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Found 3 results

  1. I try to upload a video file that contain all the Metadata - Title, Description and Tags (keywords) which were added in Windows 10 under File Properties. The site cannot read it. Why? Is there way to fix it?
  2. Hi there I'm wondering how keywords should be formulated: * lower case or upper case (for names)? * singular or plural (for nouns)? * Which tense (for verbs)? * How are special characters (especially diacritics like ä,á,ø,ß) handled? For example, i get the same (or similar) results for the search terms: * "dog" * "dogs" * "Dog" * "Dogs" Note that the distinction between lower case and upper case may be important for words with different meanings: * "turkey" = the bird * "Turkey" = the country So, image search do
  3. Maximum keywords 50. Many (and I) do this. But is it right? Some stocks recommended only 15-20 keywords. If more, then "these will actually hurt your ranking". Shatterstock doesn't write like that, but maybe... I try to attribute words to each photo by groups (for example): What, Where, Act, Emotion, Amount, Colour, Environment, Age etc. But the result (financial) does not please me at all. Maybe my approach to keywords is wrong?
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