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Found 3 results

  1. When I open Shutter Stock (with .com) I get the Thai language page (I first looked into Shutter Stock while in Thailand). I can change the home page to English but when I click the 'Footage' button it goes back to Thai! How can I get the site to stick to English? Thanks in advance, Lou.
  2. Website for customers forces language change probably by IP detection, maybe also OS or browser regional preferences. Makes it difficult to use. There are foreign people working in other countries too. Not everyone understands local language. I know there is a button to change language (bottom right). But for me, whatever I choose, it instantly changes back to local language (Polish in Poland). I tried Firefox, Microsoft Edge, even some old version of Seamonkey. Not to mention the fact, that some machine translations are really poor, and even Polish designers might prefer original En
  3. I think I need some help in setting language of a shutterstock image page. I can't set english language since the design was changed recently. I can set any other language like but not english, when I set this, it changes to my mother language (hungarian) immediatelly. I need english version of the new design in image/vector pages so what should I do?? (If I login with my shutterstock customer account, the design is old with working english language support but I need the new design in english now.) Thank you for helping me! Andras
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