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Found 32 results

  1. This photo is rejected. It's clicked by me and I can't find any intellectual property in here.
  2. I have created a vector of the ancient philosopher, Aristotle, because I need it for an educational project. The original drawing was from an compilation of ancient statues of him. I actually took parts of him, like his eyes, from people I know, but the whole thing is what I imagine he looked like. (I am creating a course on Logic and Aristotle's Triangle.) Shutterstock has many pictures of his statue and sketches, etc. of him, and they are not editorial. I have submitted pictures of ancient Greek statues and have had them accepted before. And I included my original sketch as a reference document. But I was rejected for intellectual property. I could submit it as editorial. What would you do? Wait for a new reviewer or just accept that restriction? Thanks for any advice. (And yes, I am a beginner illustrator. I'll get better....)
  3. Hey there, Complete newbie here so forgive me if this is a mad question. I have a photo of a red telephone box that has been rejected because of intellectual property infringement. There are quite a lot of telephone box photos already on the website... what am I missing here? Is a phone box intellectual property? Thanks, Faye.
  4. Hi! I got this rejection. Its all vector designed by me. Although this Crab has been approved in my other artwork on shutterstock. But this is not approved. I had uploaded 26 items. 10 got approved and 16 are not approved with same rejection reason. Kindly guide me what is issue. Thank you
  5. Hello, I took an image of my Persian carpet & submitted as commercial (also with property release) and it was rejected (intellectual property reason). My question is, do you think I can submit it as editorial (things of human interest category) and how likely it will be accepted? You may say that go ahead and see if it works or not. But since rejection is very frustrating for me, I wanted to ask your opinion first (Also I am not much familiar with editorial). And how the caption should be? I attach the image, and also the link to my previous topic about this image (if you wanted to look at it anyway).
  6. Greetings, I am new around here. And great amount of my photos getting rejected because of "Intellectual Property" rules. I gess I dont understand shutterstocks point of view on this. I'm attaching just one example. I saw this exact playing cards on shutterstock million times. If it is someone elses intellectual property, these cards should be on any stock photos. How can I understand the intellectual property point of view of Shuterstock clearly? (ps. Also tones of my hand painted models -which painted by me and i upload a release form- have been rejected recently. )
  7. My photo of Berlin TV tower and St. Mary's church was rejected, although there are many pictures of these buildings already on ShutterStock and other stock photography agencies, for commercial use. It's unlikely that all of them have property releases, but if so, how do I obtain one? The reason for rejection: "Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright)."
  8. HI team, I uploaded an image on Shutterstock which has been rejected on the basis of intellectual property and Artwork Property Release, however, a similar image is available in non-editorial mode and that has been approved. Could you please explain what is the reason? Here is the image ID: My image ID: 1097200385, 1097200379 The similar image observed: 227520916 Could you please elaborate. Another such issue with one more image: My image: 1097177174 Similar image by a contributor: 754001920 Both the images are similar and with the same title and the other person has submitted it as NON-EDITORIAL Looking forward to your response. Thanks and Regards, Peepygraphics
  9. Hello, I just had a couple of rejections due to possible intellectual property infringiment. The point is moot, though, since the open book in the photo was published in 1740. Is there a way, if resubmitting, to let the rewiewer know the publishing date?
  10. Hi, please help me to understand what's wrong with these submissions. Got rejected with "Intellectual Property - Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright)." My only guess are the aperture numbers and word "optical"... but I have more images like these which were accepted earlier. Looking forward for any tips and advises, Best regards
  11. This is my first post, so forgive me if I am not posting to the correct forum, or have not found the content previously posted to answer my question. I recently posted two clips of a veterans cemetery. Very simple low aerial content of close headstones, and then the cemetery overall. Nothing extraneous, no signs, no cars just headstones, cemetery grounds, and trees. I was rejected for possible intellectual property infringement. There are many clips with the same content already posted so I'm not sure what the issue might be. Any insight as to what might be considered intellectual property in a public, national cemetery?
  12. I'm hoping to get some advice. I had three images rejected for intellectual property of Valentine's Day heart candies. There are a lot of similar pictures on SS that aren't editorial so why am I getting rejected for this while others are not? Any advice is appreciated!
  13. Hi Recently I capture some office desk image use my own gadgets and my own Intellectual. But when I submit 34 images and now 16 images is approved by Shutterstock and other images are reject due to Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on another party’s intellectual property rights (e.g., someone else’s artwork is visible in the image or an object's design is protected by copyright I don't copy any design or see any design sample but why my images are not approved. I attach this image plz give me a proper solution. Regard Kaif
  14. Hi there! This is my first post... So naturally, my question has no doubt been asked 10 million times before. I just posted a completely abstract image... just art created by melting crayons on canvas.and I cannot for the life of me think of of how it can conflict with the intellectual rights of another image. Take a look. What gives an is there anything I can do about it? Thanks! Nicholas
  15. I don't even remember where I took this picture. There are no any type of trade mark on the building and this is obviously not a landmark. Yet, It still got rejected because of intellectual property. I don't know if I am missing anything
  16. This image was rejected due to intellectual property and I can't really see why. Is it because the phone is recognizable? Because I thought it looked fairly generic, and don't think there's a logo or anything copyrighted visible.. Or is it because someone else is taking the selfie I took the picture of..? Is it the smiley faces? I put those there so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of getting everyone sign a model release form. Is there anything I can do? Help appreciated!
  17. I'm a new contributor and surprised to see how many images I have had accepted so far. That said this weekend after attending a local Airshow all of my aircraft images were rejected for trademark or intellectual property concerns. This was very surprising as I had searched the existing pictures for suggested tags and I have seen these aircraft submitted in other pictures but in different presentations. This seems to be odd and I have filed to have them reassessed. Please feel free to look at let me know what I am missing here.
  18. Hi all, Recently, image 631340102 was rejected by following reason: "Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on another partyâs intellectual property rights" Nothing special on that image - denim shorts (BTW, sewed by my wife and with my help). I curios, sorry for my sarcasm, should I register my home made product, copyrighting and register as my intellectual property, than sign property release for myself, shut and submit to stock after all? Isn't it kinda recursive collision regarding TaC, where I agree (aka insure) that I will provide my own content (whatever form it is)? Appreciated for answers in advance, LighthunterWS
  19. To whom may be able to help me, How is it I can receive a 'Intellectual Property' rejection on images I have merged from two of my images that are already approved and selling on Shutterstock? I have added both original images to my submission as a property release, I even posted as an illustration. I have other approved image illustrations made with same images. For some reason I cannot get three of my creations approved. Neither original images include trademarks. How do find out what the issue is causing these rejections? Who can I contact to find out. I would like to resolve this issue and get my images approved. Jack
  20. I am new to submitting my photos. Yesterday, I submitted 14 photos of my original artwork. Today, I received an email that they were all rejected due to "Intellectual Property" and "property release" issues. I am furious! First of all, I alone am the artist. I own the copyright of each and every photo. I did not copy, use models, nor cover over any one else's artwork. So why are my images rejected for these reason's other than someone deciding on their own that I must have done so???? No one contacted me to clarify on any issue, nor did anyone ask about my artistic process. If this is how Shutterstock treats people who submit their art, then I am not interested! Google me and you will see I am a legitimate artist. Not a fraud which is essentially what Shutterstock is calling me.
  21. I've only been here for a few months, and am wondering why my images of the Golden Gate Bridge are being rejected because of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, when there are tens and tens and tens of pages of that famous landmark.
  22. Hello, I'm a new video contributor to Shutterstock and I'm seeking advice on why my first clip was not approved. I've attached a screen shot of the clip for your review. The message I received was, "Clip potentially contains content that infringes on intellectual property rights." My question is, how is a shot of a generic Bible considered intellectual property? I filmed the shot, I own the Bible and table. What do I need to do in the future to avoid this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated, and I'm looking forward to joining this community of talented artists! Thanks, Moses
  23. Hello, I have noticed that one of my images ( http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=425527942 ) is on sale for 180 $ - 176 $ as a '5 Piece Wall Art on Wrapped Canvas Set' from a website: http://picclick.ca/London-Skyline-and-River-Thames-5-Piece-Wall-391540800943.html http://picclick.ca/London-Skyline-and-River-Thames-5-Piece-Wall-391540808721.html I had 5 subscription downloads of the specific image from SS ( received only $0.25 per download) which tells me that the specific image was only sold with the standard licence. My question is, does the standard license covers people to print and resell it for hundreds of dollars when the actual creator/owner of the image rights receives only 25 cents? If the specific website is violating the license on which the image was purchase what actions should I take? Please help as I am a new contributor and this is the first time I come across to something like this. Thank you
  24. These images were refused for the reason mentioned below. I can't see any logo anything of that sort. Could anyone please tell me why they would be refused. Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on another party as intellectual property rights (e.g., someone else as artwork is visible in the image or an object's design is protected by copyright). Thank you
  25. Hello everybody and have a nice day! I recieved a messege to my rejected footages: Intellectual Property -- Clip potentially contains content that infringes on intellectual property I have uploaded instagram, youtube, twitter logos. In other stocks i dont have this problem with approve. I have allready wrote a message to support with my question, but no one reply still. In clue to understand what footages i have try to upload i give a link to other stock. https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/64557334/cartoon-twitter-logo-spin-loop.html https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/64557373/instagram-logo-spin-loop.html Otherwise, we can see on shutterstock this footage as example: http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-7191580-stock-footage-editorial-animation-facebook-like-icon-social-network.html?src=search/ceM9OJdYG2IPuYbxuob_bg:1:70/photo So i dont understand the terms of Intellectual Property. Thanks to your help, guys!
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