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Found 94 results

  1. Illustrators, check this set. I found my illustration in it, you might find yours too. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/cupid-icon-set-love-valentines-day-1755009611
  2. Very unintentionally and accidentally I saw in similar images my but "not my' image /: Just look at it. This is mine: And this one is copyrighted by another artist - chutima kuanamon : ??? What do you think? Are these pictures similar or not? This is a link to this strange portfolio: https://www.shutterstock.com/pl/g/chutima+kuanamon?sort=popular Maybe you'll find your pictures too .. By the way, what should I do? I really don't like this cyan background. This image isn't new and I'm quite shocked about this situation.
  3. Hi, guys Time from to time Shutterstcok rejects some of vector portraits of some celebrities. So, here the question: Which celebrities can be illustrated and uploaded to Shutterstock and which not?
  4. Hello dear Contributors I have been working on SS platfom for more than a year with regular addition of images on it. But I hardly earn anything. Kindly suggest me to improve my profile. I would be grateful. Thank you!!!
  5. Hello! I began to receive rejection very often for the reason of illustration, but this is not an illustration, this is a photo !, And it can even beat so that half of the files go through and everything is fine, and in the other half of the series I get rejected for this reason. How to be ... this is not an illustration but a photo. Some macro photos, and some just pieces of craft paper on the table ...
  6. hello everyone, I need critic comments and suggestions from all of you who already earn here from vector and illustration. I started the Shutterstock vector artist a long time ago and only get 6 $ until now๐Ÿ˜‚, with a range of only one vector per month being downloaded. I submitted several new vectors as a trial but none of my new vectors were downloaded. What do you think about my portfolio ? Thankyou so much all, i appreciated it
  7. Hi guys! Starting from 12/21/2019 (every day) I noticed that Earnings Summary by dates and Latest downloads sections showing wrong revenue and different download counts. For example if Latest downloads shows 5 downloads, Earnings Summary shows 4 downloads only It means that Shutterstock lost 1 image in my daily earnings for 12/21/2019 On the further days there is difference from 1 to 6 images which wasn't taking into account. Today difference is: Latest downloads - 31, Earnings Summary - 23 Does anyone noticed this bug?
  8. this is about digital altered, painted images etc. it really happens ALL THE TIME and i am getting a bit sick of it: day 1: i upload an image and submit is as illustration.... i get the rejection message i can not submit it as illustration. day 2: i upload the same image and do not check "illustration"... i get the message i must submit it as illustration. day 3: i upload the same image and submit is as illustration.. i get the rejection message i can not submit it as illustration. ... ad nauseam when this happens i always give a notice to the reviewer that it was "previously submited contend". so if the reviewer had checked, he would see that i was asked to upload with "illustration" unchecked (or vice versa), this goes on for several times. even when i upload the images TWICE at the same time, one time as illustration one time not as illustration, guess what.... they get rejected. i would not complain if this happens rarely. but it happens ALL THE TIME. i think i wrote about this issue in the past already....but nothing changed to the better. i want to add something related to this topic. the most frustrating aspect of SS is the review process. we contributors have clear rules.... yet the reviewers (or review artificial intelligence) often does not follow these rules. i could give plenty examples of other nonsensical review decisions. then you upload the image again and it is accepted. it nevertheless is frustrating and time-consuming. and why in the world can a reviewer not check an image as "illustration" himself when a contributor forgot to do it? i mean it is just ticking a checkbox, not much effort when reviewing the image, right? sure faster than reviewing the same image again. at least give us the way to edit an uploaded image after it was rejected for description / keyword issues. it would be much faster for everbody when the contributor does not have to upload the image again. why the need to upload the images again from scratch?
  9. Hello, I recently read the discussion about how to upload a digital illustration made from own photo. I think it was written tha reference photo has to be uploaded as a release...? I tried to upload as property release in original size jpeg like 7000x5500. Got an error about permitted file sized 50 mb for jpeg and 15 for EPS.. My file was ~20 Mb I decrease resolution t0 1920X1080, file became just 1.7Mb, but still cannot upload it.. What I am doing wrong? there is no special place for that .. At least I do not know ๐Ÿ˜ž Could someone push me to the right direction? ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Hey Guys i want to know is selling vector on Shutterstock really worth it because i have 5 vector stock but 2 months no sales any Guide Please.
  11. Hi I just moved from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer. Question is, What are your export settings when uploading vectors to shutterstock? In Adobe Illustrator I used EPS export in Adobe Illustrator 10, but affinity doesn't seem to have this particular option...
  12. beautiful plum headed parakeet drawing .
  13. beautiful sketch of flower
  14. Hi there. This is a question for fine artists out there: is it worth selling digital files of paintings here on Shutterstock?
  15. I recently started uploading vectors on shutterstock. When I upload my 4th vector as EPS 10 format, which is accepted, but now available as high quality JPEG file. Where is my eps gone? https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/beautiful-indian-girl-oil-lamp-dipak-1394154497?src=aewDwgowRWYXwn_66_FjlA-1-1
  16. So is everyone getting more rejects as of late. I am thinking the turned up the automation in reviews as I am seeing A LOT of rejections for similars and rejections asking for releases. In the case of the similars I have images that are indeed similar but the content of the images does have differences and I don't mean just a color change., I mean elements will be different and more then one element or two. It just seems like they are things that software would see as the same. Like there may be an important dominant element that is the same but the supporting elements may not. They seem to get nicked lately. And then a goodly portion of my 3D generated images are being nicked for not having releases. Uh, I don't have releases for them as the are 3D generated. I mean duh, if its a human. But it seems more likely that automated software is rejecting them as I would think a human being would easily see it is a generated image. \ Anyhow anyone else seeing this? Or am I special?
  17. Hi I'm wondering about file formats having to be either JPEG or EPS. I am able to convert PNGs to EPS, but will the file have the same vector qualities as a work that was actually made in illustrator or similar? And why doesn't shutterstock accept PNGs whose resolution is really high, in addition to vectors/eps? Surely a png file that retains the same quality even if it's enlarged to the full size of a wall is good enough even if it's not vector, or perhaps I am missing something obvious?
  18. I started about three months ago. I have had 600 designs in 3 months. If one day 7-8 downloads. I trust my designs, but the result is negative. :( I hope you see my profile. Thanks in advance.๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ™‚
  19. I'd like to get a tablet pc with a touch sensitive screen and palm rejection so that I could produce illustrations by drawing with a digital pen on the screen. It should feel as much like drawing on paper as possible. Can anyone recommend a product for that? I've heard of Toshiba's dynapad N72 and Vaio Z Canvas. Unfortunately both products are not available on the German market. I wonder why. Are there any good alternatives? Who has experiecne with this kind of workflow?
  20. Dear Contributor, I m a new contributor at SS as a illustration's. I was starting to upload my vectors on SS but I got a this message " Your vector contains either pixel based bitmap objects or raster effects (โ€œfxโ€). Remove these effects or objects and upload your file again. " How can I solve that issues. I am just using iPad for my drawings. (Adobe Draw at iPad). Thanks for your kindly answers. Regards.
  21. Hi I am Razib,I am new in shutterstock as a contributor and i want to establish my career as a Graphics designer like illustration,vector base.I need suggestion that i can get my goal.please help me by give me suggestion.
  22. At last, a new reason for rejection! For an ink illustration of a volleyball, done with broad, rough brush strokes 25 years ago, I received a "missing reference image" reason for rejection. A few years ago, the rejection would have been for it not being vector-smooth, so kudos to the system for learning the difference! It's odd, since the ball is not auto traced (it's a scanned, raster image). It's fairly abstract, and not remotely recognizable as a specific volleyball. Its basic form is universal; it's not a branded, specific ball. And it was drawn from a live model (volleyballs don't need model releases unless Tom Hanks has painted a face on them. I think.). Therefore, there is no reference material, beyond what my eyes beheld. Wisely, there's a check-box for "illustration without reference." That ought to work! Less wisely, it doesn't work. At least, not for that. Who knows what that's for? Round 2: rejected again. What's the work-around? Do I need to find a similar photo and pretend that I used it for reference? I already fill out property releases for illustrations that come solely from my imagination, so this game is not new to me. But I'd rather not have to lie to provide honest work.
  23. I'm trying to be a new contributor and am slowly getting the hang of it, but fell foul of property release forms.I thought I'd done it right recently but it would seem not.To put you in the picture I'm submitting cartoons illustration of my own which are not digitally created but are generally black and white line drawings with some later photoshop work to add grey areas.I can supply simple black and white artwork too, but will be doing that in due course. I've filled in the forms on a pdf, and added my signature via pdf. I did not fill in the Witnessed by part of the form, is this where I went wrong? I'd be grateful if someone out there can help me with this. Is there an easy way to fill out these forms other than a pdf that has to be converted to a jpg to be accepted? Seems like there's more paperwork for this stuff than they need for the Inland revenue. I've added one of my drawings so that you can see what I'm sending to them. Thanks in advance. Paul
  24. hello, i found an Etsy store that sells stickers with my illustrations. what kind of license is required for such usage? thanks
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