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Found 23 results

  1. My portfolio: http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Amin+Kassim?rid=203729657
  2. When will it be possible to share our Portfolio on Facebook? Galleries can not be saved. It always gives me error.
  3. Can't open my portfolio... Anyone else with same problem? "We're sorry, but we were not able to load this contributor's gallery at the moment. Please try again."
  4. Can anyone help with the guide on how to contribute to the Shutterstock free image gallery? https://www.shutterstock.com/search/free
  5. Hello All I am new to Shutterstock and love it already. I only have a couple of hundred photos uploaded so far. I am already seeing the more photos I load the more sales I get. I have also realised you never can sell what will sell. Am I missing any tricks about promoting my gallery or myself on this great site ?. Does anyone have any tips for promotion to increase my sales. Or do great photos just sell themselves and that were I should focus my effort. Thank you in-advance for any help Regards Johnnie. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/johnniemartin
  6. Hi. Could you help me or give me some advice or trick to increase my selling. These days my selling is going down day by day. Check my gallery and gimme your advice and your valuable comment. thxxx https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/g/gse1905
  7. Hello everyone! I have recently uploaded my first photo to this site. Now I need some advice...... due to lag or technical issues, why cant i see or find my photo in the Catalog Manager? The photo has been accepted, but i did expect to see or at least find it to allow me to add it to a "set" I have created, called Flowers. Am a bit stuck as to why my photo isnt showing. Or is it a simple case of waiting a while. Its about 15 mins now since it was approved, do i need to wait longer before it appears in my catalog manager view?? Thanks for all your help
  8. hi, im new as contributor how does this thing work im not new as a photographer but new at this community how do i no if photo gets approved or denied what shots do i got to take to earn money? here are my examples im gonna be selling.
  9. I've just registered on Shutterstock. Please, if you are an experienced contributor, advise - what I should know before uploading my photo on Shutterstock? Any risks or threats? Thank you in advance!
  10. Is the gallery viewing having current problems for others? I have cleared cookies several time, but nothing solves it. New member here. This page isn’t working promote.shutterstock.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  11. Hello Friends, This is my very first time I am writing at the forum. I have a question, so if someone who know could help me that would be great. I have some sets on my portfolio, however I'd like to change, actually to replace the one I already have with something else from the set. Is this something that I can do? if so, how? Have a nice day all
  12. Hello, the theme is set as gray, gallery preview is also gray, but the tweet is black, in any setting. It lasts for months or years.
  13. Hello! I have approved the batch of video about a week ago (Batch ID: 5477587 (02/14/2017), but the files still do not appear in the gallery and they can not be found on the site by name, only by ID. However, video files that approved later are in the gallery now. Are there some problems with site or with files? Thank you!
  14. Hi, I am relatively new here, and with stock. I am looking at the page under PROMOTIONS / GALLERY, and have questions. Is there a Help article somewhere that I am missing that instructs on using this page? For instance, there is the Customization choice under "From", of "Most Downloaded". Selecting that, pictures which have never been downloaded (I only have a few so far), appear under the "Preview of how your gallery will look:" And I may have more questions. I'll post them here, but thought I'd first ask if there is Help on the site for this area. Thanks.
  15. I deleted an image from the approved images list. Now how to remove from the gallery?
  16. I have aproximately 626 photos in SS. I think that my sellings are still not good. I have aproximately 120 monthly sellings and it is about 50 dollars. I'm trying to upload many kinds of image for reaching new people. What can we do for getting more sales? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/iremt
  17. I am having trouble adding the 'gallery widget' to my website. It only shows an empty view and the developer tools tell me that 'embed.js' could not be loaded from the shutterstock servers. Apparently the same or a similiar issue was already brought up in this post in the forum (http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/87591-an-invalid-ssl-on-promoteshutterstockcom/?hl=embed.js), but it does not seem to be fixed. Attached you can find a screenshot of the embedded widget and the html file. I hope you can help me to get the widget to work. Best, FroeMic test.html
  18. Hello, I tried to install the Gallery html code on my website from promote.shutterstock.com, and I noticed that it's not working, because of the invalid SSL Certificate on the following webpage https://promote.shutterstock.com/content/embed.js Please fix the problem. I would suggest buying a valid SSL certificate from cyberssl.com. Thank you in advance, Ksenia
  19. Sorry about posting this but I have attempted to contact Contributor "support" but I have never heard back from anyone. I am truly confused. It appears I have two...maybe THREE separate and independent portfolios....one for FOOTAGE/VIDEOS and two for images. How is that possible and why are they separated? When I go to my profile link http://shutterstock.com/g/pitompkins only my IMAGES are showing. THEN I actually have two completely different galleries. http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Tompkins+Photo for my IMAGES and http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/575902/ for my FOOTAGE. All three appear separate. How can these be combined into one. Why are they separate? Thanks.
  20. I have placed a new idea to the following idea generator place: https://sssubmit.uservoice.com/forums/116747-catalog-manager/suggestions/15292017-search-feature-in-image-gallery-stats-section I believe I am not only one who analyze relevant keywords in the Image Gallery Stats. Please read and vote in case the feature is really needed. Thank you.
  21. Hello. I have a problem with my gallery. I wanted to change keywords for older files, so I sorted them by date. Few newer pages are okey but after that all files mixed - old with new ones. It is mixed in contibutor view in catalog manager as well as in customer view when I'm not logged in. EDIT: SETS order in catalog manager is mixed as well.
  22. Hi, Would you please create the search feature in Image Gallery Stats page? Really annoying to find some certain image for keywords analyzing, especially if there are more than 1000 images. But what if there are 100 000 images? I believe this is must have feature. Thanx.
  23. Howarth Art Gallery - rejected for poor lighting. I would interested in finding out how I should improve this image - is it too light or dark, should the shadows under the bush be lightened?
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