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Found 76 results

  1. please review my catalog..need to know your valuable advice on it.Am i doing it right.what changes shall i do to improve my work.http://www.shutterstock.com/g/stylock+snapshot?rid=220247457
  2. Hi I am Razib,I am new in shutterstock as a contributor and i want to establish my career as a Graphics designer like illustration,vector base.I need suggestion that i can get my goal.please help me by give me suggestion.
  3. Hello Shutterstock Family, I would like some advice on my images. I shoot a lot of landscape photography from around Korea. What do you think of my recent photographs? All advice/criticism is welcome. All the best, Joe
  4. Hi all. iam new here to shutters-lock. i need to sell my images. please suggest your ideas to sell my images here. thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys! Just wanted to post this topic for some help from experienced contributors and not. Please share your opinion about my portfolio and give me some suggestions if you can! Thanx a lot!
  6. In the Screenshot says, 'Reviewed Item will be displayed for 21 days'. What does it mean? Is it mean After 21 days My photos will delete? Or I will can't see in Reviewed Section but it will appear on Portfolio? Or What? Please help me?
  7. Photoshop question: replacing a sky I use blend if to replace a dull sky on seascapes or flat horizons with decent results (still learning!). I am having a lot of trouble with snow capped mountains using this method. I tried doing a "place embedded and then changing it to screen and painting the sky layer on to the background layer copy" method. I found this tedious and it results in either a white line around peaks and valleys or mountains tinted sky colors. Is there an easier method you recommend for replacing the sky with an uneven horizon that may have some greys in it? Of course, I can spend all the extra time at 300% painting meticulously, but surely there is an easier way! Help!
  8. Hello there, My name is Antonio and I am from Romania. I opened this topic because I need some help for my work art. Well, I am here from 1 of September and i never sold any photo. Can you help me with advises, critique or something? I need to know whether to stop or to go ahead. Thank you, and good luck!
  9. Hello, I signed up to Shutterstock about two weeks ago now. So far I have over 30 images up and running, but I've made no sales. If anyone has some advice on how to improve my images so they will sell I would really appreciate it!
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Shutterstock and have uploaded my first few images. I currently shoot on a Canon 100D/ SL1 and Tamron Lens. I want to lean on your experience and ask if I should upgrade Lens, I'm looking at Canon L series Lens 70-200mm f4 as I mainly shoot landscapes, would using this lens on a 100D be wasted? Or do I need to upgrade to Full Frame first? Thanks to Everyone in Advanced
  11. Hello, I would like to ask you (experienced photographers) for my portfolio review. Could you tell me how does it look for you? Are my photos any good? What should I do to improve my skills and up my sales. I have just started with stock photography a week ago. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/anna+sobolewska Thank you for your time and advice
  12. Ever since the update, every time I go to submit a photo, it saves and then fails to submit because "Media not found or wrong state." What does this mean?
  13. Hello everyone! Me and my sister have only started working on this since September last year. Now that we're reaching one year of uploading content, I thought we should ask for some portfolio advice. I know we definitely need to grow our portfolio and make more images. But besides that, what do you think we should do to improve our quality? What's your opinion on what we've been doing so far? Thanks so much in advance! Teixeira
  14. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new at shooting with a DSLR but...I got the bug and plan to keep shooting as long as I breathe. I shoot Nikon, and have a d3400 with kit lenses (plus a 50 mm f/1.8 G) but I'm saving for some better quality lenses, only thing is that, being a noob, the more I read about the different options the more I get confused, so I'd love a few suggestions by experienced photographers. I love shooting landscapes and animals, as well as details (architectural or otherwise), so a wide-angle lens and a telephoto zoom lens are definitely on my list, thanks for any help.
  15. Hey guys, I just made my first sale today and I'm super pumped! I'd really appreciate some advice on how to increase downloads besides uploading more. I just got a new camera so I'm going to try and upload as many photos as I can in the coming weeks, but I'd love to hear some tips from some photographi veterans.
  16. I am new contributer, i had some approve images that wasn't see in my portfolio. Images were approved last week and now past 72 hours too. Anyone have answer for this.
  17. I've been trying to figure out how to get sales on my photos https://www.shutterstock.com/de/g/tobias+dunn
  18. Hello everybody! If it is not difficult, tell me what is my mistake? 11 downloads in two years very little. From this interest disappears ... Best regards!
  19. Hiya all, I'm relatively new to SS and was wondering if you all had any advice for beginners? I've been trying to promote my content on social media and have been trying to get as many various shots as possible and only upload my better work yet I'm still not seeing very many sales. While I know that my portfolio is small I'm looking for suggestions for any way to improve/get better at this. Thanks!
  20. Keyword error alert not functioning as it used to. For a long time, there would be a blue text indicating "Mark all keywords as correct". It no longer shows up until you add a new keyword, and then it will show itself. This has been a workaround, but requires additional keystrokes. Please fix.
  21. Hello, I have just recently decided to reenter Shutterstock market and upload on daily bases, however, on the first submit I got rejection due to bitmapping. That's completely understandable, although still very confused about the ways to achieve shading/glow without 'drop shadow' and not going over the 15mb size limit. Blend tool is fine though, file size can quickly become incredibly large. So after the first reject, I dealt with issues though I received another reject this time because of the quoting 'Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection'. Now I am very clueless whats going on. Can someone help me out and explain how come this UI design cannot be licensed? Every input will be much appreciated! Thanks, Martins
  22. Although my images are approved, it does not show up in my gallery
  23. How does anyone literally manage to submit Thousands of images daily? One photoshoot of close to a hundred (just a hundred) nearly took me all day - to shoot the photos (which were still super quick in my opinion) - post process, (very minimal at that), and update metadata and captions. Some of the captions I copied and pasted but added a few extra words for unique groups. So, what am I doing wrong?, because it's obviously something! HELP pLEAsE!
  24. Hi All, I am Roman and I have just signed up to Shutterstock about a week ago. I am not here with an illusion to make lots of money with stock photography I just enjoy taking photos and videos and if you sell some photos then that is great and definitely a validation of your work. I am a very new photographer, i literally just got my new DSLR a few months ago and just dared to buy my first "good" lense. I have started taking some photos and making videos. Usually i try and find subjects that are in reach of my home or even just at home. I would really appreciate some constructive comments on my work, what to improve and in general suggestions that will make me a better photographer and contributor. PS: I hope im posting this in the right place, https://www.shutterstock.com/g/romiesstudio Thanks and Regards Roman
  25. Hello dear contributors, I have searched on the web, in the helpdesk of Shutterstock and in this forum but could not find a good way of how to find out if my images are stolen or not. For example: I have a specific image sold 6 times but it appears on 11 different websites. I know that I can use google images to re-find my images used on the web but how can I find out which of these images are licensed or not? I am pretty sure you have some methods that would be very helpful for a newbie like me. How do you deal with this? Best regards, Kors
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