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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there! I have good news for all microstockers! If you make a vector you should try this script. Stock Master can automatically prepare vector files for microstocks. It scans a vector file and fixes mistakes such as open paths, ghost shapes, bitmap, symbols, brushes, effects, etc. You can free download this script here mai-tools.com
  2. Just one looking at my profil couple times,and i checked on google Japan Campany one that never heard.But i am contributor for 3 years,i think normal.Many eyes are watching us 🙂 wow !
  3. Hi, with the camera and some time lapse, I make several videos of an average duration of ten seconds, all in HD quality, 25 frm, and then send them to videostock agencies. These videos generally have a weight ranging between 50 and 200 m./byte. Their customers also demand excellent compression qualities with minimal information loss. They would use them not so much on Youtube or similar channels, but on computers, for their professional use. One of these agencies invited me to reflect on the possibility that the version of the ProRes codec (which I use with Shotcut in combination with the Mov format) on some of their customers' computers, could change the color range that, as requested by them, I set in REC.709. Remaining on the color range REC.709, for the use I have to make of them, which combination of Codec and Format do you recommend, among those currently available in Shotcut? Thanks.
  4. Are the offers of absolutely free image banks in the future will take precedence over images in other paid stocks banks? After all, thousands of images in stocks are replenished every day, but demand lags behind supply. Because people mostly choose the cheapest of the best deals..
  5. Is Shutterstock still the most cost-effective for photo and footage sales among other image stocks? Which stocks are between your leaders in sales figures?
  6. I am starting to think twice about selling on micro stock. 2 of my photographer friends already contacted me and told me that buyers contacted them and said why should they pay premium price directly through them if they can get a photo on SS for pennies on the dollar. I have to sell hundreds of photos on SS in order to earn what I could potentially make with one image sale to a direct buyer. Are we as photographers devaluing the whole industry by selling our photos for peanuts? Are you really covering your costs by selling photos for 0.25 cents? Cameras are expensive. Each time you hit that shutter, the camera life gets shorter. The time it takes to edit the photos, the gas you used to travel to and from the location. Add the fact that there are so many more photographers selling on microstock, this dilutes the pool even more. Is it time to just forget about microstock? I'm just not seeing this as being cost effective. Any other business would have gone bankrupt. Would a restaurant sell cheesburgers for 0.25 cents? Would a steak house sell a steak for 0.25 cents? I've been a member since 2014, and I've noticed sales drop off significantly. I think it's time. It's time to focus on my craft and protect the value of my photos, and the value of other professional photographers work. Sorry, but that's just how I feel, and how a growing number of photographers feel.
  7. Hey fellow Shutterstock contributor grinders, I've recently put together a blog post of my top 5 best selling images at Shutterstock and reasons why I believe they sell regularly - check out the post here: https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/top-5-best-selling-stock-photos/ Good luck! Alex Author of the Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography
  8. We Italian authors have been a big drop in sales. You too? Very few sales lately...
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