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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everybody I'm excited to preset an app that streamlines keywording and uploading for microstock contributor. It's named Xpiks (Cross-platform Image Keywoarding Software). It was written from scratch with aim to make it more useful, convenient and quicker than existing tools. App is available for OS X, Windows and Linux x64. Main features: convenient keywording capabilities (XMP/IPTC metadata) uploading images to Stock Agencies' FTP hosts (keeping encrypted list of credentials) keywords suggestion based on Shutterstock API or on the local library search through loaded images by any metadata ability to upload vector (eps/ai) files along with images automatically zip vectors and previews if needed checks for potential problems before upload (insufficient resolution, missing metadata etc.) checks spelling and proposes spell suggestions Main website: https://xpiksapp.com/ Tutorials: https://xpiksapp.com/tutorials If you have any questions please, ask them in the Support section on the Xpiks Website, because it's hard to keep track of all forums.
  2. Hey Guys Im trying to submit some pictures with the name of the place that it was taken but shutterstock do not allow that because it regonize it as keyword error! The names are in English, like what is the name in English of Ancona city in Italy ? Its just Ancona and thats an error for shutterstock. Is there a method to overcome that despite using their smartphone app because that is a slow method and take time ?
  3. Hi. When I submit items, I have a problem with keywords adding. Instead of copying the keywords I already prepared in notepad, each separated by comma, the program does not recognize them as separate keywords, but automatically converts them into one word and does not give me option to submit item. So I actually have to write keywords one by one manually, which is really annoying. It appeared today. Is anyone having this problem? Screenshot attached.
  4. Hey guys ! I've been here for more than a year and I still struggling with slow workflow, I have nearly 700 images uploaded and I have more than 2000 images and videos waiting and the number is grooving, I work nearly everyday on my photos for several hours, before I used just Photoshop but this month I'm using Xpiks for keywording, it helps but not a really big impact. How many pic do you guys upload in a month? how can i fasten my workflow ?
  5. Hi I used to get some sales then I changed my keywords and sales have virtually stopped. I've redone my keywords in an effort to improve my rankings on searches but they dont The only thing I can put it down to is when you update your keywords the system puts your keywords in alphabetical order. If you don't update you keywords from you initial submission then they stay in the same order you submitted them in. For example my images of Venice Carnival in my original submission I put "Venice" and "Carnival" and "Venice Carnival" first in my list of keywords and I has some images on the first pages of a search for "Venice Carnival" Since I updated my keywords then "Venice" and "Venice Carnival" are at the end of my list of keywords as the system has re-ordered them alphabetically. I've checked and all images on the first pages are listed not in alphabetical order. How do I get around this issue, do I delete my images and start again re-submitting them or just forget about using shutterstock Any help would be appreciated thanks Alex
  6. The work of inserting the kw is perhaps the longest part (and boring) and at the same time more important than the work of the contributor. Recently, I read on a blog of Italian contributors, an interesting discussion about the number of keywords. I discovered that microstock agencies used different search engines. For example if an agency uses the system "elasticsearch" more kw you put less relevance each of them has. Which would mean that reaching the maximum of 50 kw is not really useful. Conversely, other research systems promote photos that have a higher number of kw. Now, do any of you know how the Shutterstock search engine works? Do you have any advice or a specific workflow regarding the number of kw? good light & keywords to everyone!
  7. Hey guys, I was just thinking: is it better to use only one-word keywords or two worded compounds? Let's say, yoou have a photo of cinnamon cookies. How do you best write your keywords? a) cinnamon, cookies, ... b) cinnamon cookies, ... c) cinnamon, cookies, cinnamon cookies, ... What to you think? Do you have any experience of the best practice? Thanks
  8. EXAMPLE Image of turtle. Shutterstock keyword suggestion tool shows goldfish among others not related to image. Why not include goldfish? A buyer searches for goldfish and your turtle image is part of the result. Anything wrong with that from the contributors point of view?
  9. Hello @Alex Shutterstock, fellow contributors, I know we have automated keyword suggestions based on images. Dont you think it is a good addition if keyword suggestions are coming from the caption. For example if the keyword woman is in the tiles the keyword suggestion tool should suggest: "female" and "adult" and "human". If the title includes the word "house" the suggestion tool could suggest: "home", "architecture" etc.. This would be a great improvement in my opinion. Next to this it would be also great if main words from the title are automatic put as keywords in the keyword field. If title would be "Woman sitting on sofa and watching television". The keywords "woman" "sitting" "sofa" "watching" and "television" could be created into the keyword field. Next to that the keyword suggestion tool would again suggest additional keywords for them. Off course it would be even better if there would be an "on/off" switch for contributors that prefer to not use it. All together it would be: 1. You add a title. 2. System creates keywords from the title and additionally suggestions for additional words based on title and image itself. 3. You only need to review and add eventual extra keywords. DONE. Thanks and i hope you will consider this. This are all small steps to help creating a faster work experience. Mirco
  10. Just one question to Inspectors, do you really checks photos before accepted to database? Really? Just check it out. "Greece, boat, girl". Do you see Greece, Singapore, Japane on this images?
  11. Hi all. So I'm trying to upload and submit some images that I took in Bolivia, in Eduardo Avaroa National Park. For some reason, Shutterstock's uploader does not allow the keyword "avaroa" to be in the keywords of those images.... and if I search Shutterstock for "eduardo avaroa" I get a bunch of images that have the "avaroa" keyword. This does not makes sense at all... why such restriction? If people want images of that national park, the most obvious conclusion is that they'll search of the NAME of the place! I'm just curious if these sort of situations have happened with you as well and, if so, how did you manage to bypass it without submitting the images one by one on mobile...? Thanks
  12. New video tutorial:All about keywording in Lightroom. Your comments very much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hello, when does shutterstock starts to implement AI (artificial inteligence) to auto keyword images, by analysis/detection, by shape, color and other attributes. specially to objects, flowers, animals. A spoon, a rose or a dog should be easy for an AI system to catalog. It's time to shutterstock start to develop those technologies. Also, an useful thing, location keywords would be added automatically if coordinates could be detected. It's great for urban and nature landscapes. what do you think?
  14. Hi guys. There was some free time and i have implemented something like keywording tool. Unfortunately it is terminal only in current state. It is very simple: you pass good description, it responds with keywords. So, i have only one question: do you think such tool can be useful or not? Later it may work at web, can be implemented script with access to web API etc. But no separate installable tool, obviously.
  15. Hello all, Just for the beginners here that regular show up with the question how to make more sales. I know that most of you this is a very logic subject. I learned in the past that titles and keywording are extremely important and if not the MOST important activity while submitting images or videos. I started myself with not paying much attention to this but i learned taking care of your titles and keywords will pay off. Submitting an image with poor data is like submitting no image at all. They will be below the competition. It is better to have medium images with good captions then superb images with bad ones since nobody will find them. Next to that i also see it is better to keyword your images separate rather then in bulk. Your photos will be then better spread. And of course relevancy. It makes no sense to add the keyword "money" to an image of a cow. People that look for a money photo will not buy your cow image anyway. They will be rather frustrated. So whenever you think as a beginner that you dont make "enough" sales check first your data before you conclude something else. I know the above is for most of you the most obvious thing but it seems that it is still a problem for some. Greetz Mirco
  16. I've made a website that analyze keywords that SS customers potentially use in their searches: http://www.stockkeyword.com/ FEATURES: -This is a free online tool. -It analyzes SS search results, as it's the biggest microstock site. These keyword trends are mostly similar on other stock sites. -More than 3000 keywords already analyzed. Currently I add few hundred new keywords daily. -The site provides data for the first 100 search results for every keyword. -all images/photos/illustrations/vectors and popular/relevant searches -The data shows competition factors and potential sale opportunities for each keyword. -Each keyword page also shows the most important related keywords for every keyword. This way, it's easy to find the best keywords for your images. -You can find new keyword ideas, that have great "estimated sale factor" and/or big "low competition factor". -You can view all the keywords of the top 50 images on one page - it also helps proper keywording. -Average and newest ID shows whether it's possible to get a new image into the first page for a given keyword, or it's reserved for ancient images. (low ID means old image) -Related keywords are clickable, the site is easy-to-use. If You're interested in a given keyword(s), reply to this post, and I'll add it/them in a few days!
  17. I've encountered a problem where the keyword counter on the content editor page(s) is showing 50/50, but when I try to submit, in the error-checking phase I get an error message that I actually have 51 keywords/phrases and I have to remove some. I think it's worth noting that I use both single keywords and phrases, so I guess something regarding the phrases causes an issue, but I still can't figure out what exactly (as this is not happening always...)
  18. Hey, A couple of hours ago i uploaded a lot of photos and gave most of them keywords but I had to do something else in the meantime and saved them so I could finish it later. Now when I want to add more keywords and submit them, they are gone. Is this a bug? I'm sure i pressed the save button and I do it always like this without any trouble. "0 clips and images to be submitted"
  19. Hi Who thinks a keywording services are worthwhile? I've thought about it before but i cant see that its really worthwhile? For starters i expect it costs, and secondly, can they really do a better job than someone who actually has a vested interest in their own images lol i see i now have to keyword my own post! (ok ...tag) I started keywording in my sleep! (BTW, new forum is a big improvement, well done) Simon
  20. Hello, I ever treat keywording with care but english is not my mother tongue and I can't avoid a few mistakes once in a while. I generally correct them easily at the automatic analysis… but this time one of my clip has been rejected for this reason: "Keywords are either not relevant to the clip, not in English, or trademarked." and I have difficulties to see which words are inappropriate and why. You can see the clip concerned here: https://fr.fotolia.com/id/108606406 Could someone help me to suppress the inappropriate words in the list below, if this is more evident and not too wasting time for you (I think I'll exclude "lawn" and "turf" but it may be not sufficient): zoom, borage, flowers, landscape, nature, ecology, pollination, buds, leaves, grass, herbs, wild, plant, vegetal, vegetation, generic, garden, trees, eucalyptus, day, sky, sunny, bright, cloud, time-lapse, dike, ground, closeup, speed, moves, bees, vivid, gather, pollen, bucolic, pastoral, spring, summer, springtime, blue, green, yellow, purple, colorful, beautiful, lawn, turf Regards
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