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Found 9 results

  1. Does anybody in Italy know anything about this and how it will relate to microstock? We have to be compliant by 1st January. I meant invoicing!
  2. I begin now. Greetings by Cyrus Italy
  3. Was wondering if this kind of pictues, due to a RAW processing, and subsequent few adjustments on Photoshop, is related as publishable by the Shutterstock's critic system. Since I had my first 3 rebutted with "excessive noise correction/clarity effect" or "soft focus" issues, I was wondering if maybe the excessive editing (even if it's relatively limited) is compromising what could be, I believe, decent shot. Thank you for spending your time helping, hopefully, a fellow contributor to this community!

    © Creative Commons

  4. Do you think this image is good enough for commercial use? Is there any problems with the lighting? What would you recommend to improve in this picture? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  5. Photo taken by me at Elba island, Italy.

    © Mattia Riccadonna

  6. photo taken during my vacation in Italy
  7. Stunning view in National park of Abruzzo, Italy
  8. A Wallet in the foreground with behind a fantastic sunset
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