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Found 115 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a new contributor, an illustrator and designer. I have been searching about this for a while but couldn't find an answer. Q1. Since shutterstock limits keywords to 50, I was wondering if it is necessary to use obvious words like say your image is an illustration, to use "illustration" or "graphic" as a keyword? Seems kind of silly to use "photo" if the image was a photo categorised under "photos" I have looked at other illustrators and they seem to have used really obvious words like "illustration" and "vector", though I imagine if the image was already selected under illustration as a category under shutterstock, the image would appear if someone searched under illustration? Not sure about vectors, I mean the file is an .eps file and was uploaded under vector. Q2. Also, should I try to repeat the words in my description in my keywords? For example, my description is "Playground featuring a pelican, hare and tortoise." Should I still repeat "pelican", "playground", "hare" and "tortoise" for keywords? Q3. If I were submitting a keyword like "rain tree" (a type of tree) would the search engine bring this up when someone searches "tree" so I do not have to waste another keyword on "tree"? Would really appreciate if anyone could advise on this or point me to resource referring to this.
  2. Hi ! I have only been here for a few weeks so I am very new to this. Sorry if the question has been asked somewhere, couldn't find the answer... Is there a statistic somewhere to know with which keywords each sale was made ? Thank you very much !
  3. Hello friends, I'm trying to maintain my portfolio a bit. Some of my earlier accepted submissions have fewer keywords (they are proper and related with the images but a bit few like 19-25). And with new keywording tools it is a bit easier to manage stuff on Catalog Manager. It is okay to update keywords of earlier submissions and any other of you ever do that? I thought it may be help on optimizing search results and increase sales. I'd love to have your opinions and experiences too! And Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Has anyone else noticed that if you add (or edit) your keywords after your content has been approved, any new keywords are invisible? A quick edit here, when I say 'invisible', I mean they appear to you on your image page, but won't be searchable by you in your catalogue, or by SS clients, even a couple of weeks after you've added or edited your content, so way past the 3 days. It's looking like we're losing revenue because of this issue. Also, if you forget to use the new 'add a location' feature before submitting, you can't add it in later – nor can you retro-add it to your back list. I had no problems until October – could the two problems be related? All thoughts welcome. Cheers
  5. Upon upload, image/video, in some cases a notification slides in at the bottom of the page as soon as I select an image saying "Unacceptable keyword removed". After just one second the notification vanishes. Is there a way to know what keyword was removed as unacceptable? This was probably discussed somewhere but I couldn't find it. Many thanks for your answer.
  6. A month ago a contributor posted in tech issues regarding 'copy keyword' function not working (from portfolio images) I replied as I had same issue in both Firefox and Chrome It would be a great convenience to me and, I expect, others, if this seemingly simply technical glitch could be fixed and would also indicate that contributors do matter to SS
  7. I tried to update the details of about the subject of the picture, when I try to enter the keywords for the same in local/ native names, its getting removed. Lets consider the subject of picture is "blue rose", Kindly suggest me the keywords to enter for a "blue rose", minimum seven keywords are required Please help!
  8. Hello! @Alex Shutterstock I have collected several links to contributors whose 99% photos contain duplicate spam words, like this: Example keyword spamming: Links: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Andrey+Lebedev1 https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Gartvich https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Irina+Shapirova https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Nikola+S https://www.shutterstock.com/g/bons Post links to photos or contributors with similar abuses in this topic. How is Keyword Spamming Defined? - https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000011449
  9. I took 540 photos of different plants and trees at the Sugarbrush Park in Waterloo, Ontario. I think once I go through all of them to find out which ones to pick for upload (for commercial use and not editorial), I think I'll have something like 270. Problem is, the photos I have consists of so many plants I can't really describe what they are. That's a problem, as commercial photos still need consistent descriptions and keywords for search engine optimization and so on. What is it I need to identify the types of plants I have to write down in my description and keywords? This is an example I have (and yes, there seems to be some areas of overexposure / underexposure I'll need to adjust using programs like paint.net). It's a bunch of trees that obscure the view of the sky above. There are so many species of trees aside from maple that I can't quite tell which is which. What kinds of trees do I need to mention in my description when I upload an edited version of this onto Shutterstock as a commercial photo? If you folks need to see the full resolution picture because this forum post picture is too small, please send me a message and I'll send it to you.
  10. Hi I used to get some sales then I changed my keywords and sales have virtually stopped. I've redone my keywords in an effort to improve my rankings on searches but they dont The only thing I can put it down to is when you update your keywords the system puts your keywords in alphabetical order. If you don't update you keywords from you initial submission then they stay in the same order you submitted them in. For example my images of Venice Carnival in my original submission I put "Venice" and "Carnival" and "Venice Carnival" first in my list of keywords and I has some images on the first pages of a search for "Venice Carnival" Since I updated my keywords then "Venice" and "Venice Carnival" are at the end of my list of keywords as the system has re-ordered them alphabetically. I've checked and all images on the first pages are listed not in alphabetical order. How do I get around this issue, do I delete my images and start again re-submitting them or just forget about using shutterstock Any help would be appreciated thanks Alex
  11. So I have a couple of questions about keyword suggestions. Most of my submissions are destination scenics and travel related content. If I'm uploading a photo of a group of people (especially on the street) the keywords "protest", "police", and "demonstration" will almost always find their way into the keyword suggestions. Similarly, "asia", "asian" and "tokyo" will show up if there are skyscrapers, towers, or a skyline of any kind present. This doesn't affect the submission process at all but it is a mild irritant, especially for someone that uses the tool for keyword ideas. So my questions: Are keyword suggestions "refreshed" by Shutterstock from time to time, maybe by successful attachment rate? Are algorithms updated to better identify subject matter or is this just the way it is? I'm also curious to see if anyone has experienced anything similar. Pedestrians walking along a sidewalk in Manhattan
  12. is not loading: I am not refusing cookies. Please SS fix it.
  13. Hey guys, I was just thinking: is it better to use only one-word keywords or two worded compounds? Let's say, yoou have a photo of cinnamon cookies. How do you best write your keywords? a) cinnamon, cookies, ... b) cinnamon cookies, ... c) cinnamon, cookies, cinnamon cookies, ... What to you think? Do you have any experience of the best practice? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I am uploading for the first time and what I am uploading is mainly plants. One of my photos was rejected because the keyword was not in English but the Latin name of the plant. IMO, this is the most important keyword for a plant nerd 😄 Are Latin names allowed as keywords or not?🌻
  15. hello all Please tell me how you can fill in the keyword completely? thanks in advance
  16. I was uploading some illustrations and photos yesterday i.e. 26th March 2019 and the keywords suggestion it is not working still now. Anybody else is facing the same issue?
  17. I submitted a few images that their format is way wider than 16:9. Are there any suggestions for good keywords for buyers to find these images? Other than panoramic, panorama, wide screen, wide angle, banner? Examples: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/bay-view-panorama-salt-ponds-santa-1296879067?src=ACoTDlpGxKPwuULSeKtNzQ-1-2 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/san-francisco-california-january-21-2019-1292443447?src=ACoTDlpGxKPwuULSeKtNzQ-1-11 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/panoramic-sunset-over-pescadero-state-beach-1256910343?src=ACoTDlpGxKPwuULSeKtNzQ-1-62 Thanks! Yuval
  18. For some reason several days ago keywords stop automatically being populated from images as it was before and it is significantly increased the amount of time for the whole process. Nothing is wrong with my images: all metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords) was properly assigned to images in Adobe Bridge. I even tested my old (previously successfully submitted images) - their metadata didn't proceed either, so it is obviously some bug on Shutterstock side. No matter if I upload via web or FTP - still no automatic extraction of metadata from images. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. Anyone have any information, or can direct me to information regarding how ShutterStock's Search Algorithm works? I am curious because it seams like newer content gets more activity than older aged photos which should be more popular and should be getting more traffic. I really hope my observations, which basically equate to new content getting preferred over aged content is not correct, otherwise I'm wasting my time. If that is the case we are all just chasing our tails. Any input, or definitive information on this topic would be great. Peace, J
  20. Hi, This may be a stupid n00b question, so I apologise in advance. If I have already entered individual keywords, is there precisely no point in entering a further compound keyword made up of the keywords already entered. To take a simple, slightly banal example: if I already have "green" and "cabbage", I am assuming the compound "green cabbage" as a keyword is redundant. Am I right? Thanks.
  21. Hello all!! I am just getting started as a contributor and I have some questions about resubmitting (I searched the forums but didn’t find the answer.. if you know of a thread that covers this, please point me that way!) I submitted 10 images. Four were accepted. Five were rejected for keyword issues. One for a release issue. How do I resolve this? It seems that I should be able to re-keyword and add the model release and then the photos will be accepted. Is this possible? In poking around, it seems that this is not an option. Why is there an expiration on the content if it has been rejected? I attempted to re-upload the images with new keywords and the needed release (also, I was sure to study more about how to appropriately keyword my photos). I added one additional image (making the total I’ve submitted 11) and the 6 that I attempted to re-submit are stuck under the “to submit” tab. Do I need to wait until the rejected images expire? Should I rename my images and then upload? Am I just missing something that should be completely obvious?! I've attached the rejection memo and upload info/keywords. This is all very new to me, but doesn’t seem like rocket science. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you! evan
  22. I would like to avoid entering a Description and Keywords before submitting again. Maybe this is a website design feature, not a flaw. As a first-time Shutterstock Contributor, the learning curve is steep when finding inadequate and incorrect online Help documentation, instances of terminology ambiguity, and pages that are casually mentioned but not titled with the same term. My first submission was "not approved" (which apparently is NOT the same meaning as "Rejected"). I have corrected the video file and used ftp to upload. Eventually the file appeared as an item in the "Content Editor" that is often referred to in documentation, but is not actually titled as "Content Editor" on the page. OK, so I'm ranting a bit. So... am I required to re-enter my previously-used Description (no copying was possible from the last submission...), and re-search and enter the previously-used Keywords before pressing the red Submit button?
  23. Dear Shutterstock people, I've been trying to upload my media (specifically, footage), already keyworded in Adobe Bridge, but the keywords and descriptions are ignored by the new "To Submit" page. I am filling the IPTC fields, IPTC_Description and IPTC_Keywords, which in Bridge also fill the standard (base) keywords and description fields in the file info. Any idea why this is going on? For the staff, I now have one test file, uploaded and ready to submit, that contains metadata but which do not appear in the "To Submit" page, meaning I'd have to redo the work. Help very much appreciated! Thanks, Elio
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