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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Due the quarantine of the coronavirus, I've been working on my old footage clips to submit. Thing is, Shutterstock doesn't recognize the IPTC data on the files, when I upload them, the description and tags are blank, and I have to redo all the work. I'm uploading via FTP, but I've tried on the web uploader and it's the same problem... Anyone knows how to fix this? Cheers
  2. For some reason several days ago keywords stop automatically being populated from images as it was before and it is significantly increased the amount of time for the whole process. Nothing is wrong with my images: all metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords) was properly assigned to images in Adobe Bridge. I even tested my old (previously successfully submitted images) - their metadata didn't proceed either, so it is obviously some bug on Shutterstock side. No matter if I upload via web or FTP - still no automatic extraction of metadata from images. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Dear Shutterstock people, I've been trying to upload my media (specifically, footage), already keyworded in Adobe Bridge, but the keywords and descriptions are ignored by the new "To Submit" page. I am filling the IPTC fields, IPTC_Description and IPTC_Keywords, which in Bridge also fill the standard (base) keywords and description fields in the file info. Any idea why this is going on? For the staff, I now have one test file, uploaded and ready to submit, that contains metadata but which do not appear in the "To Submit" page, meaning I'd have to redo the work. Help very much appreciated! Thanks, Elio
  4. I have edited some images in Darktable. Here I added some tags from "tagging menu" and added title and description from "metadata editor" menu, both found in right hand side in lighttable. After adding these metadata, I exported the JPEG files using "export selected" menu. In windows explorer, I can see the changes made in image properties. But when I upload images to Shutterstock, the don't show up and I need to enter all the details again manually. I want all tags, keywords and image description to be loaded automatically once the metadata is saved in the file since I want to upload them to multiple stock agencies and I don't want to add all metadata all over again. Please suggest me a good solution for this. Thanks.
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