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Found 17 results

  1. I submitted before many acrylic and mix media illustrations created by myself, with the property release form that created by Shutterstock, recently I'm trying to submit my illustrations as usual, however Sutterstock refuses all my illustrations under a new reason each time, that is really big disappointed.
  2. Can I upload pictures from my artwork in Photoshop? (not the result of photo manipulation but purely the results of paint brushes in photoshop such as game characters or comic characters).
  3. I know we upload our illustration files in RGB colors. But do you create the illustrations in RGB colors, or do you create in CMYK colors to make sure they will look good in print (and then save the file in RGB)? A bit weird to ask that after so many years of uploading illustrations, but better late than never. Thanks for your answer
  4. I was uploading some illustrations and photos yesterday i.e. 26th March 2019 and the keywords suggestion it is not working still now. Anybody else is facing the same issue?
  5. Hello. I'm trying to create illustration in the sketch (MAC OS) and save as EPS, but i have some errors after review. Maybe anybody know how I can fix this errors in sketch? Who had experience with sketch? Thanks
  6. Hello people, I have read a lot of post here in the forum but this is my first post. I am contributing to Shutterstock for more than 2 years, my portfolio contains more than 260.000 files, and I have reached the highest level of the amount earned per download as a shutter stock contributor, which means that when shutter stock sells one of my files for their Best value (just $0.27 an image) I receive more than that, so shutter stock doesn't earn from my sales. Three days ago, in my surprise, I received an email from Jon, a member of Shutterstock Submit Department saying the followi
  7. Hello, The thing is I have some illustrations about famous politics, for example Donald Trump, Is it possible to upload them?, must they be submitted like editorial images? Does SS accept humorous illustrations? Thanks a lot for the orientation !
  8. I found one of my illustrations on this site and I believe others are from Shutterstock too: https://www.latostadora.com/carpiab/todos_disenos I had one EL for it long time ago, but it was a client from my country. I don't know, maybe it is some partner site, but text on my illustration appears on different place than original, so I think it was bought and changed a bit. So, what do you think? Partner site or I should send DMCA notice?
  9. 3D illustrations and renderings are amazingly realistic images. To a customer who might not know about 3D illustrations, they may appear to be photographs of real people, interiors and other objects. All 3D content should always be designated as an “Illustration” in the content editor so that customers will find 3D renderings only when they search for illustrations. In order to further clarify 3D content for our customers, we are now requiring that all 3D renderings and illustrations include the term “3D rendering” or “3D illustration” in the description as well as the keywords. Using
  10. Hi Guys, I have searched far and wide for a definitive guide on the proper way to prepare a seamless pattern for shutterstock or at least what shutterstock expects from a seamless pattern upload. Let me clarify... I already know how to create a seamless pattern in Illustrator and Photoshop using pattern swatch. I know that objects and fills need to be expanded, unlocked, strokes and text outlined etc. Basically, I know the process of how to create a pattern, making it accessible. My confusion is regarding the correct way to prepare the EPS file and how to present the preview JPEG
  11. My jpgs are being reviewed very quickly, but all my vectors are still sitting un-reviewed since the weekend. Anyone else?
  12. I want to upload illustrations to shuttersock. I know how to draw by hand, but i have just some knoledge of digital illustrations. I use Adobe Illustrator but i don´t know how be prepare the file. Like File Formats Unlock or lock of the layers Name of the layers Close shapes Recomendations please, i don´t know how to make ready the vector file. Thanks.
  13. I am new here and happy to be a part of shutterstock. I just start my works so I have a few Illustrations in my portfolio but I will work hard for it so please to meet you everyone ( For my portfolio you can visit by click at my image signature )
  14. Is it possible to submit a mixture of ten photos and illustrations for the first batch? Automatically I get either a form for illustrations or for photos. I'm an artist and a photographer, and my best works are in both domains.
  15. Hi guys, I'm fairly new here and I'm looking to find out about free file features. Is there a process for suggesting images to staff for free vector of the week, or are they just chosen by staff without our involvement? Is there anything else on SS in terms of hand picked or featured files that staff pick? I'm just looking for any possibilities to get some extra exposure of my work, and those kind of features have worked well for me on other sites. Thanks for your help.
  16. Good day, dear participants of the forum and the administration! I will try to describe my question correctly. Recently, I thought about creating illustrations for Christmas. I pawing in my mind the ideas of different variants illustration, wanted to draw something original. And then I thought: "what if I draw a deer with Christmas toys on the horns? I have not seen this before! That would be just perfect!" But.... damn it! Here is this moose! Same! http://www.shutterstock.com/ru/pic-319355897/stock-vector-christmas-card-with-reindeer-vector.html?src=ZNHb9LMhWLLMxjABlevBmA-1-
  17. A must see for illustrators and others. http://www.buzzfeed.com/benhenry/i-will-not-touch-that-spider?bftw&utm_term=4ldqpfp#.nuJDrgK96
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