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Found 13 results

  1. My Shutterstock profile does appear when I search in google. My public profile is shutterstock.com/g/scrane. What can I do to correct this?
  2. I can't see my SS public profile in a google search. Can someone tell me what I need to do to find my profile in google? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Scrane
  3. Folks, Here is strange application found in Google Play Store. This guy sends SS images by image ID for free. Any. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hossamgamal290.Shutter_Stock_Free According to description of this app: and Looks like he's robbing us. Any thoughts? P.S.: Oh, yeah... I am not talking about SS trademark used like this
  4. Hello guys, Did you tried to google your SS photos lately? What are the results? I see alot of other stock sites but no SS listings? Last time i did it maybe 2 weeks ago i as getting SS results at the top. Should this be result of the bug too? Thanks
  5. Hi All, This is my first ever post on any forum. Has as anyone tried promoting their portfolio through Facebook ads or google analytics? does it even help? Facebook starts with only $5. Many Thanks
  6. I've noticed in the "top performers" page that some of my downloaded photos shows what keywords the buyers have used when searching the photo. But most of the photos doesn't show any keywords... so what does that exactly mean? Does it mean that the buyer have "accidentally" found my photos when browsing the web and not used the SS search engine? Have they used google for example.. or some other search engine? What is the reason why some downloaded photos don't show keywords that was used?
  7. I know some of you have kids and yes its only for kids. Basically they want doodles from kids in kindergarten to grade 12 to doodle for use on a Google logo. Details here. https://doodles.google.ca/d4g/ Sorry, it looks like its only open to Canadians. Good luck to those who contribute.
  8. tayyab abbas


    From the album: nature

  9. dear admin, I just wanna ask why i cant search my portofolio from google like any other contributors portfolio.... thank you very much.... I try to find sickstock shutterstock portofolio its not shown... whereas i have email the shutterstock admin but still no answerr.. thank you...
  10. I was looking at google analytics for my other websites today and it got me wondering - can I set up an analytics thingy for my SS portfolio? It would be interesting for me to see a few more stats than what we get now. Particularly in terms of views - I'd like to know how many people are looking vs buying and how many returning visits vs new. So am I being blonde and missing how I can do this? Is it actually a possibility? Or, as we say in the land down under "tell her she's dreaming"? Thanks All
  11. As you are aware there has been an agreement between Google and shutterstock. There is a commission for every use of our images?
  12. GI is suing Google for promoting piracy. http://www.nextgeekers.com/2016/04/27/getty-images-to-sue-google-for-promoting-piracy/ I hope Shutterstock will follow suit, seeing that our earnings are sinking like stone in a pond.
  13. just blurred keyboard, no sales keywords: alphabet, blur, business, button, close, closeup, communication, computer, concept, connection, electronic, enter, equipment, image, internet, key, keyboard, letter, office, pc, plastic, system, technology, type, white, word In search at a picture Google believes that this: girl beautiful body any thoughts as it happens?
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