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Found 7 results

  1. The problem with FTP uploads: since May of this year all of the footages in the 4K quality ( 100 - 300 Mb of each) at the side of Shutterstock account come with an error "We can't read what's in your file. Please re-save or re-export your file, and try uploading it again." These have been several attempts with a total of over 100 files. (!) Same footage in HD quality uploaded successfully. * And from the Shutterstock technical support side, I get the impression, that I get answers from artificial intelligence but not from a real person, who can understand the essence of the problem.
  2. Hi, with the camera and some time lapse, I make several videos of an average duration of ten seconds, all in HD quality, 25 frm, and then send them to videostock agencies. These videos generally have a weight ranging between 50 and 200 m./byte. Their customers also demand excellent compression qualities with minimal information loss. They would use them not so much on Youtube or similar channels, but on computers, for their professional use. One of these agencies invited me to reflect on the possibility that the version of the ProRes codec (which I use with Shotcut in combination with th
  3. Can anyone tell me if I can upscale a 1920x1080 video to 2702x1520 (2k) and upload for sale? I did it and getting rejection due to wrong aspect ratio. But I followed all the rules (H.264, 16:9 aspect ratio listed in the website, 60fps, not letterboxed or pillarboxed or matted). Can anyone tell me if I can do this? I have some decent full hd videos which i can upscale to 4k and upload.but first I want to know if it is allowed or not??
  4. While i'm waiting for the answer from SS contributors support I was wondering what are other contributors experience about this problem. I shoot mostly 4K footage and I noticed if someone choose HD filter in search my clips won't show up, even do shutterstock sell them all in HD (and sd) resolution also. I think this is ridiculous, because purchasing HD is available for 4K clips also, they should be visible in search also. Since there's really low demand on 4K clips and they are invisible in search with HD filter, is it best option to upload all the footage in HD resolution also, does an
  5. Happy new year to everyone. I have a question for experienced contributors. Recently i uploaded a few videos, all accepted, the problem is i shoot in 4 k but SS accepted them in HD. One single clip is accepted in 4K, i shoot all my clips with the same settings. Very confusing, did anyone have the same experience?
  6. I plan to buy new camera for only video. I would like to know i should keep Full HD or go for 4K camera. And what about market
  7. My gallery is pretty varied and these two very different videos sell weekly with out fail. I always wonder about the buyer's use! http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-4359308-stock-footage-police-tape-at-scene-of-emergency-with-ambulance-and-flashing-lights.html?src=gallery/ZAiyqzGyybRrs_PATlbAnQ:1:0/3p http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-4913756-stock-footage-family-bike-riding-on-forest-trail-pov.html?src=gallery/ZAiyqzGyybRrs_PATlbAnQ:1:1/3p
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