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  1. Crack world is a World that the gate between 2 dimension was destroyed by something and the earth is dominated by alien, i spent 1,5 hours to make it

    © Yuarsima

  2. “Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.”― Poppy Z.Brite
  3. From the album: bagan mandalay

    Young Buddhist novice are reading with sun light from outside to inside pagoda of old bagan

    © ruksutakarn

  4. From the album: Uncertain

    any critique is welcome
  5. Hello every one, i have Nikon D7100 but i have a problem with focus and sharpness, i need help from the professionals to tell me how can i adjust it to get the best focus and shrpness images and here is attached files of some photos that rejected due to these reason : Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution. Poor Lighting--Image has exposure issues, unfavorable lighting conditions, and/or incorrect white balance. Noise--Image contains excessive noise, grain, artifacts and/or is poorly rasterized. Can any one help me .. ??!!
  6. 7h30


    From the album: what do you think about this photos?

    © theo salles

  7. Located in Gandzasar Monastery, Armenia, dated XII AD
  8. After days of work I uploaded a 4K timelapse showing the transit between the afternoon and night in a valley with towns and farmlands. A video with a size of 1,7 GB, that at the FOURTH attempt finnaly got it upload. Now, after couple days, it has been rejected by someone who decided that the video has "unfavorable light conditions" or is "underexposed??". This person, really knows what is evaluating?? Allow me to doubt it, much. This is the video: https://es.fotolia.com/id/127511115 It is not the best time lapse i've done, that is sure. But is far, far away, the cheapest I want to
  9. So I tried it in a review but it didn't got through because of the lighting. This is the edited version, what to improve?

    © Mli Hallin

  10. Miniature of Tugu Jogja
  11. Energy Saver Is A Low Voltage Electric Appliance,most of them ave a Load of 28 watts ,almost 4 times lesser than the electric Bulb!
  12. Hises! I figure since I'm shooting thousands of practice images I might as well sell come of the generics! Right now AlwaysJustinPhotography.com points to my fb page but the portfolio site should be up soon. I look forward to seeing your art : ~Grando Tabo Justin

    © AlwaysJustinPhotography

  13. Kseniya Durinina


    From the album: Nature

  14. From the album: nature

    lantern on the street
  15. From the album: Round 1 Critque

    A beam of sunshine coming through a window in a dark barn located on a farm near Urbandale IA
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