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Found 105 results

  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/london-airplane-building-784571560
  2. At last, a new reason for rejection! For an ink illustration of a volleyball, done with broad, rough brush strokes 25 years ago, I received a "missing reference image" reason for rejection. A few years ago, the rejection would have been for it not being vector-smooth, so kudos to the system for learning the difference! It's odd, since the ball is not auto traced (it's a scanned, raster image). It's fairly abstract, and not remotely recognizable as a specific volleyball. Its basic form is universal; it's not a branded, specific ball. And it was drawn from a live model (volleyballs don't need model releases unless Tom Hanks has painted a face on them. I think.). Therefore, there is no reference material, beyond what my eyes beheld. Wisely, there's a check-box for "illustration without reference." That ought to work! Less wisely, it doesn't work. At least, not for that. Who knows what that's for? Round 2: rejected again. What's the work-around? Do I need to find a similar photo and pretend that I used it for reference? I already fill out property releases for illustrations that come solely from my imagination, so this game is not new to me. But I'd rather not have to lie to provide honest work.
  3. Hello everyone! May I know the tip on how you get the higher price for image instead of paid 0.25 cent & $1.88? Is it because of the amount of submission? Thank you
  4. Prashanv

    No downloads nowdays

    Hello, I have 30 images approved on shutter stock and 9 already submitted for approval. I am getting frustrated as no sales nowadays. Its already been 10 days last download. How can I increase more sale. Please give me tips. Regards, Sheetal
  5. Hello, Recently realized that I forgot to attach an associated EPS file to an approved image. Is there any option to upload it now?
  6. Shutterstock, when we have such feature? It is quite irksome to fill tags in manual method, even when you use scripts and other automation stuff. I believe that this job must be done on Shutterstock side. Especially considering amount of earnings that we receive for providing awesome pix. ps Technology already permits such operations.
  7. Hello All, Can anyone help me in how to delete the images from our portfolio if we dont want them any more. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sheetal
  8. Show your best selling image of all time
  9. Hello All, I want to know is there any way to know, where our images has been sued which is recently downloaded. We can see the location of download in contributor dashboard but where it has been actually used, can we know that?> regards, sheetal
  10. My image got rejected 3 times for the same reason. And I'm unable to understand where the problem is. If someone could point me out it would be of great help. Reason: Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright).
  11. Can anyone please explain what is going on here? is it an illustration or image?
  12. Hello All, I have been noticing for last 4 months that I am not making any sale in the initial days like from 1st to 15th of the month. After that I started making sale. Is there any specific reason why it is happening ? or can I do something for it to have sales in first and second week too? Regards, sheetal
  13. Hello, I submitted an image and the associated model release and after clicking submit to send the image for review I verified it was under "pending". I came back to the contributor dashboard a few minutes later and my image had disappeared from the pending images column and was no where to be found. Has anyone had this problem? Should I wait a few days and see if it shows up under active images or rejected? Thanks
  14. Arijeet Bannerjee

    Free Image Contribution

    Can anyone help with the guide on how to contribute to the Shutterstock free image gallery? https://www.shutterstock.com/search/free
  15. Good evening all. I am looking at what image size I upload to Shutterstock. I have read conflicting comments about large or small sizes. Currently I downsize images to around 6 megapixels. Is it better to upload at full size (up to 24 mp in my case)? Thanks Tom
  16. Is there the way we can download our image back from contributor system? All my photos is all backup in my external storage, sometimes I need to download my old photos to do in another purpose. Regards Kiattisak Anoochitarom
  17. CatbirdHill

    Found image in print use

    Hi all - hope this is the appropriate place for this. Cleaning out some things today and found this magazine I'd forgotten about. This is the source: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/large-crowd-brown-marmorated-stink-bug-61134772?src=M6-HVbQoVGqJrckF8qV0gA-1-4 credited to Steve Heap. Steve if you are on here, I can WeTransfer you a larger image. cheers, Barbara
  18. Hi, I have looked and looked but can not find the exact technical way to add a reference image to a submission. Can someone please spell out how to do this or direct me to a link that will tell me. Everything I find tells me it has to be done but not how to do it. Thank you Dan
  19. Lucy

    Title Field of Image

    I uploaded the image of traditional Passover plate with some Hebrew words on it (like "Pesah" - Passover). The image was rejected on reason: "Translation Required -- An English translation is required for any non-English text in the image. Translations must be entered in the title field." Sorry, I really don't understand what is wrong with my upload. I saw enough similar images on Shutterstock.
  20. Benny Marty

    e-mail notifications

    hi all since some days I just receive e-mail notifications for video acceptance and "thank you for upload" e-mails after new uploads. But I don't receive image acceptance e-mails anymore is this happening to someone else ? thanks
  21. Md. Murad Hossain

    Get more beautiful natural image

    Hi guys This is the best site I found to share my photos. I share here some more beautiful images of nature, foods, flower, culture etc. Join with http://www.shutterstock.com/?rid=174802462 to find out as you need.
  22. $1.90 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/magic-blue-lightning-sky-abstract-headers-537081541
  23. I've been experiencing problems with reviewer(s) mass declining images. They all seemed to come through at the same time so I'd imagine it’s one reviewer. Model release declines. These are all made using Easy Release, as recommended by Shutterstock. They’re dated correctly (22/04/2017), signed and witnessed. No reason for declining them. Basically, the same as the passed examples at the very bottom. This has happened in the past and were later approved. I can only think the reviewer is mis reading the date format. If there are issues, please provide a clear and full explanation as to why the recommended release is not acceptable. Next up was a large batch of "File Transfer Error". All of these have viewable thumbnails and no error message on submission. Is there a technical problem on your website or, was this a quick way to get rid of images from the reviewers workflow? EDIT- This could be a technical problem. Receiving more of these and again, they're not showing on "Image Status". Next up was a batch of "Non-Licensable Content". I've never had this until today. Images of hikers (editorial) have been accepted in the past and images of Wallington were taken from a public highway. If the Wallington ones are unacceptable (edit - removed from list) , no problem but there is no reason to decline the hiking shots for this reason. Other images that were showing as rejected on the Shutterstock app are not showing on “Image Status - Rejected Photos”. In fact, they are no longer showing up anywhere at Shutterstock. It looks like these have been deleted from the server straight away. Why? Looks like someone is covering tracks.... or, technical problem (more likely). Just very suspicious when combined with the above. Edit - Some of these are appearing now but not all. Would suggest technical problems. This looks like a reviewer was trying to offload large volumes of work from their workflow. If this is the case I hope they are dealt with accordingly as this shows a complete lack of appreciation, understanding of the amount of effort and time involved in preparing and submitting content. It is also very annoying and frustrating for the contributor and makes Shutterstock look unprofessional. Please, if someone could look at this as a matter of urgency as I’d hate for this to be happening to other contributors as well. Bear in mind that I normally experience minimal rejections as this list would represent a years worth but in one day! Thanks for looking Duncan Issued to support as well. The last time I had to do this, I got the, "Reviewer is right" as a quick stock response and the decision was only reversed after challenging it. I hope I don't have to go through this again. EDIT. Removed "Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions" rejections (apart from hiking shots) as I believe the Wallington shots are not acceptable. More File Transfer Declines coming through. This is looking like a technical problem. If that is the case this needs sorting as it doesn't tell you this on submission and lets you keyword the files etc (wasting further time). The main issue appears to be "Rejecting Model Release" that are dated correctly and recommended by SS and "File Transfer" rejections after the files passed submission process, had thumbnails and were keyworded. Batch Numbers below. Model Release Declined 245599876 245599663 245599648 245599651 245599654 245599660 245599657 245599627 245599615 245599618 245599633 245599624 245599609 245599639 245599621 245599603 245599636 245599630 245599612 245599645 245599606 245573491 245571949 245550052 File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit. (All these images had viewable Thumbnails and no error message was returned on submission) 245564272 245564275 245564089 245563114 245550076 Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection. 245542810 - Hiking Shot. 245542798 - Hiking Shot. 245542804 - Hiking Shot. 245542801 - Hiking Shot. Declined Images not showing on rejected list. Image numbers as apposed to batch as no batch numbers available. File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit. (All these images had viewable Thumbnails and no error message was returned on submission) #1021623982 #1021623970 #1021601467 #1021623796 #1021607203 #1021609789 #1021609798 #1021607209 #1021609801 #1021607278
  24. Am just getting into shooting editorial content and not sure what is and is not acceptable. I have photos of public places to sell as editorial. One of these images has a child and father in the background. Would SS accept the photo as editorial with a recognizable child in it?
  25. Felix Mizioznikov

    1954 Fleetwood

    From the album: 1954 Cadillac

    1954 Cadillac Fleetwood