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Found 23 results

  1. Hi! Due the quarantine of the coronavirus, I've been working on my old footage clips to submit. Thing is, Shutterstock doesn't recognize the IPTC data on the files, when I upload them, the description and tags are blank, and I have to redo all the work. I'm uploading via FTP, but I've tried on the web uploader and it's the same problem... Anyone knows how to fix this? Cheers
  2. When submitting footage, the hardest part seems to be keywording and metadata entry. Does anyone have a good workflow for simplifying and making this process less painful? Keyword generators (for ideas, not for copy & paste), metadata apps, file organization, etc? Currently I'm just kind of making it up/thinking it up as I go and not surprisingly, it's not very efficient at ALL.
  3. How do you manage to add the metadata to the eps file? Please, help! How to simplify the processes in connection with innovations regarding the vector? I'm slowly losing my mind :))) I used to add a metadata to a JPG in ACDsee. And now I do not even know ... Now I copy and paste the description and keywords manually. Maybe this is done easier using any program uploader? Please, help!
  4. Hey guys, I was just thinking: is it better to use only one-word keywords or two worded compounds? Let's say, yoou have a photo of cinnamon cookies. How do you best write your keywords? a) cinnamon, cookies, ... b) cinnamon cookies, ... c) cinnamon, cookies, cinnamon cookies, ... What to you think? Do you have any experience of the best practice? Thanks
  5. For some reason several days ago keywords stop automatically being populated from images as it was before and it is significantly increased the amount of time for the whole process. Nothing is wrong with my images: all metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords) was properly assigned to images in Adobe Bridge. I even tested my old (previously successfully submitted images) - their metadata didn't proceed either, so it is obviously some bug on Shutterstock side. No matter if I upload via web or FTP - still no automatic extraction of metadata from images. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. I have had a number of rejections due to not including the 3D in the metadata. The images are not 3D generated but created in vector based software. After a chat session with someone at support they tell me that anything 3D, that is a drawing on 3 axis, needs to have the 3D metadata. I offered another illustration I created (the one of the fortune cookie) and she said yes, this is a 3D image and proceded to ask me if I knew what 3D was. When I add additional questions she just keeps sending me links to the rules. The rules state "There are also special release and metadata considerations for illustrations produced with 3D rendering software." I did not use 3D rendering software to create this coffee cup. It may be she that doesn't understand what 3D renderings are. I have only had this problem in the last year or so, and only with Shutterstock. Has anyone else had this experience?
  7. Dear Shutterstock people, I've been trying to upload my media (specifically, footage), already keyworded in Adobe Bridge, but the keywords and descriptions are ignored by the new "To Submit" page. I am filling the IPTC fields, IPTC_Description and IPTC_Keywords, which in Bridge also fill the standard (base) keywords and description fields in the file info. Any idea why this is going on? For the staff, I now have one test file, uploaded and ready to submit, that contains metadata but which do not appear in the "To Submit" page, meaning I'd have to redo the work. Help very much appreciated! Thanks, Elio
  8. How does anyone literally manage to submit Thousands of images daily? One photoshoot of close to a hundred (just a hundred) nearly took me all day - to shoot the photos (which were still super quick in my opinion) - post process, (very minimal at that), and update metadata and captions. Some of the captions I copied and pasted but added a few extra words for unique groups. So, what am I doing wrong?, because it's obviously something! HELP pLEAsE!
  9. I have edited some images in Darktable. Here I added some tags from "tagging menu" and added title and description from "metadata editor" menu, both found in right hand side in lighttable. After adding these metadata, I exported the JPEG files using "export selected" menu. In windows explorer, I can see the changes made in image properties. But when I upload images to Shutterstock, the don't show up and I need to enter all the details again manually. I want all tags, keywords and image description to be loaded automatically once the metadata is saved in the file since I want to upload them to multiple stock agencies and I don't want to add all metadata all over again. Please suggest me a good solution for this. Thanks.
  10. Hallo! I'm trying to upload my very first video and it seems that no metadata survives after the FTP upload. Am I doing something the wrong way? Adobe Bridge was used to keyword, add title, captions and so on to the MOV file. When the file appeared in the "not yet submitted" queue I went to submit it and all of my metadata disappeared so I had to copy/paste them from the files to the indexing section. I also noticed that in the "Approval Status: videos" > approved footage clips, I can find the approved clip, but if I click for details I see "Released: N" but I know that clip was model-released. Is there something I have to know? :-)
  11. I am adding keywords to my footage and suddenly I notice that the "Copy keywords" option under each keyword field is gone/hidden. It shows briefly when page is loading and then it disappears. Tried reloading, tried reloading without using cache, didn't help... Please bring it back, it is crucial to my workflow! (And I'm sure I can't be the only one) P.S. After some more investigation, it seems like something is blocking it. Although I am not sure why, as I disabled all extensions in my Chrome. It works in Edge, but only after I allow use of Flash content on that page. What is going on here? :-D
  12. Hi All, I use Photoshop CC 2017's file info for metadata inputs very often. I have a very annoying problem: apostrophes in metadata description (and title) became strange characters after uploading. Here are two screenshots about it. 1. In the PS, the apostrophe is OK. The next is from shutterstock.com after upload in the batch editing window. The apostrophe changed to an ugly character. What should I do? Please help because it's a serious problem, e.g. I can't use possessive in sentences. (I use non-english Photoshop CC 2017 in Hungarian language) Thank you for helping me! Andras ps: I asked it on adobe forums also but I was redirected here with the problem. https://forums.adobe.com/message/9513900#9513900
  13. Hi everyone! I'm new to Shutterstock as a contributor! I was wondering if there was an easy way to re-submit / re-upload photos that have been rejected without having to upload the file again and input all the information/metadata again (title, keywords, categories??) It seems there should be an easier way like clicking on the rejected image to make edits, but I can't seem to find it (if it even exists)? Do I really need to basically start from scratch when a photo gets rejected (upload, add title, keywords, categories)? Thanks for any help!!
  14. There is a wish to know opinion of employees a shaterstock and also opinion of other authors. What there will be next five years with the stock market? Recently many people became authors and began to load a photo and video. Works become too much, and it seems to me to sell difficult the works among a set of other works. Tell what influences a search engine except qualitatively written metadata. If to do that is high-quality I can't make many works as big costs and long preparation. And at other contributors is simple videos and quantity of their videos in portfolio is many thousands.
  15. an image where "Ice skaters are ice skating with ice skates on an ice skating rink" without spamming?
  16. Heya all, Sorry if this has been asked before but I did a search of this forum and couldn't find anything. Perhaps I don't know the terms to put in the search bar. Anyway, when I upload my stuff I find that some will retain the metadata (tags, title, etc) and some will not. I compare the ones that do to the ones that don't in their windows file folder and there's no difference in format or anything that I can think of that would cause this to happen. The data is all there in the same manner and even some similar images where I simply copied and pasted the same tags over, one will upload with the data and the other one won't. What is causing this?
  17. Hi, just had a bunch of images bounced on the basis of "Title / Keyword Trademark -- Title and/or keywords contain trademark issues (e.g., brand name, company name, etc).". However, I can't for the life of me see any possible issues in either. What makes it even harder to understand is that I've used the same Title / Keywords in other images, even in the same batch, that were accepted. No problems at any other stock agency and the images are bounced almost immediately, as if there is some kind of metadata filter rejecting them before review. Bounced again on resubmission, I'm totally mystified. Anyone have an idea what's going on? Thanks, Jeremy Example of behaviour from the same batch: Accepted: The Cuban hutia in Cuba's Jardin de la Reina eating fruit with the caribbean sea in the background. Keywords: Capromyidae, Capromys pilorides, Caribbean, cuba, Cuba, Cuban hutia, cute, Desmarest's hutia, eating, feeding, funny, Hystricomorpha, Jardin de la Reina, Mammalia, Marine protected area, Queen's Gardens, Rodent, Rodentia Not Accepted: The Cuban hutia eating fruit in the Jardin de la Reina. Keywords: Capromyidae, Capromys pilorides, Caribbean, cuba, Cuba, Cuban hutia, cute, Desmarest's hutia, eating, feeding, funny, Hystricomorpha, Jardin de la Reina, Mammalia, Marine protected area, Queen's Gardens, Rodent, Rodentia
  18. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Need some help here. I have a really problematic illustration like never before. I've been warned twice about potential infringement on intellectual property rights in the image/metadata. The first case was obviously my fault (due to an obvious word describing one of a bulding), but after I deleted that obvious mistake and resubmit it, warning still comes. Can someone tell me where did it come wrong? Explanation will be really helpful for me to avoid the same mistake. This is the illustration I've mentioned:
  19. Just wondering if I'm the only one who has issues with FTP uploading of Vector Files with accompanying JPGs...? If I upload just JPGs via FTP every single file (without fail) will also have the metadata prepopulated, making submitting the files a lot quicker (albeit at a rate of 40 at a time). But when I upload vectors (EPS and JPG files) only about 30%-40% of the files in the editor when submitting them will have the associated metadata showing... Does anyone else get this, and have you managed to find a way around it?
  20. Is there anyway to download the metadata for your media? Can't seem to find anything on it. Any help would be great! Thanks
  21. How do you change metadata for rejected footage clips? The email notifications only list the SS reference number so there is no way for me to backtrack to my CSV and know which clips have been rejected so i can make the changes? Ideas?
  22. Hello, Recently I've received one files rejected by "Trademark--Image / Metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights". I know the meaning of this one: "Image potentially infringes on intellectual property rights." What is the difference about "Metadata Infringement". The picture is ID 316962020. It is a front view of an Iphone absolutely damaged and with no signs and logos. (I've seen similar photos in the library for commercial use). Thank you for your advice or feedback about.
  23. Hello! I have a problem because I would like to send by ftp some pictures to ShutterStock but I have no idea how to write correct meta tags inside jpg file (using xmp). I don`t know exactly what form supports Shutter Stock. The only thing I did is injecting Title and keywords to .jpg and shutterstock actually read this : <dc:subject> <rdf:Bag> <rdf:li> Here goes keywords </rdf:li> </rdf:Bag> </dc:subject> <dc:title> <rdf:Alt> <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Here is title </rdf:li> </rdf:Alt> </dc:title> I was trying with Category, Editionar, ect... but it doesn`t work. Any help?
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