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Found 7 results

  1. Lately, I've been thinking of using my own stock photos on Instagram to promote myself as a photographer (I'm still a newbie ). However, I am concerned that this might affect my stock photo business in a negative way since using my photos on a social media platform might create opportunities for theft. Does anybody have experience with this?, I would highly appreciate any kind of advice.
  2. Just out of curiosity, do any of you get many locals hits on your sales relative to your others, say within a couple hundred miles?
  3. What do you propose to providing marketing ideas to increase subscriptions and sales of Shutterstock, which will benefit everyone! Anyone has an idea can be propose it here.
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Mike and I am a new seller to Shutterstock. Haven't really had many sales yet though and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice? I have added around 20-30 keywords for each photo, but is there any way of finding out what content is high in demand? Also, if anyone doesn't mind sharing some of their stats for motivation, that would be cool too. Thanks, Mike
  5. Does anyone know how I can get my profile seen or how I can get more followers on my portfolio? I just reached the 10 set albums which brought my profile public I believe. If anyone can answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Brandon
  6. I trying to publish & share through social media, by copy paste footage links! Is it enough / wrong ?
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