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Found 3 results

  1. Hi community, I was wondering whether anybody else deactivated their video sales (Contributor portal > [your name in the top right] > Account Settings > License Options (bottom right panel) > Video sales: NO), like I just did. As I am seeing that most of my videos go monthly for 0.26-0.34$, to the point that people buy five of my videos in a row on the same day for the grand total of 1.70$ in royalties for me, I am concluding that it does no longer make any sense to sell videos on Shutterstock. I will keep my photos for the time being, without uploading the newer ones (I
  2. This is an abusive mode to pay contributors. It is not correct. In the last few months, I received a $ 0.33 cents on a 4K video. Which seems like an abusive way to use our work, and get paid the way they want us to. I WANT TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT FROM SHUTTERSTOCK!!! WHERE I CAN FIND THIS OPTION IN MY ACCOUNT? I don't have the possibilities to withdraw my portfolio back, this is the reason to delete my account from Shutterstock. PLEASE HELP TO DO THIS!
  3. I've seen a huge uptick in web resolution sales recently and these drive me crazy because of their absurdly low pricing. The resolution of the video is irrelevant as far as i'm concerned, what we're really selling is content, and to be making $5 or even sometimes less for great video content is a slap in the face. I left iStock long ago because commissions were too low, and now Shutterstock is the only agency I submit to who even offers anything like this. Pond5, Videoblocks, and even Dissolve don't nickel and dime your footage away to buyers, and I think it's about time that SS only offer HD
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