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Found 18 results

  1. I made this image on my recce of this sunrise location. Looking forward to revisiting when the sun rises just behind the mountain.

    © KreygScott

  2. A simple exposure from one of my earlier Landscape Workshops.

    © KreygScottPhotography

  3. I made this exposure of this sunken sailboat whilst scouting for a new workshop location. According to the locals the boat capsized several years ago during a hurricane and since then has just been left there. Hence my decision to name this image, "Forgotten".

    © KreygScott

  4. Out and about with my Canon EOS 50D and Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens I was able to capture this simple yet inviting scene.
  5. An image from my latest landscape workshop on the island of Jamaica

    © kreygscott

  6. Hi, I ve just been approved for about one hundred of landscapes pictures. Those pictures have been taken with my cellphone without any technical skills in photography. If some of you can reviewing the pictures and maybe give some advices I will appreciate it. Thanks :) Mathieu
  7. Normally I wouldn’t have made an exposure at sunset of my local lighthouse but after a wonder about with my camera that morning I stumbled upon a composition I felt would yield an amazing image. Eleven hours later I was back at this location setting up my camera hopeful to capture a beautiful sunset image of this lighthouse. Blessed with medium and high level clouds I was able to capture some amazing color to make an image I'm quite happy with.

    © kreygscott

  8. I made this picture during my latest revisit to a familiar landscape.

    © Kreyg Scott

  9. From the album: Landscapes in VietNam

    landscapes VietNam is very beautiful email: phannguyen.paypal@gmail.com

    © phannguyen.paypal@gmail.com

  10. I know you guys said to avoid powerlines, It's my mistake but I was thinking this would maybe be an acception? As it shows more other than the wires on the left, This is a street in my town named "Newfoundland Walk, Usually the streets are too busy in other parts of town for this kind of photo so I thought it would be a good option, But I'm not assuming it to be good enough for submission, I'll leave the critiques to you guys and hopefully it's well enough to pass I've tried and if this turns out wrong, It's no big deal as I will learn from mistakes that luckily someone could point out to me

    © Shane St Louis

  11. I've been looking over my photo lessons, I think I've figured out my DOF on my 70-300mm lens but exactly sure yet, And I took a while sitting in one place to take this photo and after several attempts I thought this would be good, I don't know if anyone here is Canadian but it's more of a Canadian photo rather than other countries in particular, It wasn't rather windy enough to show the flag at full mast but it shows the maple leaf if you zoom in on it more than from first glance What do you guys think? I'd appreciate a critique and see if this would be anygood for submission?

    © Shane St Louis

  12. I'm new to shutter stock and would welcome some help here and there. Here are my questions: How to people search for me on the shutter stock site. My user name or my real name? A colleague could not find me at all the other day, but I am definitely there! Should I use Facebook and other social media to promote. I'm wary? I draw not only cartoons but have been known to do a range of styles, some of my latest landscapes come in several editions of the same line work. Should I submit all of the versions as well as the line work? Should I submit black and white vectored illustrator files of the work so that people can choose to colour them up themselves? I'm scanning artwork which is usually, no larger than A4 at 1200dpi and sending large files via fazilla ftp which works well. Is this too big? It does make huge files. How many drawings do artists submit, it would seem to me that one has to submit and have selected a huge number to get any chance of earning any reward. How long to my drawings stay on Shutterstock? Do they stay there forever or are they 'culled' in due course. I'd welcome some guidance from anyone out there with more experience of this than me, which is most of you. To see what I do feel free to drop into my regular website http://www.pauldaviescartoons.co.uk Or to view my incessant ramblings then swing by to http://www.pauldaviescartoons.com If you have been, thanks for listening.
  13. Jaanius


    Tokina 11-16/2,8 lens and Canon EOS 70D. Lake Traunsee and hills Salzkammergut Austria. Village Ebensee.

    © @janpeli

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