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Found 8 results

  1. I just read a topic by new contributor asking about image processing and none of the answers mentioned free softwares. I think for a beginner who want to minimize the cost of entering the microstock business, free image editing softwares are great money saver. They are very capable as well. I only use free software for my image editing and so far, I did not think of getting commercial image software. Anyway, I cannot afford them, I would rather save the money for more lens or upgrade my camera body instead. However, I am not saying that those free software are better than the commercia
  2. Hello everyone! I am trying to move my portfolio into Video and i am looking for some video camera to shoot 4K videos. Any advise? Right now i own Nikon D610 but it doesn't have any video stabilizer. And i prefer to buy some video camera. Maybe have something in cost less than 1000 USD? Thank
  3. Hi all, A greenhorn to the game here. My story (don't prepare popcorn, I'll keep it brief). Some years ago I found Ken Rockwell (or Ken Rockwell found me) and he convinced me that all I actually need in life (sorry John) is Nikon D40. I bought my very first DSLR brand new with the kit lens on, walked out of the store in Amsterdam and started shooting immediately, as a Japanese tourist first time in Paris. And continued doing so for some years. As you can probably imagine, 99,9 % of the photos I made were garbage. There are some I still can look at, but there's not a single one I
  4. Hi everyone. My name is Max. I'm new photographer. Today I use my canon 70d for stock photo but i want to upgrate to full frame camera. Yeaterday I seen a secound hand camera It's Canon 5D classic 12mp.It's very cheap. How Do you think about it. It's ok form stock photo? And Do you think that high quality cameras affect the sales of images? Thank you.
  5. From the album: Only Forum

    Hi. I am newbie in object photography so I need help. Please tell me your opinion about this photo. What needs to be improved? Thank you very much, everyone.

    © All images © 2017 Gábos Albin.

  6. Hello, Considering the popularity of smartphones for home use- I was looking for zoom lens that I could mount on a smart phone but all the lens I have found are "primes" and are unable to actually zoom in. Then I was looking for mini-zoom lens. Is it possible to mount security camera zoom lenses on a smartphone? They look so compact. Is there anyone who at least tried it?
  7. I am thinking of getting a monopod to take on my political rally/cultural event shoots. Tripods don't really work well in these venues especially if you're crowded into a bunch of other press. I am wondering how helpful they really are. Also wondering if it is worth spending the money as I am only seeing focus issues from one site (not SS) If I go this route, I am looking currently at a Manfrotto 680B priced at $65. Here's the description: Black anodized aluminum four section monopod featuring sure rubber grip, wrist carrying strap, quick action lever leg lock system with 45° flip, l
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