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Found 11 results

  1. Yesterday I walked a bit and met a hanging stump on wires. For the first time I see this. ))) funny shot
  2. One of the funniest gear reviewers on youtube in my opinion, i needed to share this, enjoy it
  3. Hello everyone. I don t know how many of you are read this article, i found it very funny, question is how many of you recognise themselves in this article? Enjoy it https://www.photographytalk.com/photography-articles/3280-41-reasons-why-you-shouldn-t-date-a-photographer
  4. Funny article, never a truer word spoken http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-39217548 Our Real Job: http://www.cogentmarketing.co.uk/ Our Other Real Job: https://www.madcowmo...y?referid=18880
  5. Hello, I'm a silly looking cartoon snail. Do you like me? Kind regards, Snail

    © lovedoodle

  6. A Male Grackle giving the evil eye to the camera

    © JWJarrett

  7. I had the ever more uplifting experience of contributing to this site brought to a new high with the rejection of 10 out of 13 videos with some of the rejections with the rejection reason left blank and others for keyword relevancy. I understand the reviewer would be and expert on the local tourist attractions of the world heritage areas of Tasmania and its vernacular from the distant shores they occupy, but the files rejected without any reason given, well that's a new one. Contributing to these sites is such a demoralising experience it would be probably more rewarding to be a crack addict living in a cardboard box. Unfortunately revenge cannot not be a dish I serve as the internet in my country is so slow it takes two years to upload one files so any dreams of being a reviewer that ticks and flicks is beyond my reach. Oh I pray for my salvation through the few pennies from heaven to enliven me, so my efforts can be rewarded with just a dollar so I can continue with blind faith that things will turn around, as the meek (enslaved) shall inherent the earth one penny at a time. I know I need an undiscovered niche that is also popular but cost effective to produce.
  8. mater_de_thai


    From the album: thailand

    jump to lagoon
  9. Migren art


    So, this is carrot I got from my parents. Not photoshoped or edited by any way. Pitty I ate it.. can't take any other photos for some funny pictures..

    © Mikael Holmgren

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