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Found 103 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if any of you are interested in looking through my portfolio to help me critique my photos? I'm new to stock photography and just starting to edit/ upload some old photos of mine. I didn't shoot them with stock photography in mind, but I do feel like they are decent photos, hoping I can make something off of them. I am aware I need a lot more photos and will be trying to upload a few everyday. Just needed help getting started on this huge platform...
  2. My illustration of DeLorean time machine rejected TWO times immediately after submitting with reason of Editorial Designation even when its designated correctly. I wonder if SS staff ever see this post, please @Kate Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock
  3. I have an image that was taken in the UK in the early 2000's. It features several individuals in a public park. I think it is a great photo and let's say for the sake of argument that it is technically sharp and would get accepted. I am trying to determine a few things. 1) Is there a way to share this photo with a person or group that could help provide advice without the photo getting leaked? 2) Should I just upload it and see what happens (I don't have a release for anyone). 3) Is there any reason ethically that I should not post photos from the past or present in public venues where I have no way of getting releases from people. I am new to this, so not sure how to handle that. Thanks.
  4. This will answer a lot of your questions: https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/earning-money-stock-photography?customer_ID=1737520&campaign_ID=shutters.22361565&launch_ID=18758665&utm_source=sstkemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MC-750_Contributor_AdHoc_Newsletter_2019-08-01
  5. Yesterday, I submitted 20 photographs. All of them were rejected by Shutterstock for the exact same reason of Noise/Film Grain. Most of these photographs do not have noise/film grain, and some pictures of mine that were much worse than these have been approved in the past (take a look at my portfolio; you'll see what I'm talking about). These photographs were taken with different equipment, so there isn't something wrong with the camera I'm using. Is there a way to appeal? I have submitted photos before, and many have been rejected, therefore I'm familiar with this system. What happened today is very strange, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached are some of the images I submitted. These are previews of the images, so the actual quality of the files is much higher than what you see. The preview also makes them slightly blurry. The black and white image was taken with a film camera, so there may be some film grain, but without the film grain, the photo would look digital, which isn't what I'm going for.
  6. hello everyone, I'm a graphic designer and i have some questions about selling vector stock i hope that experiencing contributors in this platforms help me get some insight. my questions are: obviously the first one will be if this worth my time? what are the best platform to sell stock vector? how many sale you have monthly? what items that sell well (posters,logos,patterns...)? how much you earn from each platform (you can avoid this if you don't feel comfortable to answer) ? individual or set? I would appreciate any help ,this will help me and help other designers that are new in vector stock contributing. thank you
  7. Hello, my unpaid earnings have exceeded the minimum for payout and have been like for a few months. My PayPal address is correct. Could you help me receive the payment? Thanks, Nena
  8. I will be glad to any criticism and try to change everything
  9. Hi! So, I have a vector that keeps being rejected. A similar one, with one difference was accepted. The rejections keep being "Linked Images / Bitmaps / Raster Effects: Vectors containing linked images, bitmaps, and/or raster effects are not acceptable." I use Inkscape and when to View-> Outlines to see what was going on because there aren't any images in my vector. There is a green line showing a clipping path that I created from different colored rectangles to get a different shape. Could that be an issue? Does SS not accept clipping sets?
  10. hi I'm new and i need help.it's already been half a year from the moment I passed the SS exam, but for all this time I haven’t gotten a new sale.I live in war, so I take all the pictures on the meizu 6m phone. I wanted to buy equipment or move from the first sales (this war squeezes all the juices from me “Ukraine against Russia”), but there were no sales and I don’t know what to do. I ask you to help. Advice on how to improve my photos or portfolio
  11. Hello. I have recently tried to upload images to shutterstock but all of them didn't pass the review part. now some had valid reason but most of them didn't pass because thy are "out of focus". so i went and checked the photos and on my pc they were sharp and in focus, but when i checked the photos in shutterstock thy were blurry. so i tried uploading them again and the same thing happened. the original photos are clear and in focus, but on shutterstock they appear blurry and slightly out of focus. can someone please tell me what is happening. thank you for your time.
  12. I always like to bring new contributors to ShutterStock but am frustrated that I can not contact them via the ShutterStock platform to offer help, encouragement and support. I see it's just as much in ShutterStocks interest as mine as the better contributes do the better ShutterStock does and the more images and videos they have to offer. Does anyone agree? Richard
  13. Hi all, This is a very basic question and is probably covered in a forum elsewhere that I can’t find. I’m new to Shutterstock and I understand the difference between commercial and editorial images, but I was wondering whether commercial images could be used for editorial purposes? I understand that editorial images cannot be used for commercial purposes, but was wondering if the opposite was true for commercial ones. The reason I ask is that I’m focused on wildlife, landscape and nature photography, many of which would be suited to editorial requirements but also commercial. I’m uploading as commercial images - would this limit their potential usage by editorial clients? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if this is a stupid question - only created an account yesterday so very new to the Shutterstock world!
  14. I'm new contributor, my problem is simple : i don't receive any confirmation email in my mailing box ! I've checked EVERYWHERE, spams included ! Nothing. I've tried to resend sooo many times ! Nothing. I've tried to change the Email ! No matter what Email i try to put to replace the first one, it says "Email address already exists for another account.". I didn't created any other account before ! And even if i write a crazy fake email like "bjork@bjork.bjork" just for testing, it says the same thing. Last hope, i tried to resend the email confirmation with the mobile app. EPIC FAIL. And now What ? How can i send any image and contribute if i can't even get my email confirmation to validate my contributor account ? Oh, by the way, my Email works perfectly good, i subscribed to other places before with this email, no problem. Come on, help me to validate my contributor account with or without that goddamn email.
  15. Hi, anyone out there have any tips on how to make sales? Have 78 posts so far.
  16. Hi everyone I am Graphic designer i uploading my designs regularly from two months but not sale? Please suggest me what should i do?? Waiting first sale...
  17. Can anyone tell me what type of pattern design sell on shutterstock my geometric abstract design not selling?
  18. After my uploaded images were approved, shutterstock asked for my address and when I submitted it, the page stuck and loading forever. Is this could effect my payment?
  19. About two month ago I join SS, and I get some frustration...... (including asking Questions in En, haha.. I have 44 images in my portfolio, and luckily sold 2 images during the period of being a novice. However, the same question all the contributors have has already confessed me for a hard time ─"keywording" ( It really occupied a great part of time and spirits to brainstorm and writing the description.. (but the keywording is more harder than writing description! On average, I spent over 10 minutes on keywording a image if I seriously consider every keywords without a web or any auxiliary tool. For solving this problem, I have found and tried some ways to satisfy my needs, such as SS keywording tool and keying words in Lr. However, I don't know each benefit of every keyword... "They are really helpful in selling my images?" So, I turned to use keyword.io to makes my sales more better. But I can't find a detailed article about using this tool and the meanings of each item. More over, I found a interest thing! I'll get different statics of the same keywords if I type in different search items. After days of trying, maybe a image including different keywords is the reason why I get different consequent. So, What should I type in Search item for getting a good keyword.... and I didn't find a helpful page about this tool XDDD Here is my portfolio: https://www.shutterstock.com/zh-Hant/g/winter19970505 I believe my image should have a room for improvement, but I really don't have a idea about the sale results 2/44 during 60 days. Is it good? (I think too less image won't make the result accurate XDDDD So, I want to ask about these questions: 1. Any pages about explaining keyword.io ? 2. Any senior knows the way of using keytool.io ? 3. The keywording workflow you ? 4. How about the sales of using SS keyword tool itself ? 5. Do you think of any better keyword tool/way ? If you are willing to share any of your thoughts about my portfolio, I would glad to see that Thank you all.
  20. Hi, SS didn't accept my icons. The reason is Visible Trademark: Image contains visible brand names or logos. I don't understand why did they rejected?
  21. Hello! I am new to ShutterStock, just started uploading photos. Most of my best images would not load due to sizing errors, but hopefully I should get this sorted. Any tips on what theme of photographs are selling, still waiting on getting that 1st download, suggestions on what to focus on and any tips for a newbie? Not all my photographs have become available on my profile yet, have unloaded some images of my cats. Open to feedback on the little profile I have so far.
  22. Hi guys. I've been on here for awhile, and I've deiced to start putting more effort into selling stock but I've heard getting papal cash in a local South African account can be a bugger. Anyone have any advice for me? Thank you.
  23. Hi! I find I've made a somewhat minor mistake in uploading a number of images recently. I want to correct that single mistake in the description of each and all the images that have been rejected under that same reason (1). Is there a fast and easy way to do this? [I'm afraid I'll have to upload each image again, cut paste the keywords and description again for each image, etc.] Any suggestions you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you for your help!
  24. Friends, I would like to identify the orange insect in this video, i.e. its main subject. If anyone of you can point me in the right direction, please do. Thank you in advance. http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=178027
  25. In the Screenshot says, 'Reviewed Item will be displayed for 21 days'. What does it mean? Is it mean After 21 days My photos will delete? Or I will can't see in Reviewed Section but it will appear on Portfolio? Or What? Please help me?
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