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Found 3 results

  1. I just came across something pretty interesting: Yesterday, I did a reversed image search for one of my photos and it came up with *loads* of results. This sparked my interest, because this particular photo isn't exactly one of my top sellers, and I decided to further investigate. Said image is actually being used on - literally! - hundreds of websites and blogs (often as a website header or as the header of their contact form). As I had a closer look, I noticed that almost all of them were sites based on Wix templates - and Wix are (as we already know because of the footage sales for $1,90) one of Shutterstock's API partners. I then had a look at my stats in here and know what? The photo was actually sold FIVE times for a total of $1,90. So, no EL included, either. Also, I had a look at some of the websites' source code (those which are actually built on an original Wix template and don't use a child theme) and was able to locate my image on their server. It always references the same address, thus the same spot on the very same server. Not an expert here, but it seems quite logical to me that this means that the image was *NOT* individually uploaded, but is either given away as part of several templates or even as Wix's "own" content. Plus, it's publicly accessible, in high res/full screen without any watermark and/or copyright information. So, if they wouldn't give them away for free, anyway, they'd still basically leak our contents. As time goes by, those images will be regarded as "orphaned" and end up in the public domain. How is such even possible? I mean, HUNDREDS of websites and I get a whopping $1,90??? (BTW, there were even a couple of "professional photographers" who use my image as their website header. No comment on their self conception.) Either Wix are breaking the rules or there's a (pretty strange) deal going on and Shutterstock's to blame. IMO, *if* their respective license covers the usage as part of their own products (templates/themes), then we should see at least an EL for each template they create. If the API allows for re-selling our imagery, there should at least be a sub for each of their customers using an image. I've already asked back through compliance@shutterstock.com and am curious about their explanation.
  2. Hello to all fellow Shutterstock contributors! I've been submitting images to Shutterstock for a couple of years now, here and there and have a small portfolio of 500 or so images. These earn on a monthly average, about $10-15 or annually, I earn around $0.45 per image / per year on average (this has gone up from an average of $0.40 / per image / per year. Much of my portfolio is Editorial. I do very little Commercial model-released stock, though around 50% is wildlife and landscape images. I'm just curious as to how those with larger portfolios and a longer track-record with Shutterstock are doing? Especially those who have a fair bit of Editorial stock in their collection, as it helps me plan how much time I devote to Shutterstock in the future. To be frank, Shutterstock has a fair volume of sales, but I find that $0.25 and $1.88 licenses don't really supply me with enough money to cover the high cost of producing stock images. I would also be interested to hear from anyone who is making reasonable returns with a 50/50 editorial/commercial collection similar in subject matter to my own. Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any replies!
  3. Hi everyone, I don't post here a lot but just saw something odd in my account that wanted help in understanding. I have 1 Single & Other download today that made me a whole $0.58! This is the lowest amount I've ever made in this category. I tried looking up the licensing details for this category in the FAQ and only found that we start out at 20%. Does that really mean that this image, as a special download, was sold for under $3? Is that normal? Have you seen anything like this in your experience? Thanks in advance, Svetlana
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