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Found 11 results

  1. Maybe it's me, but my app on the iPad has not been showing anything under the 'Activity' tab for a while. Is this an app error, my ignorance, something else?
  2. iPhone 7 and newer came with new photo file format, "High Efficiency HEIF/HEVC". When use contributor app on the iPhone to upload "HEIF/HEVC" photo. The photo upload as normal, but once upload completed. Photo immediately disappear. when ShuttleStock going to support this new file format ?
  3. Anybody experiencing issues with the iOS Contributor's app under iOS 11? I can view "Activity" but when clicking on the other tabs (Earnings, Submit, More), the app stalls and eventually crashes. I've reinstalled the app twice, force quit several times and even restarted the phone a few times (iPhone 7+). Nothing works. Anybody?
  4. Good morning, Anyone else using the iOS contributor app noticed that recently new sale notifications are not showing up? By that I mean the ones that used to show up when an image sold for the first time, 5th, etc. The earnings at the top update, but that notification is no longer showing. I also used to get notifications with the app closed/phone locked, and those no longer show up either. No settings were changed on my end. Not a deal breaker, just an annoyance.
  5. Hey! Do you know of any good apps to check the status of your sales other than Microstockr for Android? I know about Shutterstock app but Microstockr is for almost all the agencies (if you upload to several of them). Can we maybe make a list of the apps (and their capabilities) in this thread?
  6. Good morning everyone, This morning the app kicked me out and asked me to login again, no problem there. When I try to login though, I get a "Something went wrong" error message. Anyone else not able to login via the iOS app?
  7. Is anyone having problems trying to upload images via the ios app? I've had the "failed upload" message since the system went down on Friday. I've tried logging out and back in again (very technical I know lol) but it didn't make any difference. I'm hoping it'll be sorted out once the Easter holidays are over... I know uploading on the desktop is working okay. 《Not to worry, it seems to be sorted now ☺》
  8. Hello, We are excited to announce the release of our Advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool for iPhone. This new tool makes it quick and easy to add keywords to your images when submitting via iPhone. The feature makes use of our computer vision technology to find images that are visually similar to the one you are submitting, and suggest relevant and previously-successful keywords for you to choose from. The keyword suggestion tool is simple to use. After you upload your images, navigate to the Edit screen. When you click in the Keywords section, the suggestions will automatically appear. Review
  9. Dearest Shutterstock, I'm not sure why the contributor app is no longer, but every time I go to the activity page or the earnings page, I get an error that says "Error Something Went Wrong". The sales figures don't get updated. I'm running iOS 9.3 on an iPhone 6s Plus, and I'm running the latest version of the app v1.3.2(64). Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanks, E. Rocka
  10. Hi, This weekend we released a new version of the Shutterstock contributor app for the iPhone. I want to share some of the new features that we hope will make the experience much better for you. We have focused on improving the upload experience overall. Some of the new features we have added include the ability to preview your uploads in full screen before you submit, and to upload multiple images at once. You can also edit in batches now. This means you can add or edit multiple submissions rather than one image at a time. While we were building that we improved the keywording exper
  11. I've 5 photographs that are "Sold for the 1st time" at this month, but only 2 notifications from Mobile App. I'm wondering if App development team can fix it, thank you. I'm using iPhone 6+, iOS 8.4
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