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Found 35 results

  1. I cannot upload certain EPS documents. For example, "hoodie mockup Black 1" has a required minimum of 4 megapixels (artboard = 2000px x 2000px), which amounts to a file of over 100 megabytes (118 megabytes, to be exact). I then reduced the size of the file "hoodie mockup Black 1B-01" (even though I knew it would be useless, I did it to make a point) to 3,6 megapixels (artboard = 1300px x 1300px). That ended up a file with less than 100 megabytes total (91,9 megabytes), which allowed me to surpass the first step. But, in the final step, the upload is denied, being less than the required 4 megapixels (please see photos attached). Another situation is that I want to upload a file with specific frame measures (A4, A5, A6, 5x6 in…) in the EPS file, which of course results in a small design within an artboard of 2000px x 2000px (please see photos attached). So, I would like to know how can I send such files? Furthermore, I would like to leave the suggestion that, although this new feature is good, reducing the time for uploading, as you can well verify, it is not totally efficient. I would like to suggest keeping this functionality, but with the possibility of, if a EPS and JPEG with the same name are uploaded simultaneously, the review program would give preference to the JPEG file for “preview”, generating an “alert” for the reviewer, to ensure correct matching previews. What I mean is, hold the current procedure, but insert the possibility of using the “old method” for uploading certain EPS files. Best, Pedro Alexandre Teixeira
  2. Hi! This morning there was 6000 images in my NOT YET SUBMITTED queue. I had an employee working and the next thing we see is it dropped to 1500 unsubmitted images. Question is, anyone knows what happened there? If they are gone for good, is there way I can have the list of all the content I have in my portfolio in order for me to reupload the images that were removed for I do not know what reason? Thanks!
  3. @Alex Shutterstock Whole day I wasn't able to upload . Each time when I tryied to submit vector + preview ( 800x800 px) I got same message : " It looks like we didn't get all your files. Let's see what happened. Your image is too small; it must be at least 4 megapixels. Learn more about our technical requirements." Just for fun , I tryed to submit vector + 4000x4000 px preview and upload was successful ( ????????) Now there is 1 pending approval image notification on my dashboard and I even got " Thank you for your content upload ! " confirmation e-mail form SS. Is there some new standards for submitting vectors or this is just another bug ?
  4. Hello friends, Woke up early today (5:50 AM CET) to keep uploading my portfolio but when I logged in I noticed the extremely slow response first on the dashboard and then on the "submit content" page. Is anyone having a similar issue? Also Submit, Pending and Reviewed sections appears as zero regardless how many files there. I hope staff sees this post too... Thanks in advance!
  5. I just uploaded some photos and after the upload the dashboard just doesn't work, everything is either blank or showing a 0.
  6. Hello All, I did not get any sale for last 10 days. Is anybody else facing this similar issue? It was quite good last month but this month is just seems horrible. Regards,
  7. Hi everyone, I'm having problem with every single image I submit due to model release issue in spite of approved hundreds of images of the same model previuosly ,is there any need to update the model release after a year or so ???? pls answer
  8. People who are submitting 4-5 pages of one object. Difference between pictures 1-2 degree. And all of these crap are accepted. Don't you think that such up-loaders should be permanently banned? I would like to hear the answer of SS representatives.
  9. Hello all, After upload 4k videos and being approved, they show up in my active videos, but when i go to my video gallery the 4k videos have no thumbnails. Does anyone have or had the same problem? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi, recently I have rejections for "Incorrect Model Release" but my releases are correct. It concerns previous used documents and also new one. Other stocks do not see any obstacles. Is it global issue? Do you have the same problem?
  11. Am Upload My Pictures But Not Upload Complete What Is The Issue Of This My Apk Store All Pics Am Own Create Why can not Upload ? Apk Mirror , Apk Cheap This is Source
  12. Earning update is not working today? I've got notifications on mobile app about 2 new sales today but when I go into date there is nothing... 0 today. It's also showing sales on the map.. Any update from shutterstock?
  13. We were unable to verify your ID. Please review your address and/ or upload a different ID in oder to sell your content. Please help
  14. Hi everyone, I have searched a lot through the website but still couldn't find a proper guide how to meet Shutterstock's requirements for uploading seamless patterns. I'm not new in Illustrator and know how to create and use seamless patterns I understand that all objects and fills have to be expanded, unlocked, strokes and text outlined etc. However, none of my submittions were aproved because of the reason “Inaccessible Vector Objects -- All sublayers must be unlocked and all effects must be expanded”. Checked everything several times – all objects inside patterns are expanded, no texts and strokes. Then read at Shutterstock's vector graphics guide that you need to expand shapes with applied pattern fills before uploading. I understood that in this case the patterns will stop being seamless but tried to follow the guide and upload. And, of course, got another rejection for an expected reason “Not a Seamless Design – Design is not seamless. Please remove 'seamless' from title and/or keywords”. D'oh! Here's a short screencast in the attachment. I'm extremely confused how to meet Shutterstock's requirement regarding seamless patterns. I hope somebody can help me to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you in advance! Best regards, Alex 2018-02-05_16-58-58.mp4
  15. Hello, two days ago I have submitted some images about yoga, they were approved and could be found in SS' database if searching with keyword "yoga". But only on 3rd page! On 1st page I see exactly the same images as I saw before I submitted my images. Sorting type is "new". Why? If search by "yoga russia" then they are on 1st page, this is OK. Why old images are on top but new ones are on next pages? I understand that would be OK if sort by "Popular", but this is by "New". Any ideas?
  16. Hello All, Can Anyone please help me out. Why the below image got rejected with this error. Its 3d painting in Dubai Mall, gold souk, I have submitted as an editorial one. Please let me know in which category I should put this to approve this image.: Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection.
  17. I already filed a bug report for this and would like to duplicate this report here to get more attention for this problem, because I see it as a major issue with the system. Let's say a buyer searches for an 'apple', finds my picture and buys it. But the problem is: my image has 'apples' in keywords and not 'apple', so 'apple' doesn't count into 'apples'. The problem is that plural and singular forms of keywords don't bring one another any rating, even though the search process doesn't care, the rating system still does! This is a big issue, because I loose like 50% of the rating for any given keyword, because I can't have both forms at the same time!
  18. Hi, I just tried to upload an eps file, but unfortunately it isn't letting me upload, it is only allowing jpgs.
  19. Hello, I see the error "Uploading has been disabled for your account. Please contact support." on my homepage and all the images on my portfolio except one are gone. It's so frustrating to get this error and not see an explanation. I have filled out the tax form yesterday and that is the only thing I can think of which could be related to this issue. Since i haven't got a reply from the support center, I'd really appreciate if anybody knows and shares what I can do to fix this.
  20. Is there anybody who are still suffering could not be success upload footage? Or any news that when it will be fine?
  21. I've encountered a problem where the keyword counter on the content editor page(s) is showing 50/50, but when I try to submit, in the error-checking phase I get an error message that I actually have 51 keywords/phrases and I have to remove some. I think it's worth noting that I use both single keywords and phrases, so I guess something regarding the phrases causes an issue, but I still can't figure out what exactly (as this is not happening always...)
  22. I realised that lots of my images (I could see some images from others had similar issues.) had only 2-5 keywords under the description text. For example: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/red-sandstones-blue-sky-canyon-eilat-533924896 -- 4 keywords If I try to edit the image details with "Approval status - images" -All keywords OK. Is it only a page rendering issue?
  23. Don't know if anyone has noticed there are connection issues when looking at your port. Perhaps this is in line with D Pimborough's post for buyers side being down?
  24. I'm getting one after the other sales notices in my contributor app on my phone. Anyone else? This has been going on for half the day. I think there is an issue. Anyone else?
  25. Hey. It turns out the review inconsistency at shutterstock is legendary. Had some images refused for model release issues while some others were accepted. Then I uploaded a new model release, only to find out that the same thing happens. While some editors are accepting the model release, others will refuse it. I wrote support about this issue and asked what am I doing wrong - cause I was thinking that I am the problem. Well, their answer was quite stunning: my MRs WERE OK, maybe I should add more data to some fields - although these fields are not even present on SS mr form. Of course after I lost a lot of time with this MR thing turns out that while some images were refused only for MR issue, at resubmit they can be refused for a totally different reason. So therefore I am just curious about some things: are the reviewers at shutterstock following a training course? Do they know each other? or speak to each other ? or here everyone is on their own, everyone following their own criteria?
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