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Found 71 results

  1. I recently attached Shutterstocks electronic model release form completed by model correctly and submitted... It came back" Invalid Model Release: One or more of the attached model releases does not meet our requirements." I had the model check and complete again. Submitted again and was rejected with the same reason! I am baffled to what is wrong??? It was Shutterstocks Form???
  2. I recently used shutterstock's new beta feature for model releases but they are rejecting that model release by saying that it doesn't meet their requirements.
  3. Hy there, I noticed that Shutterstock just launched new model release form with new data and structure. I want to know if I have to transcribe the old ones to meet the new requirements or it's good to leave the old ones as they are? I am still selling people images with old ones written so this is why I am asking because i didn't received any email from Shutterstock and i couldn't find anything regarding this action on their blog nor here on the forum. Thanks in advance
  4. I submitted several photos from the same series, same model. some were rejected and some approved.Rejected because the model release is invalid. How is it valid for some photos and not the others? I have submitted photos from this same model several times and they were approved...
  5. Hello, There are some reviewers rejecting my images because the model release. BUT, i contacted the supporter, and a good supporter guy answer me there are a lot insues about it because NEW reviewers, and ask me try to upload again... Then, i did but the same images are refused (by the way, others images are APPROVED with the same model release as attached print). Please, someone tell for that new reviewers, the document i use are writed in PORTUGUESE, then need to be write in portuguese way. All requeriments are well filled. Attached an example... the same guy, the same release... some approved some reject.. This upset me a lot, and spend my time. Thanks for any help, and sorry for my english.
  6. So if I want to post a picture of myself (well, my hands) fro sale as commercial. How do I do the model release? Do I just fill out both sides of the forum and pay myself a dollar? Do I need to use the shutterstock forum or can I use one from another stock site?
  7. Anyone else noticed this? I've had a few clips rejected recently for 'invalid model release' but haven't changed my model releases at all. Not sure why they would repeatedly be accepted and now rejected. Just curious if SS has tightened down that anyone else has noticed.
  8. Hi, I have just started in the stock game and am going through all my old photos. Most of them are landscape but a lot are of my granddaughter as she was growing up (she's 14 now) and I know, or have learnt, that people photos sell. My question is: can I get my granddaughter to sign one release form to cover all the photos or does she have to sign one for each and every photo? The same question is for models I use in the future: can they just sign one release and that covers me for future photos? Thanks
  9. They wanted a model release even for silhouette bridge! I am really confuced about that.I think i should not waste my time for such photos and continue the food photography !
  10. recently o got a invalid model release for rejection. i have been submitting the pictures of the same model for many times with no issues, but it only got rejected now, i dont know why? what shall do? accepted rejected the model release
  11. I downloaded Shutterstock's model release in PDF format, have typed in the release details and when I try and upload it I get this error... It's Shutterstocks own PDF format?! I've save it as a PDF with a different name? Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Nick
  12. "The witness must not be the videographer/photographer and must not be the model, or model’s parent/guardian" that's very limiting opportunities for me to upload from know I know this new family stuff to SS. Or perhaps I don't really understands. situation release: I photograph my daughter. Daughter is minor (teenager) at that moment. Now my daughter is adult 22years. Few days ago I uploaded photo with model release. SS doesn't agree and refused model release.I signed as photographer and my daughter as model. Second try "model release minor ": I sign as photographer, my wife at the moment of photo standing beside me (on skis) so she signs now as witness and my daughter signed as model. Not valid SS :"The witness must not be the videographer/photographer and must not be the model, or model’s parent/guardian" I have checked the attached model release and would like to inform you that there are some details which are missing in the submitted release. You missed filling the "Witness" information which is mandatory. Witness Information Full name /Signature and Date//The date of the model and witness signatures should be the same, as the witness must have been present at the time the model signed the release.The witness must not be the videographer/photographer and must not be the model, or model’s parent/guardian.Once you will fill all the above mentioned details, kindly submit the model release along with your image so, our Review team can review the release and the content and approve it. If you have any further queries or concern, kindly contact us. For more information, please feel free to visit our Support Center: If I sign as photographer, my wife as witness and my daughter as model. Shoot is of course another date, but if I signs, my wife as witness and my daughter also, all of the 3 the same date ...will the release then be accepted? AND do I use better "the model release" or "minor model release"?
  13. It is already 5 days ago I submitted a question to SS concerning rejected image with a not correct info on model release to Shutterstock and i'm still waiting for their answer...I'm new here and don't know if they (SS) answer or reply on every submitting question to them? The photo theme, it is about skiing and , waiting longer for a answer SS means...customers Shutterstock would have already chosen other photo they need from other contributor or even other stock agency. So far: it seems that if when I photograph my daughter on a ski piste and my wife, the mother of my daughter is standing aside me, it is not valid to have mother's child as witness?? Have I badly understood the rules Shutterstock or not. Sure is : I never will be with a printed model release and a pencil in my pocket to ask a stranger on the ski piste to sign as witness for the photo I just have token with my own family. My daughter signed, me the photographer signed model release and my wife. The photo was when my daughter was minor..but that was not the problem. She is now adult. So I filled in second time model release....the problem is also that when SS reject they stay vague...and then we (I & SS) are losing time=money. It is not so complicated to SS to design, invent some elements to click, some pré filled info that is more precise about rejection I think, no? If I understand I would need to stop a person, ask his email, ask signing, ask his, her first name, family name and show my passport and daughters that I we are really we, because the stranger is not knowing who I photographed and who is model ...and hoping the witness stranger doesn't want some cash for his witness being, because we earn little $ , € for stock? Here under the remark SS The witness must not be the videographer/photographer and must not be the model, or model’s parent/guardian.
  14. Hi... I just got a rejection for "missing or illegible model release" - I have filled in the original form from Shutterstock, downloaded yesterday... Can anyone see a problem/mistake) (for keeping privacy I've blacked out the names and adresses of course)
  15. I have couple of images which i took in India during one of the Festival. Do i need to submit Model releases for so many people in the image to get the attached images approved on Shutterstock?
  16. Though its easy to use a downloaded Model Release form from www.shutterstock.com but I just want to know whether it is possible or not to use my own release, does the SS (or any other microstock sites) accept it or not? The reason is that if I contribute the same images to other sites, then the Model have to sign many forms. E.g like many other contributors are working in other microstock sites, say 40 sites, then the model will have to sign 40 nos. of forms.... Please help...other wise my models and witness will cry..... and the papers itself will fill up my whole room...lol... HELP ME Thanks
  17. Hello! I have so many photos of this kind. They are recorded during the historical parade Asti, Italy. I have no model release. They are several unknown people. What should I do? I have 2 photos attached.
  18. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation to strengthen and unify the data protection of EU citizens. As of the 25th of May 2018, all companies worldwide that store and process data about EU citizens will be required to comply with GDPR. Potential fines for non-compliance can range from 2-4% of a company’s annual global revenue or amount up to 20 mil EUR, whichever is higher. I am living in Slovakia, wich is part of EU. And I am conserned about model releases. There are personal data there. And the photos of people also now are personal data. Personal data cannot be transferred to countries outside the European Union unless they guarantee the same level of data protection. What level of data protection is here?
  19. Good day, I have emailed about 4times to get clarity on my model release forms. I have filled out the whole thing except for the witness area. Does this have to get filled out. What if there was not another witness there. I have received responses from the contributor community but unable to open the message. Please help. All i keep getting sent to is the faq area. Thank you
  20. Come May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation becomes enfordable law in the EU contries. Reference link for a brief overview. Don't use as legal advice! It may be open to debate, if these laws apply to Shutterstock as a company. There is already a thread about that, so please, let's leave that part alone. It is, however, obvious, that the law WILL apply to those of us Contributors from EU countries. In short, the law states rules how personal data from EU citizens has to be handled. Like most laws it reads like the latest card set from bullshit bingo and is about as clear as muddy water at zero Kelvin. Since the law's definition of "personal data" includes basically everything, we may have to wait for the tide of law suits to clear, before we know what (if anything) the GDPR means for street photography, journalism, editorials or art. Personally I'm not overly worried (yet). The one thing that bothers me though is the handling of model releases. The problem is not so much in which data we are collecting, but how we handle this data. From what I gather, the law requires us to: 1) Publicly state how we handle personal data (a/k/a invitation for countless lawsuits) 2) Protect said data from third parties (now that's gonna be a problem working with non-EU agencies) 3) Set up a communications channel where the owner of data can demand the immediate deleting of said data. (So, basically, a model could at any point demand that we delete their MR? Now there's legal desaster in the making.) 4) Document every single bit of personal data we aquire, how we handle it, and who does the handling. (Ok... just... HOW?) 5) Make sure we have (and can prove) consent to handle the data in the first place. Does anyone have any idea yet on how to handle any of this?
  21. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can instruct me in how to fill out a model release for a deceased person. The only instruction I can find on it is this article: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006567 It says that the next of kin can fill out the release. However, it does not say which release to start with or give any details on the process. If the person was an adult at the time of death, do I start with an adult release even though it doesn't really have a place for the next of kin to sign, or would it be better to use a minor release since there is at least a place for a parent/guardian to sign on it? I also see in some of the forum posts something about needing a photo ID of the deceased. Is that necessary? If so, do I just put it where the optional image of the model normally goes? I would love to hear advice from anyone who has actually done this successfully. Thank you in advance!
  22. Hello. I am new to Shutterstock...not new to stock photography, I was exclusive to iStock for 15 years and just gave it up. Im excited to open up my horizons and spread my wings on some different sites. I'm having some trouble with model release rejections. It seems that they aren't attaching somehow during upload. Am I doing something wrong when I bulk upload? Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Hi everybody! I have one question about a model release. If I want to upload a photo where I am the model, do I need to upload a model release for myself too? Thank you in advance! Helena
  24. Hi, recently I have rejections for "Incorrect Model Release" but my releases are correct. It concerns previous used documents and also new one. Other stocks do not see any obstacles. Is it global issue? Do you have the same problem?
  25. Hello there! I recently uploaded this photo and it got rejected because I don't have a model release. I thought I only need a model release for recognizable people, not for silhouettes. Any Ideas? Thanks, Amro
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