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Found 11 results

  1. new contributor article link Oh God, this is laughable. How could you get neat picture quality from such a nano-tiny-sensor? Personally i rarely shot on mobile and if it is happening i use mighty Nokia 808 with 1/1.2" sensor (2012).N808 can produce acceptable quality in good light conditions and only after very heavy postprocessing on 'puter. Choosing from new phones i can mention Huawei P30 Pro (1/1.7"). It has more modern versatility but lose a tad bit in terms of resolution (funny thing also). Dynamic range of Huawei much better than N808. Due to modern BSI sensor vs Toshiba
  2. Was just wondering, carrying around my Sony A7 series isn't always practical. Is it acceptable to assume pulling out my Iphone 6 to capture on of those special shots at random enough in terms of video quality and image quality?
  3. iPhone 7 and newer came with new photo file format, "High Efficiency HEIF/HEVC". When use contributor app on the iPhone to upload "HEIF/HEVC" photo. The photo upload as normal, but once upload completed. Photo immediately disappear. when ShuttleStock going to support this new file format ?
  4. Hi all you guys and gals... I was wondering... how can I edit image details on my ipad? If i go the route of the catalogue manager and find the images i am looking for, then i cant "double tap" an image (obviously, that is the native zoom function of the ipad) What am i missing?
  5. I am using the iPhone Contributor app for the first time and have two suggestions (complaints). I loaded a picture while in Africa, but it would not upload completely due to spotty wi-fi. That's not the problem. I came home and uploaded the picture on my own wi-fi. OK, but since I'm home, I'd like to fill in the Metadata on a device with a real keyboard (my home computer or my iPad). However, the uploaded image doesn't show up for editing in my account either on the web or the contributor app in my iPad. I would hope that all three could be unified so that an item uploaded in one could b
  6. Hello, We are excited to announce the release of our Advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool for iPhone. This new tool makes it quick and easy to add keywords to your images when submitting via iPhone. The feature makes use of our computer vision technology to find images that are visually similar to the one you are submitting, and suggest relevant and previously-successful keywords for you to choose from. The keyword suggestion tool is simple to use. After you upload your images, navigate to the Edit screen. When you click in the Keywords section, the suggestions will automatically appear. Review
  7. Dearest Shutterstock, I'm not sure why the contributor app is no longer, but every time I go to the activity page or the earnings page, I get an error that says "Error Something Went Wrong". The sales figures don't get updated. I'm running iOS 9.3 on an iPhone 6s Plus, and I'm running the latest version of the app v1.3.2(64). Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanks, E. Rocka
  8. Hi, This weekend we released a new version of the Shutterstock contributor app for the iPhone. I want to share some of the new features that we hope will make the experience much better for you. We have focused on improving the upload experience overall. Some of the new features we have added include the ability to preview your uploads in full screen before you submit, and to upload multiple images at once. You can also edit in batches now. This means you can add or edit multiple submissions rather than one image at a time. While we were building that we improved the keywording exper
  9. I'm brand new on this site. My initial submission images were taken with a Nikon and were accepted. But, I also have hundreds of great images, both normal exposures and enhanced editing, taken with my iPhone. Does Shutterstock accept iPhone images?
  10. In this case, I don't know of a piece of equipment that can do what he did with just a few yards of string.. http://www.craveonline.com/design/950743-guy-swings-iphone-6-around-head-skiing-accidentally-creates-best-commercial-ever
  11. Hello, Recently I've received one files rejected by "Trademark--Image / Metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights". I know the meaning of this one: "Image potentially infringes on intellectual property rights." What is the difference about "Metadata Infringement". The picture is ID 316962020. It is a front view of an Iphone absolutely damaged and with no signs and logos. (I've seen similar photos in the library for commercial use). Thank you for your advice or feedback about.
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