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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I currently have a canon 550d with an EFS 15-85mm lens. I really like this camera and lens and have been happily using for 5-6 years. However, due to its size/weight I feel that I'm not taking as many photos as I'd like in cities or when generally out and about because a) i've not taken it, too heavy, or b) it's tucked away back in my bag and have missed a shot faffing around getting it out c) it's a pretty obvious camera so puts people off when using to shoot in markets or in crowds etc. I hired an X100F for the weekend to see what it was like, and really enjoyed using it around london and found it solved most of the issues listed above. However, i didn't buy because slightly worried it's a bit limiting because i really enjoy taking photos in mountains/ countryside etc. and the X100F has a fixed lens. Therefore, i was thinking the XT-2 looked a very good bet - can change lenses, and will suit countryside and all the situations that X100 F pretty much covers, albeit not quite as compact or discrete. Before I make the plunge and either hire the XT-2 for a weekend or buy it, i was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding my thoughts that XT-2 would be better for the situations above than either my current camera or the X100F? Also, if there are any other cameras which you think are better or worth considering above the XT-2, would be very helpful to know too. Thanks, Harry
  2. Well, it's official. My all time best selling image in number of sales was done with my pocket cam. Not a shoot, either. We were really just walking the dogs in seedy Sunset Park, Brooklyn, when I grabbed my Fuji X100s out of my pocket, laid down in the spilled beer, vomit, poop stains & lord knows what else & got this shot. I did try to recreate it with the D810. Never quite came off. One tip wrt to the Fuji--I'd set it on three shot bursts to get this one. Not only does it have the highest number of sales, but if one factors in time in the port, its success is downright phenomenal. It's sold five times just today. Was it Ike who once said to the effect: While I've found plans to be useless, I find planning to be essential. Something like that. In addition to leading Allied forces to victory in Europe, he must have been a dog owner. andy
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