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Found 23 results

  1. How are you please help me to advance my content
  2. Hi, SS didn't accept my icons. The reason is Visible Trademark: Image contains visible brand names or logos. I don't understand why did they rejected?
  3. Hi I am Razib,I am new in shutterstock as a contributor and i want to establish my career as a Graphics designer like illustration,vector base.I need suggestion that i can get my goal.please help me by give me suggestion.
  4. Hi, I am Imran sheikh and I now I have approved shutterstock account and also my total design is 4529 vector like ICON, LOGO, LETTERHEAD etc but I can get better sell yet. I am very confused. Please help me and tell me how can i get better sell. Hope u will understand me. My portfolio is - https://www.shutterstock.com/g/solutionallbd Looking forward to your kind response. Thanks! Regards IMRAN SHEIKH
  5. I've a company, my employees are designers and want to register new business account on Shutterstock. Now question is does Shutterstock require some contract or agreement between owner and employees ? Or should I create contract considering Shutterstock's contributor rules ? Already researched internet and below resource is all I've found https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006556
  6. Hi fellows; A person is copying icons of people and selling it in Envato' s page. I attach his URL: https://graphicriver.net/user/iconsoul If you draw icon, look at this and complaint if it infriged your content!
  7. Hello everybody, i'm a new contributor to shutterstock. I want to improve my illustrator and art skill. I made my very first icon pack, it's about school item (not very original i know). I would like to know your opinion about it. If you have any advice to give, feel free to write me ! https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/image-vector/colorful-school-icon-pack-vectorized-icons-752124589?src=R0WI52L1lSu6Bcfyt7dAsQ-1-5 image ID : 752124589
  8. Hello, I'm wondering when is Shutterstock going to take action against the billion of useless junky irrelevant icons. There are simply too many icons that are taking over the NEW category and they turn the category in completely USELESS ANNOYING JUNK. I would gladly accept to report FREE of charge the SPAMMERS and contribute to Shutter's well being and I'm sure others will follow. If you can't handle it, we, the contributors can REPORT this annoying junk with the expcetion that you will actually TAKE CARE OF IT. Just put a REPORT SPAM button or IRRELEVANT and we will surf around and pr
  9. Hello icon designers! Do you create pixel perfect icons for stock websites ?
  10. What are the rules of filled outline icon design style and why they move the fill toward right beyond the stroke ?
  11. As we all know, Shutterstock content is growing rapidly over the years, that's a good thing, there's more diversity for buyers and more income. There's also downside to increased content cause when the search is flooded with new content from so called "mini factories contributors" that are mostly based on simple icons and 10 variations of the same icon in 10 different colors, there is low chance for people that spend much more effort in design to make their work be seen. Your design is on top of search or very close to top when it's approved, somebody does bulk upload of 50 variations of i
  12. I was wondering why I can't seem to see my port and footage links below my avatar? Is this a fluke? Or do I have to do something? PS Miss my sig banner.
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