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Found 42 results

  1. Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing Mac software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication (or expense!) but I do need 4K. I've noted that some agencies prefer their video clips to be pretty raw and in this case was wondering if anyone has just used Lightroom for this? Also, does anyone use Wondershare Filmora 3 for editing their clips for Shutterstock? I know DaVinci Resolve is good but the free version does not allow 4K output.
  2. Are you finding that it is harder to edit drone images than the photos from the DSLR? After few years of self improvement, I have published a Udemy course about editing Aerial Drone Images in Lightroom Classic. You can check it out if you are interested: Drone Photo Editing in Lightroom It would be great to hear some feedback from the fellow contributors.
  3. When exporting from Lightroom, what are your choices for File settings, Image sizing and Output sharpening?
  4. Hello all... I've a query.. What displayed on the (Nikon D5500) camera display looks bit different when viewed on the Acer laptop screen, again when the same laptop is connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia television for editing.. that comes up with different Contrast, vividity and color temperature... After editing keeping television quality as base... The same looks different on different screen... It looks different in Motorola and then in iPhone... And definitely it's going to be different again when it gets printed.. The Question is this how you guys tackle this situation and what you guys make the base.. How to calibrate the display of my laptop so as to give the actual colors and it's effects... PS : of the television display modes... I keep that at "Photo Standard" and not vivid or something like that...
  5. Do you have any tips on how to successfully keep your submitted / Shutterstock photos organized in Lightroom? Perhaps categories such as what has been submitted, or what you'd like to submit. And even what was rejected. I don't use any other library or editing software.
  6. Hi, I'm quite new in SS forum, but about 1 year become SS Contributor, and my main editing software is Lightroom. Since I'm Windows user with lightroom, I have a problem with title of photos is cut off when uploading in contributor upload. I thought this is software issue, but when I move to MacOS, the problem is same. Anyone having same experience with this? since the title is cut off, I need manually by copy and paste to added the title again, but the keyword section is okay. (I attach the screenshot to look at it) Thank you :)
  7. I use Lightroom Classic CC to do my keywording and Titles. I upload to the contributor site by FTP sometimes and other time directly through the site. I've noticed that after the upload, when I review my images, the Titles only show the first 64 characters of what I originally wrote. If I look at the properties of the actual files on my computer (metadata), the full title is there. I'm not sure why it's getting cut off? I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, but can someone please help shed some light on this? Thank you in advance - Andrew
  8. My analysis of the new version of Lightroom, 7.3. Revolutionary changes and unexpected integration with Photoshop! https://youtu.be/e4Y6d9xXRHw
  9. A complete real life post processing for a evening cityscape, using most tools in Lightroom https://youtu.be/XoY0ihEpJDk
  10. My analysis of the new Lightroom version: it it faster? how about the new features? https://youtu.be/_eL4ohwNQfs
  11. Lightroom complete post processing, using all tools available https://youtu.be/fQLM3_yC8CI
  12. How to use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom https://youtu.be/GZTQvALlRXs
  13. How to use the Radial filter, a very powerful local adjustment https://youtu.be/CXpkJJKpCy0
  14. How to use the Graduated Filter for local adjustments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCaHaJgdWKI&feature=youtu.be
  15. Lightroom Split Toning, the tool for true artists! https://youtu.be/nO_SOGklgbM
  16. How to use Hue, Saturation and Luminance in Lightroom for fine tuning specific color ranges in a very selective way https://youtu.be/qogp8mkrwBw
  17. Video tutorial. If you are interested in time lapses, you don't want to miss this one
  18. All you need to know about Tone Curve in Lightroomhttps://youtu.be/cGib3rR8zG0
  19. All you need to know about post processing timelapses using Lightroom and After Effectshttps://youtu.be/PVnjDUrnXNc
  20. Two examples of complete editing workflow using only the Basic Panel in Lightroomhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRb45WCZti0
  21. Lightroom Vibrance and Saturation, all you need to know about managing color intensity https://youtu.be/m0qQ5JItbSk
  22. Lightroom, clarity slider tutorial. Your comments welcome https://youtu.be/uhpVXYOVeP4
  23. All you need to know about Lightroom White Balance https://youtu.be/TDUm4PDtkCM
  24. No more pain my friend. Vic comes to your rescue!
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