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Found 9 results

  1. I have a lot of slides that I have scanned with a good scanner and at an excellent resolution. I tried to send them but, with some exceptions, they are rejected for focus or noise or grain.For some it was quite shareable but for others it was not.It is natural that the scan file, if brought to 200%, shows some traces of imperfect sharpness but this is due to the grain of the slide itself. And they are slides 50 or at most 100 ASA!Furthermore, if they are prior to 1990, they must have a release and certification that are owned by me, but it is not clear where to make this release on editorial content!I am sending some examples. In my opinion they have no serious focus or grain defects but maybe I'm wrong!Can anyone help me with some advice?
  2. Yesterday, I submitted 20 photographs. All of them were rejected by Shutterstock for the exact same reason of Noise/Film Grain. Most of these photographs do not have noise/film grain, and some pictures of mine that were much worse than these have been approved in the past (take a look at my portfolio; you'll see what I'm talking about). These photographs were taken with different equipment, so there isn't something wrong with the camera I'm using. Is there a way to appeal? I have submitted photos before, and many have been rejected, therefore I'm familiar with this system. What happened today is very strange, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached are some of the images I submitted. These are previews of the images, so the actual quality of the files is much higher than what you see. The preview also makes them slightly blurry. The black and white image was taken with a film camera, so there may be some film grain, but without the film grain, the photo would look digital, which isn't what I'm going for.
  3. Hello there, I sent first 10 pictures, 4 commercials and 6 editorials. It is mix from Canon 7d, iphone 5 and Samsung 8. I use Lightroom for getting details back, boosting colors and reducing noise. I have got 4 commercials rejected because of focus, noise/grain. Still I am waiting for editorial ones. I am wondering: 1. Why commercial pictures have been checked first, is it always divided the checking up between commercial and editorials? 2. Because commercial pictures are going to be used for more "picky" clients (high resolutions posters, flyers etc) than editorial (mostly newspapers, blogs or websites) are harder to be approved? Is it a good way start to upload a picture as a commercial and if is rejected, upload as a editorial and have higher chances to be approved? I read this opinion somewhere, is it right? 3. Is it worthy to fix it up a rejected picture, or is it waste of time? I read some people upload them again and again even without any changes and they have been approved (sometimes even with a 4th attempt). Is it depends of the person who checked this up? Also I can try to fix it up, like with noise (again), focus or to use more tricky movements like cut the part of focus or resize it and make it smaller. If I can ask do you have a lot of rejections? Do you upload them again as they were or work on them again? Do you have any methods for them for fix it up? When do you upload rejected pictures? Straight away? Or is it better to wait and how long? The last question is, right now I want to be approved as a contributor. That's why is sent 10 first pictures. Is it harder to get in and after all uploads are going easier? I mean after approval rejections ale will be not so often? How many pictures I have to get to be approved, just one? I am sorry for maybe silly questions, but I am new here I and am trying to understand it.
  4. I'm new to photography and have only been selling photos for a little less than a year. i have a new nikon d5600 which shoots pretty good photos in jpeg format but a good portion of my photos are declined for excessive noise,film grain and compression artifacts. I shoot in all my pictures on the fine setting because from what i understand shooting in raw means spending alot of time editing photos. should i start shooting in raw or keep shooting in jpeg to get more practice, or are there camera settings i'm missing that would stop this from happening?
  5. Hello I received an email today saying Franzis Denoise projects professional is on offer for £30.00, regular price £111.20. I have read ephotozines review and there verdict overall was that it is very good. I was just wondering if anybody uses, or has had any experience with, Franzis Denoise projects professional and, if so what you think of it?
  6. I'm not yet an accepted contributor and after having several photos rejected for the same "excessive noise" reason, I'm seeking some advice. I've attached one of the rejected images hereto and given the scene is sand, I can't see digital noise and am at a loss for what the reviewer was seeing. Can any of you shed light on what the reviewer may be seeing? Thanks, David
  7. I like some pictures processed in dxo codec pack ... imitation of the films 60-80 years ... there nice effect for some it with a grain .. but the reviewers here, they distinguish noise and grain or not waste time and choice "no grain"?
  8. I am using a Canon 5D Mark 3 (bought second hand). I get several images rejected because too soft or too grainy with artifacts etc. I asked a successful stock photo submitter who tells me he never sharpen his images. I was told that the camera I was using has no problems of noise below ISO 3200. Even my ISO 800 images are being rejected. Could someone explain me how to remove the artifacts grain and noise. Also how not over sharpen and make the image un-soft? I am new, but I have Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS 6. Many thanks. Hassan[attachment=140266:Duckling.jpg
  9. From the album: Andi's Album

    Picture from the Black Forest Region of Germany. I like looking for lines in those pictures
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