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Found 16 results

  1. I don't even know the basics, like if ss are even in China. Can anyone fill me in about the state of the Chinese Market with regards to stock? (aware of the copyright situation, so that doesn't really need saying)
  2. From the album: Thailand

    A Thai vendor is frying up breakfast for customers in the local market.

    © 2018

  3. Hello Everyone sorry if I'm posting in wrong section as I'm new here i don't know where to post, my question is if i take photos of everyday people i need release for those pictures for example i go to market and ask shop keeper if i can take his photo in shop and tell them that i'll sell your photo on shutterstock and he agrees do i still need release from him ? thank you
  4. Hello all, I read on the Shutterstock Blog about contributor payouts that Europe is the largest market. SS paid 115 million in the 12 months of 2016. 85 million out of this went to European contributors. This is a extra motivation for European to get more active. Mirco
  5. We Italian authors have been a big drop in sales. You too? Very few sales lately...
  6. Hi I have some a Question. Why new upload have no download. what wrong in micro stock market. This problem is not only me but was in many contributor. Thank.
  7. How does SS aproach new markets? - is this done through affiliate websites like Freeart.com? - is this done only on a online basis? - do they have sales managers on the ground and go, from company to company, reach new markets and agreements? - do they opperate on different countries like Portugal, Brazil or Morocco for example? - do they approach directly tv networks, magazines, movie companies, etc.?
  8. There is a wish to know opinion of employees a shaterstock and also opinion of other authors. What there will be next five years with the stock market? Recently many people became authors and began to load a photo and video. Works become too much, and it seems to me to sell difficult the works among a set of other works. Tell what influences a search engine except qualitatively written metadata. If to do that is high-quality I can't make many works as big costs and long preparation. And at other contributors is simple videos and quantity of their videos in portfolio is many thousands.
  9. joanna sobon

    gray house

    From the album: london

    © joanna sobon

  10. joanna sobon


    From the album: Croatia

    © joanna sobon

  11. New to the forum. This photo was rejected for lighting issues and/or white balance. The histogram looks balanced and no highlights are blown out. I warmed the color a touch but it otherwise seems correct to my eye when I soft proof it. Feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. joanna sobon


    From the album: london

    © joanna sobon

  13. I've spent the last couple of days doing extensive keyword research and it appears there are genuine opportunities to get ahead of the competition by shooting emerging trends where demand exceeds or is expected to exceed supply. I would love if this thread could be used by those of us interested in trends to share and discuss ideas and predictions. So please, if you see or predict an emerging trend in tech, in fashion, in business, in lifestyle, in relationships, in travel, in hobbies.. wherever it is .. let us know! Let's share some observations and predictions!
  14. Arwing

    Indian Market

    This photo captures the hustle and bustle of one of the many fresh markets around the incredible country, that is India. One of my rejected submissions.

    © Matthew Townsend

  15. hi! I'm new here. Reviewing my images for possible submission & am checking the quality. Would appreciate fb on comp, focus, exp, etc. For this one, is it enough to have focus on the centre or would slightly larger DOF be much better? Thanks.

    © C. Gaube

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