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Found 6 results

  1. I cant see my video. i actually only have one but its gone. any one else having this issue or is it just me?
  2. Where have all the titles to images gone? I thought they used to be uploaded in still images but when looking through my and others portfolios I don't see any titles, only descriptions. Did Shutterstock do away with all the titles? I take a lot of time to use up the 200 characters available which is a combination of title and description. But after I upload I only see the characters my descriptions counted. Why is Shutterstock deleting or not uploading the titles I invested so much time in? I use photoshop elements to put my metadata in file Info. Some sites separate out titles from description, others do not. How do I make it so all my titles are used? Am I going to have to just cut and paste my titles in before beginning of description in Shutterstock in order to use all my 200 characters? Or are the titles being used somehow just without anyone seeing them? If I put title in Title field and Title at start of description in meta data Info before uploading to get title in 200 characters allowed, I will most likely be deleting it from a lot of other sites or doing a lot of cutting and pasting. Any thoughts on how to solve this? Or insight into Shutterstocks thoughts on Titles? Thanks
  3. Uploading 60 images. After they was approved waiting 16 hours to be visible ond portfolio. Selling a few of them.... next morning 60 of 60 gone... whats happening??
  4. Hey, A couple of hours ago i uploaded a lot of photos and gave most of them keywords but I had to do something else in the meantime and saved them so I could finish it later. Now when I want to add more keywords and submit them, they are gone. Is this a bug? I'm sure i pressed the save button and I do it always like this without any trouble. "0 clips and images to be submitted"
  5. Hello everybody! On December 1, 2015 the year I have gone missing all sales "On Demand" and singles, they seemed to be turned off, but before December 1 were regular sales "On Demand"... For the third month sold only subscriptions. This is all normal? Sorry for my bad english)
  6. Faster than you can blink and say "Merry Christmas", I spend all my stock dosh (sadly) seconds on the moment when I got it. Choices on my list were: 1. Chocolates for GF? None, can't keep up with her as I wasn't eating enough vegetables this month. Apolgies, Dave, it's an SOS for meself 2. More vegetables, vegetables, vegetables and vegetables!!! 3. More Japanese knives! Yeah!! Maybe no since I already have several, 4. A new CZ 50/f1.4? Oh yummy... 5. Finally, settled on a used Tormek 2000 and a couple of sharpening jigs. It's gonna come before Christmas! Not to used on the Japanese knibes as I have got a couple of Japanese waterstones and natural stones. Want to to get my scissors sharpened and get a perfect grind and to offer sharpening services around the block. Bad news is, there isn't enough change back to buy another pair of jeans for the alarming expanding spare tyre. Again, not enough vegetables... Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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