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Found 118 results

  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/london-airplane-building-784571560
  2. From the album: Prints

  3. Yesterday they mailed us new payment structure and after that they told us that earnings will not be less then 10cents but A Refrall earning is 4cent Which mean you will earn more money by just referral and not by Shoot, Edit and upload. So why the hell we will work for 10cent when we can earn 4cent just by referring a new contributor. Or will they also remove or reduce this Refrall earnings? What is your opinion on this.....
  4. How can I create this type of graphics? Thanks.
  5. Hello All, I want to know is there any way to know, where our images has been sued which is recently downloaded. We can see the location of download in contributor dashboard but where it has been actually used, can we know that?> regards, sheetal
  6. My images was reviewed and approved before 4 days and i can not see them in my portfolio , the images needed to be selected as adult content and i did that 2 . I also did a reading about that it will take mostly up to 3 days for images to be shown in portfolio . Why can i not see or find my photos ?
  7. My portfolio: http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Amin+Kassim?rid=203729657
  8. I posted a video with lemming and was surprised to find that the video with lemming is not here. Although I got very modest shots. But I had to wait about an hour to photograph them. On other frames that I did not post, he only shows his head. Apparently lemming is a very careful animal. But I thought the drains already have everything. PS: And this animal is very beautiful, I saw him for the first time. He looks like a slender guinea pig, and his movements are beautiful.
  9. So, I finally found one of my images being attractive enough to another SS contributor to steal it and reuse it. I suppose I could/should have posted this in the generic milestone thread. Original: New York, March 11, 2017: A pink car with Lyft logo is driving along 14th street in Manhattan. Lyft offers a convenient way to hire a ride using a smart phone. Used as background in a stolen image: Buenos Aires, Argentina; April 23, 2019: Lyft logo on phone with logo - image I wonder, do the taxis in Buenos Aires look the same or quite similar to NYC? Can the background of his image be mistaken for Buenos Aires? Here's the hero's port: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/rjuniormb He's got this genre figured out. If you have editorials with popular brands in them, you should survey his port. Anyway, what's the right way to alert SS of infringement nowadays? Thanks.
  10. Why is this photo not taken to stock ?? Rejection reasons (1) Focus: The main subject of this image is not in focus. Kind people! What is this happening ?? This is sabotage! It is specially not take such simple beautiful photos ?? Who works here ?? The complete lack of taste, elementary concepts in photography!
  11. NOTE: I'm still fairly new to Shutterstock and stock photography in general. Yesterday, I uploaded and submitted 24 images consisting of various buildings at the University of Waterloo as editorials. Most of them have been rejected for the same reason, which is how the subject of the image is not in focus. From reading through the guidelines of photos, I am pondering about fixing this in two ways: Crop the image to get rid of unwanted content, although that results in making the image be smaller and not be as big as people would prefer. Change the description to a more consistent one. This is an example I have: a view of Engineering 5 and 7 (two buildings joined together with a central hallway down the middle). Description: Engineering 5 and 7 at night from the north end with a pedestrian bridge connecting to Engineering 3. Shot at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on May 25, 2019. Keywords: architecturebluebuildingcanadacivileditorialengineeringexteriorgaragehangarlandmarkmechanicalmodernontariooutdoorpost secondaryschoolingskytechnologyuniversityurbanviewwaterloo What I wound need to do is remove a lot of the sky that makes up the top margin, and remove the bottom to where the parking spot touches on the image. Still, I'm wondering if there's something else that may be causing this to fail validation.
  12. Are the offers of absolutely free image banks in the future will take precedence over images in other paid stocks banks? After all, thousands of images in stocks are replenished every day, but demand lags behind supply. Because people mostly choose the cheapest of the best deals..
  13. Now the author (contributor) can't copy key words of the own image for own new semilars (It helps me to work faster with the key words). It have been so easy to do from buyer's side before. Why? Isn't my own image in my portfolio not my ownership? If you ( SS) want to fight with the thieves of key words please, enter author's password to log into the author's own portfolio images from customer side, so that he can free use his own keywords easy Thank's Best regards
  14. Hi, I have just started being a contributor to Shutterstock about two weeks ago and uploaded my first few photos, link here. I am learning each day and trying to improve. I have a question related to mobile photography: Although my photographs have been accepted by Shutterstock, but I was wondering if clicking photographs from this phone will end-up selling also? Was anyone successfully able to sell photograph by clicking photos from smartphone of this category? Thank-you so much!
  15. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hoi-an-vietnam-march-2019-basket-1351058129?src=YZD8_PwbYnXNlam-TexIdw-1-20
  16. Will someone please explain this to me. In the last 2 days I have had around 14 images rejected the last two days for unacceptable auto trace. All images are jpegs, not vectors. I created all of them either by layering 2 grunge backgrounds or doing a pattern overlay of a simple image. Most of the pattern overlays are simple watercolor backgrounds. I have over 400 images and most of them were created just like this. Just wanting to understand what the problem is and how to work around it. Thank you for your help in advance!
  17. Question on sales ratio to quantity in image portfolio - understanding that subject and quality are required as well as key-wording. That said, is there some trend-line math for an expected ratio of sales quantity (not money) to the quantity of images available (portfolio, all sets)? For example, on SS I have 239 images and sold 51 times (some repeats). On iStock/Getty, I have fewer images but selling sooner. My intention is to upload selected images to reach 1500-2000 total on SS. Update: heard interesting insight on regular corp sales funnel measurement - generally need a 10:1 ratio of opportunity to sell:actual sale. Since most opportunities wont close, a 10:1 sales funnel ratio is needed in order to do well. Not sure this helps, but trying to figure out (all things being equal "sort of") if $100/month in sales at .25 each (or selectively more, but not typically on SS) means selling 400 images/month, then does one need several thousand images available for sale (just mathematically, realizing that some subjects move better than others, etc.). Bottom line: Is this stock selling opportunity on SS equal to hobby money or is there some method to achieve reliable income streams? Thanks
  18. At last, a new reason for rejection! For an ink illustration of a volleyball, done with broad, rough brush strokes 25 years ago, I received a "missing reference image" reason for rejection. A few years ago, the rejection would have been for it not being vector-smooth, so kudos to the system for learning the difference! It's odd, since the ball is not auto traced (it's a scanned, raster image). It's fairly abstract, and not remotely recognizable as a specific volleyball. Its basic form is universal; it's not a branded, specific ball. And it was drawn from a live model (volleyballs don't need model releases unless Tom Hanks has painted a face on them. I think.). Therefore, there is no reference material, beyond what my eyes beheld. Wisely, there's a check-box for "illustration without reference." That ought to work! Less wisely, it doesn't work. At least, not for that. Who knows what that's for? Round 2: rejected again. What's the work-around? Do I need to find a similar photo and pretend that I used it for reference? I already fill out property releases for illustrations that come solely from my imagination, so this game is not new to me. But I'd rather not have to lie to provide honest work.
  19. Hello everyone! May I know the tip on how you get the higher price for image instead of paid 0.25 cent & $1.88? Is it because of the amount of submission? Thank you
  20. Hello, I have 30 images approved on shutter stock and 9 already submitted for approval. I am getting frustrated as no sales nowadays. Its already been 10 days last download. How can I increase more sale. Please give me tips. Regards, Sheetal
  21. Hello, Recently realized that I forgot to attach an associated EPS file to an approved image. Is there any option to upload it now?
  22. Shutterstock, when we have such feature? It is quite irksome to fill tags in manual method, even when you use scripts and other automation stuff. I believe that this job must be done on Shutterstock side. Especially considering amount of earnings that we receive for providing awesome pix. ps Technology already permits such operations.
  23. Hello All, Can anyone help me in how to delete the images from our portfolio if we dont want them any more. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sheetal
  24. My image got rejected 3 times for the same reason. And I'm unable to understand where the problem is. If someone could point me out it would be of great help. Reason: Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright).
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