to use constantly one model. I do not think it's problematic to change the images. Thanks to this, you can also change the style of the photo, if your photoapart with technical and cancer tests allows it. Автор: AlexRudenko Also interested in the processing of portraits and photos of mica. How to handle photo processing? Or is it still better to leave a live sub-correcting the light and shadow? Автор: AlexRudenko I'm waiting for advice from real professionals. For me, the main thing is to work constantly and not to let the camera go, try to constantly improve your skills and strive for excellence. All the successes and good photos!
  12. i have not yet been able to find a way to communicate with SS directly so I have to ask this question in a public forum. I have had problems getting images with humans accepted. I understand the need for a model release and have printed off the one that is on SS's contributor page, but am still getting images rejected for a missing model release even when I resubmit it and make certain that the SS model release is attached, I get another rejection. I have been able to figure out the technical issues for other rejections, but cannot figure out why SS rejects an image for a missing model release when the one that they supplied is attached. Does anyone have any guidance or should I stick with landscapes for SS? It is not a huge deal but as a former teacher, I know that students do not learn from failure unless they understand why they failed in the first place.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm having problem with every single image I submit due to model release issue in spite of approved hundreds of images of the same model previuosly ,is there any need to update the model release after a year or so ???? pls answer
  14. Hi everybody! I have one question about a model release. If I want to upload a photo where I am the model, do I need to upload a model release for myself too? Thank you in advance! Helena
  15. So I started uploading here last November and after a month made a sale. I've been making one sale a month since, except for February. Anyway, I have 96 images currently on Shutterstock and started uploading images of people to try and increase my sales. My first batch got rejected cause of the witness. So my question is this: Does the model release need to be signed the same day as the shoot? In other words, can it be signed a week or so later?
  16. I'm having trouble attaching a new model realese. How can I do to import the release that is in jpg. The + next button to Releases in the Content Editor does not give me the option of a new authorization, only the old ones. I need a help.
  17. How to submit the model release for this photo. Anyone please help me
  18. Just wondering if I can use a model release with my own letterhead if I use the wording from Shutterstock's release form, or one of the approved external releases? My company is well known in the area and I feel I have more luck if the release has our company name rather "Shutterstock" at the top. Some people are wary when they see a big stock library company name. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006567?q=model+release&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1
  19. All pics from the last upload wasn't approve because of the model release. And I can say, that no-one didn't check it, because of this: A few weeks ago (it's about another shooting) I already send the message to shutterstock about releases, because I didn't understand why they declined my photos, they send me this: But other websites accepted the same file and this file is not corrupted in my folder, I can see full document, not only the half. What is going on with shutter?
  20. Hi. Can anyone tell me how much do you pay a model for a video or photo shoot for about half a day, not a whole one. I think it also depends on where you are, but I say... more or less. Thank you so much.
  21. Hello! A quick and simple question here. I have some really good photos from photoshoots I've done very casually with my friends, which they agreed to let me use commercially after I got on Shutterstock--although it was not originally planned. From an ethical point of view, any revenue made from such photos should be split between me and them. But how? Does the community have a standard or an opinion on this?
  22. Have SS changed a policy with model releases and not told anyone? I've just had a load of images rejected all for "Model Release -- A model release is required for this image or the attached model release does not meet our requirements, is illegible, or additional model releases are needed." Its the same person and the same (easyrelease generated) model release ive been using for several years on here without issue. Images using the same release were accepted last week using it. So have SS changed anything and not communicated it? Are easyrelease forms no longer accepted? The same release seems to be accepted fine on 3 other stock sites. I cant see anything about a policy change and im tempted to just resubmit the whole lot and assume its an insane reviewer as i can't see any notification of a change anywhere - its particularly odd since SS accept absolutely any other image now regardless of quality. Before i do that though i'll check here in case theres something i missed. Edit:- its even worse than i thought. On looking the release is SS own model release, uploaded in 2012 and used pretty much monthly without any issue at all until today.
  23. I am extremely confused. I have had two batches in the past month rejected for "Model or Property Release Issues". Both batches included a model release that has been accepted all year and was accepted between both rejected batches. Is this a curator issue? Any way to correct or fire those curators? Can I get a reason for those specific rejections?
  24. Hello, A good feature to add to the contributor earnings panel is the ability to select a particular model release and see automatically how much is that model made in sales. What do you think?
  25. Hi guys I'm new don't know where can I get a model realese form can anyone HELP please Thank you
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