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Found 27 results

  1. Many years ago, I read a post in this same forum written by Yuri Arcurs. It was a post in which he shared that he had reached 1000 sales a day in Shutterstock. Wow! It was incredibly motivating for me to know that there was someone out there capable of achieving such high numbers. I promised myself that one day I would reach that level as well. I reached that level many months ago, but I had not shared it with anyone. So today I share with you the sales of September 30th: My best day ever 😍. I hope it will be an inspiration for many, just as it was for me. I am currently doing several interviews about my story, in different blogs. If you have a website or blog and are interested in interviewing me, it will be a pleasure. Contact me via Instagram Just for fun, how about turning this post into a "screenshot party"? Share a screenshot of your best day ever here πŸ™‚ Aaron
  2. Hello everyone, I reached the 3rd level today with 4118 images after almost three years.(13 June will finish 3 years) I think SS forgot me and do not sent me congratulations ! e-mail πŸ™‚ Lol ! When i look my earning panel still continue by 33 sent ! Is it right? Thank you.
  3. This past weekend, my best selling vector smoothly closed in on a total of $20,000. That's quite an amount for one single file - and although Shutterstock's official list of their 100 top performing images doesn't exist anymore, I'm almost sure it would (still) be on it. Therefore I think it's just about time for a big "thank you": To Shutterstock as a company, but also to all the nice and generous people I had the pleasure to meet along my way (both here in Germany and in NY). In order to name just a few of them: Jon, of course, but also Scott Braut, Anthony Correia, Meagan Kirkpatrick and - last but definitely not least - Joshua Black, who will always be a dear friend. Thanks to all my fellow colleagues as well - for your friendship, support, honesty and a lot of great conversations. You guys really rock! Anja
  4. I started selling on Shutterstock 12 years ago. And finally I have reached my milestone of 5000 images! Way back in 2011 I thought I was on my way to making "good money" here at SS. But the collection of images grew from about 5 million back then to over 247 million as per today. Incredible!!! And of course my sales dropped and still are. πŸ˜₯ Never the less I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. And I learned a lot about photography along the way! Here is a comparison of earnings. This was with approximately 1000 images in my portfolio This was with approximately 5000 images in my portfolio And here is my 5000th image:-
  5. So I missed my goal of hitting $3000 in March by $110. But on the bright side, it was my best month so far this year and puts me on track to hit my $30,000 goal for 2019. I just shot 270 new clips last week that I know will help -- even though I won't have time to upload them for a few days. Gotta keep stoking the fire.
  6. Hello Veterans, Below are my numbers so far.. First Photo Uploaded in July 2018 100 th Photo approved yesterday, a total of 105 today.. Out of 105, 39 photos have been downloaded so far, few been downloaded more than once, and a total of 91 downloads as of now.. Yet to reach the (minimum) first payout. Please take some time to review my portfolio, and let me know the positive points and the negative points. Your suggestions/feedback means a lot to me.... Thanks... Have a good day ahead...
  7. ✍️ I'm happy to share my Happiness to all in SS. I have been hear for 2+ yrs learned lot from forum & critics as well. My uploads are very occasionally & it did good/bad up's & down's for me!!. My Sincere Thanks to my buyers. SS friends in forum and last but not least Shutter Stock reviewer's & sellers buddies as well ☺️.
  8. It took me one and a half months to reach from 50 to 100 downloads. I guess I am shifting to higher gears of sales. Glad to see the magic numbers in the portal. This is my 100th download. Stairs leading to an old military watchtower over a small hill. Historical landmark of Muscat, Oman. Thank you Shutterstock and the buyers, wherever they are.
  9. Exactly one month back, on May 17th, I've reached the milestone of 25 downloads from my portfolio. Today, I am standing over another milestone of 50 downloads, thanks to an incredible day with 14 sales! Feeling very happy to see my hard-work slowly paying off. I know I have a long way to go. But this is a very good beginning. Thank you buyers and Shutterstock for making this a reality.
  10. About a year ago I was celebrating here for reaching my 100th download which took over a year to reach. Things have been developing rapidly since and my monthly earnings have multiplied. I'm not sure what I have done right but I happily accept this development and nowadays I'm almost getting 100 downloads in a month. It's a big change from the times when I got 1 or 2 downloads in a month 2 years ago. Couple of weeks ago my total earnings reached $500 which means I leveled up as a contributor and got about 30% raise for my royalties. I'm very happy and want to thank Shutterstock and I hope this development continues in the future too. Thanks
  11. I got 100 videos in my portfolio now. 9 month ago I, having no graphics experience or background, decided to start learning After Effects and present my creations to the world. (Yeah, I have some cringy illustrations/videos at the end of my port, several of them even got sold ). So far it's been fun, there are, of course, some issues, but Shutterstock motivated me to do what I've never done before. So thank you, Shutterstock community and creators. I will continue to learn and create and hope this site won't disappoint me. P.S. What do you think about my port? Is there something I'm missing?
  12. My images have been downloaded 25 times after nearly two years of hard work. Out-of-which this image only downloaded 12 times. Muscat Skyline Money-wise its not too much. But I feel that I have reached a milestone. Thanks to the buyers, wherever you are, and Shutterstock.
  13. I realize this will be irrelevant to just about everyone else, but bear with me just this once. I just had my first sale ever. Not even a month here, less than 100 photos in my portfolio, I was positive I 'd have to upload a lot more photos before this happened. Just happy tonight.
  14. Hey, just want to share my excitement :-) Exactly 4 months after my first pictures were approved on Shutterstock, the 100th photo has been downloaded a few minutes ago :-) It is a really hot picture: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/round-thermometer-shows-extreme-high-temperatures-1075534106 ... by the way, the thermometer was NOT manipulated or broken, it was a very (!) hot day and the thermometer was shone directly by the sun :-) I think this is even a good symbol for 100th download. It might be a very small milestone, some people have such an amount per day... and I still am trying to figure out which picture has good commercial value and which not, so, I am still learning ;-)
  15. A real milestone moment just happened, I swore loudly and punched the air as I just hit $10,000 in total sales on Shutterstock! I started doing this to help pay my way through university four years ago, Amazed to come this far, I'm a bit drunk and slightly sentimental but I'm very happy to hit the highest tier of contributor!
  16. Hello, everyone. I am very happy. Today I reached for the first time the threshold to get pay. It took 111 downloads and almost six months. =). Also, I would appreciate if you can take some time to look at my portfolio and give me some advises. I am still learning about microstock photography and I want to improve. So, your comments are so welcome. Best regards! http://shutterstock.com/g/Angel+Gruber
  17. 100 downloads reached yesterday! It only took about 8 months... LOL
  18. Hi In July last year I posted the following statement here - https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/89053-small-milestone/ "Next targets, 1000 images online, and making payout every month. Longer term, making $100/month across all agencies." Well, today I hit 1002 images online at SS, and am hitting the $$$ targets For anyone struggling to stay focused on targets, I'll share something that helped. In October 2016, I was at 460 images, a shortfall of 540. I set a date of 31st March 2017, and made simple spreadsheet showing how many images I needed to get accepted every week, and tracked my progress. I also listed loads of potential subjects, with a target number of images for each one. If I was lacking inspiration, I referred to it for ideas. Below is what the tracker looks like, showing how many I uploaded each week and what I still needed to do. It's dead simple, but pm me if you want a copy. It really helped me stay on schedule. My new challenge is to think of a new target (maybe something more interesting than another 1000 images online!). Cheers Gary
  19. It took me almost 4 months to get there, but I got my 100th DL yesterday. So I thought starting a thread for other contributors to share their recent milestones (approved,downloaded,money, particular license types, etc.) could be a good idea. If you want, also negative milestones are possible (worst, least, lowest...) Let the showing off begin! As mentioned above, I have had 100th download yesterday Also, last approved batch took me over 500 pictures.
  20. Hello guys, today I am very happy because I finally reached one of my goals: more than a hundred active photos on Shutterstock in a few months =) What are your goals you have achieved this year? If you have pleasure, I invite you to visit my profile and to leave me feedback on what you think: https://www.shutterstock.com/it/g/danyskar?search_source=base_gallery&language=it&page=1&sort=popular&safe=true Thank you , Daniele.
  21. So today I made my 200th sale at Shutterstock!!! It probably doesn't sound very much to all you seasoned professionals out there, but it feels like a big achievement to me. I've only been contributing since March 2015 and haven't even got 200 images in my port yet. I somehow manage to squeeze stock photography into my hectic life as a further education lecturer and being a mummy to my fab (but demanding!) 4 year old daughter. July has been a slow month for me, but this little milestone has given me a rush of motivation and inspiration to keep on going. You never know, I might even make 200 photos in my port by the weekend haha! Best wishes everyone, and happy sales! Jennie
  22. Very excited to reach the 100th sale on Shutterstock. Feels good. I feel though it is going a bit slow as if i have not so much of a great content or not a lot of it. I`ll just keep uploading new stuff and see where and how it goes from now on as well. Anyone else in this position?
  23. Hi all, Finally! After months of uploads and rejections I have 100 files online. I know this is a small number given that most contributors have over 1000 files online but I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Next major milestone - 200! Here is a link to my portfolio http://shutr.bz/25aW4QU Cheers, Affini4.
  24. After 5 months of shooting, editing (and rejections) I've just had my 1000th file accepted. I have a mix of stills and clips that help me hit the 1000 mark. I know lots more about Lightroom than I did 5 months ago, as overcoming common reasons for rejection has been a great motivator to develop my editing skills. Here's a link to my portfolio... http://shutterstock.com/g/Georgethefourth. Now to have a lie down
  25. Just $27 to go before hitting $20,000 in all time sales. Time has flown by and was only Feb I was rejoicing at hitting the $10,000 marker.. Keep shooting people
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