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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, after some guidance if posisble please. Just started using Procreate on the iPad and uploaded a few files, nothing special by any means. But it seems that I would have a much wider audience if I could upload these files as vectors. Does anyone know how, if it is posible, to convert Procreate files into vectors please? If it is only by loading into Illustrator and using image trace, I seem to remember SS saying several years ago that they were no longer accepting fulll colour trace images, only black line images due to issues with colours, fading, gradients, etc. I may be wro
  2. Hi there! I have good news for all microstockers! If you make a vector you should try this script. Stock Master can automatically prepare vector files for microstocks. It scans a vector file and fixes mistakes such as open paths, ghost shapes, bitmap, symbols, brushes, effects, etc. You can free download this script here mai-tools.com
  3. In this guide on tips to reduce EPS files, Shutterstock recommends using symbols. I assume that means symbols can be left as they are without the need to expand appearance. I want to know if it is still true. I know that expanding symbols only takes a few seconds, but if it is not required by Shutterstock reviewers, then I want to leave them as they are so that buyers can modify them with ease.
  4. Hi all! I got a problem with the gradient. I applied the gradient for the text, I expanded it and then exported as PDF file. I opened the file and I saw a lot of weird lines. Could you, please, advise me, what happened and what I should to do? Thank you! Petra
  5. i'm working on flora watercolor brush stock. It work well until I try to expand all stock in my art work. The file size is too big, and not editable. Please check my attachment. The flower made and edit in just 1 stock but if I expand it will look like bottom right image. I try to rasterize and convert to simplify vector, But file still too big ,lost many detail and I afraid to get "Unacceptable Auto Trace: Complex auto-traced" from reviewer. What should I do? Any advice,Please?
  6. I recently started uploading vectors on shutterstock. When I upload my 4th vector as EPS 10 format, which is accepted, but now available as high quality JPEG file. Where is my eps gone? https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/beautiful-indian-girl-oil-lamp-dipak-1394154497?src=aewDwgowRWYXwn_66_FjlA-1-1
  7. I've read a lot about getting .ai 8 or 10 compatible EPS file out of open source software, Inkscape, but have been unable to get consistent acceptance of Inkscape EPS files from SS. Another site I contribute to is now accepting SVG files as the additional format (praise be!), hopefully SS will follow. I am currently using a trial version of Adobe Illustrator and rushing to process numerous SVG files to EPS to avoid the rejection. Transferring SVG to Illustrator means you lose all your layers so I spend a lot of time cutting and pasting objects into separate layers in Illustrator to make l
  8. Hi everyone! I work in Corel draw, and would like to draw realistic jeans texture using only vector, not bitmap i know that it possible in illustrator, and iwho knows is possible in corel?
  9. Hello everyone, I am having some rejection issues getting my vectors up on Shutterstock, I recieve the following rejection reason over and over: "Artboard -- Vector is overlapping artboard bounds or is too small on the artboard, or there is more than one artboard in the file." Admittedly the first submissions were incorrect by having a raster background and having the background overlap the bounds of the sheet. Even though these errors have been corrected I kept getting the same rejection message. After closer inspection I noticed that one of the masks was extending beyo
  10. I was wondering if any one has used Affinity for vector graphics? How does it compare to Illustrator or is this just another Inkscape in terms of gradients and other basic functions. I also have heard that like Inkscape you can't reopen an EPS file in that program is that true? If some one is currently using the program would you be kind as to make me an EPS sample? With gradients and labeled, grouped objects in the file so I can test to see how it works in Illustrator? Thanks. I know its a crap shoot by I'd figure I'd try to see if I can get some help.
  11. Hi, I'm a newbie to Shutterstock, created a australia map design in eps format (hand drawn). But got disapproved. Got message from Shutterstock "Poor Path Construction -- Paths are poorly constructed." I can't understand why my design has been rejected and also attached the design image. Please help me, in solving this issue. Thankyou.
  12. Hi, I'm a newbie to Shutterstock. I uploaded my created vector and submitted to the shutterstock. My work was rejected and got a message "Outline View / Pixel View -- Vector must not open in outline view / pixel preview." What does it mean? How to resolve it in Adobe Illustrator CS4? What are the options are available to avoid this problem? Please kindly help me in resolving this issue.
  13. Previously i use Lenovo T530 with FHD screen. Tried Dell M4800, but don't like high pixel density. Requirements: 1) size of screen: 15.6 inch 2) resolution of screen: FHD (1920x1080) or maybe a little bigger, but not 3200x1080 (that's too small pixels for my eyes) 3) screen surface: only matte 4) Quad-core processor with professional GPU Your suggestions?
  14. I am new at SS, and currently working will all Vector, Photo and Veideo. My Vector Sales Slow, Asking Good Advice to More Sales of Vector and Photo on SS? My Profile http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?gallery_id=3144764 Please give me some good suggestion and or advice with keywords which are more sales or daily sales.
  15. Hi there, today I uploaded my first vector. It was rejected because of " No Bitmaps--Bitmap images and/or effects are not permitted. " Because I am new with this, i don't know, how can there be bitmap oder bitmap effects in my work. I created Buttons with Illustrator and only used Illustrator stuff. The effects were: some gradients; blending options: screen; shadow and inner shadow (with illustrator effects) Saved as EPS10, opened with photoshop and saved the Preview-Jpg as Jpg ;-) Maybe there is someone out there who can help me with my problem! Thanks so far....
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