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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone! I live in Peru and I’m working with a company that have eco lodges in the national reserve of tambopata, Madre de Dios. It’s a pristine undisturbed place to see a loooot of wildlife, And filming wildlife full time is my gol. So I’m thinking about stook footage as an income and doing what I love. I have a good relationship with the founder and owner of the lodges and we are evaluating a company option. He will finance equipment, flight tickets to tambopata, food, transport, lodging, permits, etc. In exchange I will put my time as camera man, editing the clips and upload them. So this is great as you can see, but he as the investor want to know how the money will eventually return (we both know this is a long term project). I’ve already made a cash flow but there is just one data missing to be more realistic. And that is: in one month, how many clips do you guys sell from the clips you have upload, and what was the income for that month? I could find in the web only the $income for the number of sold clips, but is missing the number of clips been uploaded in total and for that month. Knowing that number, I could estimate roughly the number of clips I need to make per month to see an income in the x year. Please notice this is for footage, not photos. I know this is a valuable information and I would really appreciate it since this is an exception opportunity for me, please can you guys give me a hand with this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Shutterstock publishes monthly content guidelines that are likely to be requested in the near future. But it also means that competition for this content will increase. On the other hand, if your interests do not include follow of the best guidelines, but simply You wish to capture those photo moments that seem attractive, the content which buys the most from You can differ. In my experience there are two types of captures: in one case they buy something that is beautiful and refined, but in other cases, they buy something that is close to our daily life - sometimes it is not beautiful and not refined, but it just happens in life. But in any case, false artificialness does not promote sales.
  3. beautiful common jezabel (delias eucharis) butterfly.
  4. Look at the best wallpaper of nature with snail in the trees : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/snail-747689590 sorry ,, I am new in this website and i want to understand all things about it ^^ BABANOU
  5. same shot as before minus the post processing
  6. Same shot but this time in colour and minor adjustments to the colour saturation
  7. From the album: Photos

    family photo of anteas christening

    © Jade Lovelock Photography

  8. coralou

    The Circle Of Life

    From the album: Cora Lou

  9. RSarkarFrame

    a bird

    From the album: RSarkarFrame

    a life on our hand

    © RSarkarFrame

  10. bysame R

    rice field .

    From the album: My Country

    rice is life . people can live becuz rice.
  11. From the album: Tims Collection

    Wild flowers on a field.

    © 2015

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