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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! I have many photos of cyclone destruction, shot with Motorola smartphone. In have tried submitting (two times now while trying the re- submit method) but I am getting rejected. It says picture is out of focus and has noise. It was shot during rain and strong wind and it's a little blurry sometimes but I am really choosing the clearer pictures and trying to submit. I have sold three images like these but they were taken some days after the cyclone was gone and the sky and atmosphere was clear. Then why other images are not getting 'successfully reviewed' when they are similar image
  2. COMPREHENSIVE TEST OF PORTABLE LARGE SENSOR DEVICES: 1/1.54", 1/1.33", 1/1.2", 1" https://spacedrone808.blogspot.com/2019/12/xiaomi-mi-note-10-8p-pro-vs-huawei-mate.html WHY I DON'T CONSIDER 1/2.55" SENSORS? I'LL SHOW YOU WHY: 1/1.2" NOKIA 808 SENSOR 1/2.55" XIAOMI MI MAX 3 SENSOR
  3. new contributor article link Oh God, this is laughable. How could you get neat picture quality from such a nano-tiny-sensor? Personally i rarely shot on mobile and if it is happening i use mighty Nokia 808 with 1/1.2" sensor (2012).N808 can produce acceptable quality in good light conditions and only after very heavy postprocessing on 'puter. Choosing from new phones i can mention Huawei P30 Pro (1/1.7"). It has more modern versatility but lose a tad bit in terms of resolution (funny thing also). Dynamic range of Huawei much better than N808. Due to modern BSI sensor vs Toshiba
  4. This is my review of the new cloud based version of Lightroom CC, the cloud based version aiming mostly mobile users. I would like to exchange opinions with other users
  5. Hi to all! Like 10 days ago I have problems with photo upload via iPhone app. I do it, but they disappear! Even if I edit it right away, they don't show up in 'pending approval part'. Anybody else? Thank you!
  6. who are take a photo by mobile phone? please show your photo here. Cheers!
  7. How do you specify that an image does not have a reference image when uploading with the mobile app? Can you upload a reference image through the mobile app?
  8. Does Shutterstock accept cell phone photos, if it is mentioned in description that they are made with a phone?
  9. Hello, We are pleased to announce a significant update to our Android Contributor app. Shutterstock Contributor version 1.4 is now available in the Google Play store. This update focuses on the upload and submit experience in the app. We hope that these enhancements will make it easier than ever for you to submit your photos directly from the app and benefit from an improved submission flow. You can now edit your images in batches and zoom in to see the details before you submit for review. This means you can edit multiple submissions at once rather than one image at a time. We also impr
  10. Hi, This weekend we released a new version of the Shutterstock contributor app for the iPhone. I want to share some of the new features that we hope will make the experience much better for you. We have focused on improving the upload experience overall. Some of the new features we have added include the ability to preview your uploads in full screen before you submit, and to upload multiple images at once. You can also edit in batches now. This means you can add or edit multiple submissions rather than one image at a time. While we were building that we improved the keywording exper
  11. Hi. By using of SS mobile client application for contributors I see always message about "Some problem" (without explanation). I still have notification messages from SS but can't see updated stats and images. Restart of my Phone and application has no effect. Using iPhone 6S with latest iOS updated. Any news about this problem?
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