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  1. Hi there I'm wondering how keywords should be formulated: * lower case or upper case (for names)? * singular or plural (for nouns)? * Which tense (for verbs)? * How are special characters (especially diacritics like ä,á,ø,ß) handled? For example, i get the same (or similar) results for the search terms: * "dog" * "dogs" * "Dog" * "Dogs" Note that the distinction between lower case and upper case may be important for words with different meanings: * "turkey" = the bird * "Turkey" = the country So, image search do
  2. I am submitting an image of a bridge called "Cedar Ford Covered Bridge." It is being rejected for copyright violation in the description/keywords. I assume it is because of the word "ford," which in this context is river crossing, not an auto maker. So either a bot is automatically kicking it out, or a reviewer doesn't understand what fording a river means. Any suggestions? Yes, I know I can just leave "ford" out of it, so no need to suggest that. Thanks. I would love to keep it in since that is, in fact, the covered bridge's actual name.
  3. It would be very helpful for the contributors if SS assigned port cloud keywords instead of some congratulation! or "people add to collection" notifications or daily sold reports.
  4. hi. I just submitted my first few illustrations after putting everything on hold for several yrs due to health issues. So some things have changed, and I was just a newbie even then. I submitted some files and now need to fix some keywords - but can't figure out how to edit them. How do I get them back into an edit mode to update them? I go into the' Reviewed' area and click on the check mark for the file I want to update - but it's not editable. (no x's on the keywords, etc). I tried searching this forum as well as the help menus, but found nothing. Guidance please!
  5. Hey Guys Im trying to submit some pictures with the name of the place that it was taken but shutterstock do not allow that because it regonize it as keyword error! The names are in English, like what is the name in English of Ancona city in Italy ? Its just Ancona and thats an error for shutterstock. Is there a method to overcome that despite using their smartphone app because that is a slow method and take time ?
  6. Hi Dears, What's the difference between arial and aerial? Are they similar? Thank you
  7. Many times the keyword system will automatic give " isolated " choice. What does this word mean precisely? Just one object means " isolated "? Or it should be totally appeared with no shadow? Thank you all
  8. Hey guys ! I've been here for more than a year and I still struggling with slow workflow, I have nearly 700 images uploaded and I have more than 2000 images and videos waiting and the number is grooving, I work nearly everyday on my photos for several hours, before I used just Photoshop but this month I'm using Xpiks for keywording, it helps but not a really big impact. How many pic do you guys upload in a month? how can i fasten my workflow ?
  9. I have used the SS keyword help in the past and have never had trouble with it. Now as of today it will not allow me to copy the keywords onto the clipboard. Is anyone else having this problem? Thank you.
  10. The work of inserting the kw is perhaps the longest part (and boring) and at the same time more important than the work of the contributor. Recently, I read on a blog of Italian contributors, an interesting discussion about the number of keywords. I discovered that microstock agencies used different search engines. For example if an agency uses the system "elasticsearch" more kw you put less relevance each of them has. Which would mean that reaching the maximum of 50 kw is not really useful. Conversely, other research systems promote photos that have a higher number of kw. No
  11. I am not a fan of keyword predictor function. I find it gets in the way and one can inadvertently end up with inappropriate keywords if not careful. I have asked Shutterstock if it could be made optional and was given a rather short negative, because it 'helps contributors'. Well it doesn't help me, it's a hindrance. Surely I'm not alone on this? Could you kindly indicate yes or no to the following question: 'Should contributors have the option of disabling the keyword predictor function?' Thank you for participating
  12. I was uploading some illustrations and photos yesterday i.e. 26th March 2019 and the keywords suggestion it is not working still now. Anybody else is facing the same issue?
  13. I see some contributors are using two unrelated keywords so they end up with 100 instead of 50 keyword per image Why is that allowed? I am not talking about "young adult" or "business person" type of keyword, but rather unrelated and connected only alphabetically such as: "ache african" "person pizza" "lunch male"
  14. Hey everybody Is there an easy way to add keyword to images. You see I have some images that I have uploaded a few years ago and I was looking at them today and found out that ONE keyword should have been there. But I cannot figure out how to add it?
  15. Rejected tab is now Reviewed tab By popular demand we’ve replaced the "Rejected" tab with the "Reviewed" tab. Your rejected and approved content from the last 21 days will now be in one easy place to find. As an added bonus, you also have the ability to filter for just Approved or just Rejected content! Keyword Suggestions for Videos We also want to introduce the auto keyword tool for videos. Suggested keywords can be applied to videos you are submitting, or to your previously approved clips. Whenever you create or edit metadata for your content, r
  16. I've published recently my project for keywording images for microstocks. Its name oiken.space You can check how it works in attached image. May be it can be helpful for somebody. One rule: Better description - better keywords. I.e. you should enter good description, like you describe your image for submission. And then you get relevant keywords. If you enter only few words, there will be lot of irrelevant keywords. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
  17. I'm trying to learn why so many of my files are rejected for incorrect reasons. Shutterstock, as many of us have discovered, is of no help at all. Here's what I've figured out. I just resubmitted seven 3d illustrations that had been rejected for title/keyword issues (twice). I did the uploads, made sure the title/keyword problems stated on the rejection had been fixed (again), set the other file variables until I got the blue/white check-mark icon on each one. After each edit I Saved the changes. There I was, with all seven files, blue-checked and ready to submit. I selected all the files and
  18. Hi. I uploaded few images and I see suggssted keywords are not loading for those.. I see this issue since last two days..
  19. Anyone is getting their images with custom ordered keywords, automatically changed to alphabetically order, just after approval? How does some existing images have their keywords custom ordered?
  20. The Keyword suggestion tool is not working properly the last few days, i'm using firefox . Today the android app seems to have a bug too. Thank you.
  21. Hello, good day everyone. I am new here, thanks in advance for helping me. KEYWORDS I know keywords help customers find our images, but I am not sure about how the search works. 1) If I already have the words in my Title and Description: "Happy International Women's Day". Do I still have to enter them in the Keywords? Does the search engine search my Description? 2) In the Keyword field, do I have to tediously key in words in phrases as well as separately? Eg. Happy International Women's Day, Happy Women's Day, Women's Day, Happy, International, Women's, Day Feels stu
  22. Have I forgotten the way it has always been, or has the loading of keywords become very slow a week or two ago. I am speaking of going to edit an already existing/approved image and the time for them to load there. (I am not talking about the keword suggestipn tool.)
  23. Searching on keyword "canon" in my catalog includes bringing back an image which does not have that in its keywords. Anyone think of something I may be overlooking? It is not important to me within my catalog, but I don't know if customers would get the same result. Or is the system saying the bread I made is only good to be shot out of a canon...
  24. I found that my photo on popular page has been disappeared!!! Today I tried with many different keyword which related to my photo but I couldn't find it on the search result. Is there any issues related to this? Does anyone experienced the same issue? Thanks, art
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