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Found 24 results

  1. Informational text ''FACE SHILED'' from a photo in the attachment, yes or no? Its not a logo in my opinion, will it be accepted or I need to remove it?
  2. From the album: My-logo

    © AmD

  3. Hello, I want to know something. Why the logo template gets sell a thousand times when a logo should go to only one company? What’s the point of reselling logo template? Thanks.
  4. hello friends, I'm a new contributor at ShutterStock. and I feel very happy with the increase in my sales even though it might be somewhat spelled out with the download of about 18 of my logos that were sold. just sharing my happy experience seeing sales on this shutterStock. is there any advice from friends here who can give me advice so that my sales continue to increase, is my portfolio still too little? or need an improvement from my design art? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Faisal+nur
  5. hi im new on ss, and tottaly sell i 1 piece, is that too hard on sell? and how is it all in sales? and does advertise for sell? this is mine works
  6. Submitted this last night but get rejected due to visible brand names or logos. Can anyone advice? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am Imran sheikh and I now I have approved shutterstock account and also my total design is 4529 vector like ICON, LOGO, LETTERHEAD etc but I can get better sell yet. I am very confused. Please help me and tell me how can i get better sell. Hope u will understand me. My portfolio is - https://www.shutterstock.com/g/solutionallbd Looking forward to your kind response. Thanks! Regards IMRAN SHEIKH
  8. From the album: Give me qritique

    Hi. Iam new contributor on shutterstock in october 2017.
  9. From the album: Give me qritique

    Give me qritique. And i wil work hard again, again and again. This link my stock https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/red-energy-logo-shape-3d-vector-1038185638?src=5p2WisaocjZXlmQNNWOE2Q-2-44
  10. Hello, i wish someone can help me with more knowlage then me.. i am a new contributer on shutterstock and actually to be honest new to graphic design.. i am starting and walking my way up starting with vectors, and i seem to like it a lot, since am not into photography.. I lately created with logo combining a scissor and some wings i saw, and the intention of the logo was to design a hair stylist / salon business card. So i uploaded the business card but it keeps getting rejected for visible trade mark or logo.. For i fact i know that my issue is no text issue, so it must be a logo... I have in it 4 logos, this scissors, and 3 small icons of Facebook Whatsapp & Map location.. i was wondering what is my issue? Is this logo familiar to a brand? Or does the Facebook/Whatsapp/Map location items i am not allowed to use? I have all icons in black, and then in their regualr colors, blue, green, and red.. Can someone please guide me? Well aprecheated.. And are business cards a good seller to focus on?
  11. This image was rejected due to intellectual property and I can't really see why. Is it because the phone is recognizable? Because I thought it looked fairly generic, and don't think there's a logo or anything copyrighted visible.. Or is it because someone else is taking the selfie I took the picture of..? Is it the smiley faces? I put those there so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of getting everyone sign a model release form. Is there anything I can do? Help appreciated!
  12. Hello, I am new at this site and have a lot of rejections. I understand most of them and improve every day. This photo was rejected for "Image contains visible brand names or logos". I checked many times. Could you tell me what's wrong with it?
  13. I have a question for everyone speically with SS ( Shutter Stock ) and the people around here! Is that possible we can Manipulate the logo and upload it to shutterstock without any copyright ? this is not a complain but a Noob question! as far as i see people doing this kind of work a lot.. let me give you an example.. YEAR OF GIVING is a offical logo in UAE take a look i put the website to review it! https://uaecabinet.ae/en/year-of-giving Now could you review this the same but how he smartly played with the logo and upload it to shutter stock https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/year-giving-initiative-2017-united-arab-556687387 is that possible for contributors to Manipulate the logo and can we upload it ? Thanks
  14. Hi there. I have a few photos of recognisable buildings and structures recently rejected, due to 'intellectual rights' and 'property release required'. i understand why this would be the case, but when I search through SS I find many other similar shots, and I have to wonder how did these find their way in the catalogue - I find it hard to believe that all of these had the approval of the building owners. Have the rules been tightened? How can a photo of a recognisable building (that does display any trademark or logo) infringe another party's intellectual rights? Same applies for product packaging - I can see literally hundreds of shots showing product packaging in SS that I'm guessing do not have the owners rights in place. Keen to get other's perspectives on this. Cheers
  15. I thought the keyword "logo" was not allowed, but when you look at the vector page of SS, there's a category "logos" there. And apparently it's not Greek for word. http://www.shutterstock.com/vectors
  16. Im kind of confused when om reading different post here on the forum. many people post pics that has gotten approved taken by cellphones, and also pics that has brands and logos in them with companies names, If, how do you get a release form from the companies? Also the rejections reasons of some photos doesnt seem correct. sometimes its says that the picture is to blurry, when the picture is not blurry at all, actually as clear as it almost can get (example). im new to shutterstock, but if anybody had the same experiences and would like to give some tips i would be thankful.
  17. Su harto

    logo butterflies

    From the album: fossil history

    whether the image is already worth selling ?
  18. I thought that the keyword: LOGO is not allowed in Shutterstock. BUT I am confounded to find 13,781 pages of images with the keyword LOGO after browsing Shutterstock main page section on "Browsing by keyword". Maybe I missed something?
  19. Su harto

    logo butterflies

    From the album: fossil history

    whether the image is already worth selling ?
  20. Hi all. Attached is a screenshot of a clip I shot of a welder at work. Only now i noticed the 3M logo on his welding mask. The logo is quite small but still visible. do you think this will cause rejection of the clip? many thanks! Arbel.
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