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Found 5 results

  1. Just rotating circle and nothing happens. Bug appears randomly, i can't find the pattern. Tried different browsers - same results. Do anyone have such experience?
  2. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0790

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  3. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0807

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  4. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0793

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  5. I've uploaded some footage recently which loops perfectly seamlessly in After Effects however not a single video player I've tested can playback footage seamlessly. They all either blackscreen for a second, buffer for a moment or just straight up don't have a loop feature. Means I can only test footage loops in AE and that doesn't take into account any errors that may have occurred when rendering it to a file. Even the Shutterstock website pauses for a second to reload the footage since it doesn't store it in ram or the cache like AE does. Anyone know of any video players out there that can actually loop footage on playback without interruption? Oh and if it could do 4k that would be helpful. I've stuck to HD for the moment since I can't guarantee that my 4k stuff actually works since every player I've tried stutters, stalls or has a completely messed up timecode.
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