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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All I don't just submit my work to Shutterstock, I have two others. Its not all 'doom and gloom' as I must give Shutterstock a pat on the back for the speed at which they decline images and video's. Lets start with Video's. I had one declined recently which made me laugh. I was videoing a very nice flower in my garden. I put the flower (potted) on an electric turntable and set up my camera on its tripod. I filmed for 30 seconds, color corrected it and submitted it. It was declined. I queried it and was told that it was declined because the background was subject was moving. Firstly, the subject was moving slowly because it was on a rotating table and secondly, there was a very light breeze which caused the flowers to move a little bit. Regarding the background, it was a bush that would need a storm to move. So do Shutterstock expect video of stationary subjects? With regard to images - this one is even better. Whenever you get an image declined, you are referred to a help site that is supposed to answer your questions. If you cant find the answer, you can speak to an agent via chat. Unfortunately, they dont always know the answer and you get passed to the 'Shutterstock Team' who reply by referring you back to the help section. I had some problems with Model Releases (Minor) as I use both of my children for projects - either video or image. I ended up having to upload the images 5 times as I kept on being told incorrect information regarding what gets filled in where. Anyway, I finally got it sorted by ignoring what I was being advised by Shutterstock and now they are uploaded and approved..... However!! Please tell me how this works. I upload two images of my son. Both shot on the same day. Both uploaded with the same Child Model Release. One gets approved and the other gets declined due to incorrect Release. I upload again the declined one with the same Release and details and it gets approved. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! A bit of advice Shutterstock. Change your online submission system to allow a previously uploaded submission to be updated rather than having to faff around starting from scratch e.g the ability to change/replace a model release.
  2. The review process for footage seems to have taken a turn for the worse of late. What used to be a relatively consistent and sensible process has now become a complete headache. Have they outsourced their curators or something? For example a footage clip rejected for copyright infringement where the clip shows no trade mark whatsoever. I contested, they agreed, gave me a case number but second time round the footage was rejected for frame rate issues? Anyone else been experiencing similar problems?
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