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Found 8 results

  1. Table Top Shot eg. roll Tighter Gold wire in white canvas cloth
  2. Hi i plan new camera buy and my idea canon mark iii or iv, but price too high i need low budget best camera. my amount 50,000 Indian Rupees. i need low budget best camera in stock videos and photos making camera please tell me your experience thanks. outdoor and indoor shoot. sorry for my poor English.
  3. Hello Every Buddy My Name Is Shilpa And Im From India.... i 'M Starting Do Work With SS From Last One Year But I Can't Find Good Subject To Shoot...So Can You All Help To Select Subject Of Shooting.. I Want To Make Stock Footage And I'm Living In India.... 01.. Which Subject is The Best For Me To Shoot... 02.. I Want To Make My Portfolio Big... Give Your Advise And Share Your Experience...Thank You....
  4. Hi SS Admins and programmers! I'd like to share an idea for photos rejected for "File Transfer Error" reason. Instead of having to create title and keywords again for a new upload, it would be really helpful if we had - by choosing "Previously submitted content" in Notes for reviewer - a field where we could enter the Photo Id of the previous corrupted upload which would load the title and keywords we have already sent. Thank you for your attention. Marcin PS. Unless there is an option to do that that escaped my attention...
  5. So I finally invested in a basic 24" slider and a motorized turntable to do some indoor turntable footage recording... are there any ideas/subjects that you recommend for expanding your portfolio? Obviously there's stuff like chess boards/pieces, fruit, etc... just wondering if anyone has a recommended go-to shooting list for building up your portfolio during the cold winter months.
  6. Hi all, I am rather new to the stock community, mostly working with landscape photos. But now, due to my day job, I am stuck in Antwerp (Belgium) for some days, and I would like to make the most out of it stock-wise. However, I have no experience with city-style stock photos/footage: any advice on how to decide what is stock-worthy? Of course, I am not asking you to do my job, I just want to have some headers towards what should I think of: cities are full of people, and that makes it difficult to photograph (I would need model releases, I assume!) Any advice for a rookie? Thanks!
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