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Found 48 results

  1. Hi everybody I'm a programmer and microstocker at the same time and today I'm pleased to present my piece of free and open source software. It's named Xpiks (Cross-platform Image Keywoarding Software) - keywording and uploading tool for microstock photographers and illustrators. It was written from scratch with aim to make it more usefull, convenient and quicker than existing tools. Program is available for OS X, Windows and Linux x64. Main features: convenient keywording capabilities (XMP/IPTC metadata) uploading images to Stock Agencies' FTP hosts (keeping encrypted list of credentials) keywords suggestion based on Shutterstock API or on the local library search through loaded images by any metadata ability to upload vector (eps/ai) files along with images automatically zip vectors and previews if needed checks for potential problems before upload (insufficient resolution, missing metadata etc.) checks spelling and proposes spell suggestions Main website: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/ UPD. Screencasts how to use Xpiks: https://vimeo.com/153564940 - Introduction https://vimeo.com/155296801 - Keywords editing https://vimeo.com/155427686 - Using backups (.xpks files) Tutorial part 1: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-use-xpiks-part-1 Tutorial part 2: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-use-xpiks-part-2 Tips and Tricks: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/hidden-features Any feedback would highly appreciated would it be good or bad. In case you've found any bugs or misfunction, please, check out this page (http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-report-an-error) on how to report it. If you have any questions please, ask them in the Support section on the Xpiks Website, because it's hard to keep track of all forums. I will definitely respond within 24 hours (due to the difference in time zones). I'm developing Xpiks only in my free time and anybody is welcome to join the development on Github (https://github.com/Ribtoks/xpiks). Any help would be highly appreciated - see Contributors Guidelines file in the repository.
  2. Hi All, I am fairly new to Shutterstock and I have been trying to upload footage to Shutterstock for some time, but I seem to encounter the same problem every time. I succeed, on a grand scale, by uploading the same clips repetitively until I stop it. Last night I had a queue of about 12 clips in FileZilla. The first two clips in the queue uploaded a total of 23 times and none of the rest uploaded at all. I cannot figure out why. I use FileZilla in the same way for other uploads with no problems. This is killing my available data (I can't get unlimited at the moment) and the only solution is to upload 1 clip at a time and stop it from repeating. That is obviously not feasible. I would really appreciate some help on this. Thanks, Johan
  3. 使用FTP连接,但始终出现以下错误
  4. So, what is the point of having a good password when anybody can grab it while I upload via ftp...?! Any chance of this to be resolved or at least an option for "web upload" for videos?
  5. Hi Friends, I submitted footage through ftp but don't see it appearing and so I can't make it ready for review. It seems to be stuck in the ftp and not processing. Anybody else has this problem? Is there any another way to upload videos ? thanks
  6. If I have a batch of images of a similar topic, I often use File Explorer to rename them - this creates filenames Pizza (1).jpg - Pizza (2).jpg etc. These renamed files upload fine using the web uploader, however they are rejected by FTP. I know Shutterstock does specify parentheses are not allowed in filenames, but it's time-consuming to have to rename files individually. As parentheses in the filename is something Windows does automatically, can I request consideration for parentheses to be allowed through FTP please?
  7. I have created a filezilla server which I can log on without any problem using a filezilla client. here I enter Host: ip address / User: username / Password: Code my problem is that with my ID-AL video player in settings (ftp settings) I can only enter User and Pasword. How do I sign it on my server without a field where I can type host? "ip addresses" Is it using the router "vpn?" or is it under Proxy server? or something completely different?
  8. Hello. I've been experiencing some problems with uploading my video clips. The video files are less than 1GB, however, it takes more than an hour to upload them lately. It used to be quick, like just 15 minutes or so before. So I'm wondering why it becomes so slow. Moreover, even an hour later of uploading the videos, I receive error messages on the submit content page. Somehow some video clips failed to be uploaded or were uploaded twice at a time. So it seems like something is wrong with the system. When I upload the same files to other websites, there is no problem. I hope you could help me solve this problem. Kind regards.
  9. An error comes saying " Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS. " How can I solve it ?
  10. A Shutterstock had FTP UPLOAD PROBLEM NOW? I uploaded lot of video clips. But didn't appear at submit tab. I tried several times. But 2 - 3 or more files show up. So slow proceeding now. And someone answered Shutterstock had some problem with FTP UPLOAD. When will company will fix it? Let me know.
  11. I am new to video upload. I'm using FileZilla to uploading my videos. Video is 6 seconds long (3.5megabytes). When the video is uploaded completely I refresh the submit content window. But my videos don't show there. I'm using Adobe Media Encoder for Encoding my files. The settings are H.264 3860x2160, 60fps, Progressive, CBR 240, No Audio. I need to know how to properly upload? Is there anything wrong with my settings? How do I fix this Problem? Thanks.
  12. Hey everyone. I submitted 7 clips in MOV format about three hours ago. They all were transferred successfully using the ftp.shutterstock.com connection, using Filezilla. None of those files are appearing in my contributor dashboard in the "Submit Content" section. Am I doing something wrong or is it the wait time that is very big until the video files show up for tagging and submit? It's the first time I'm trying to upload videos so I'm not sure if I'm doing everything correctly. Do I need to upload the files to a specific folder in the FTP server or is the root folder the right one? I uploaded to the root folder but I noticed that there is a "release" folder there also. Should I upload there instead? Any tips would be very appreciated, thank you! Best regards Rui
  13. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing FTP server disconnection's on large 1gb+ video uploads over the last couple of weeks? I've already contacted Shutterstock support with a log file and tried there recommendations as listed below without any luck. They suggested my antivirus might be an issue, which i think they are referring to the firewall built into the anti-virus, i just added new firewall exceptions for filezilla to be sure, but that didn't work. Sort of run out of options of what to do now, anyone else have a solution? Troubleshooting FTP errors: If you receive an error message in your FTP client about TLS settings, please turn TLS off. If the connection times out after a certain period of time, set the FTP client to Passive Mode. Go to the general settings and set the timeout in seconds value to 0, this will allow it to maintain a passive connection indefinitely. Then, go to the Site Manager, enter ftp.shutterstock.com in as the Host, Select FTP as the protocol and select Only Use Plain FTP as the encryption setting. Type in the Shutterstock Contributor username and password then, hit connect.
  14. The FTP is either timing out on connection, or connecting but failing to upload. Someone ought to look into it, please. Thank you.
  15. I have this problem for several days. Uploading through browser works fine, but when I am uploading vectors through ftp, all accompanied jpg-images have the same error "Your file xxxxxxx.jpg could not be processed due to invalid format." And as a result, I can't submit any vector. What can I do or how soon will it be fixed?
  16. Is there any particular reason the Shutterstock FTP appears throttled to 8mbit/sec per user? This isnt a temporary fluctuation - ive been seen this exact throughout for many months now even connecting via several VPS on gigabit backbone links so its not a local problem. FWIW adobe runs at 240mbit/s and P5 at 400mbit/s on the same machine at the exact same time uploading the same files. It takes frustratingly long to upload multiple 4K video clips due to this (30 to 50 times longer than other sites!).
  17. Hallo! I'm trying to upload my very first video and it seems that no metadata survives after the FTP upload. Am I doing something the wrong way? Adobe Bridge was used to keyword, add title, captions and so on to the MOV file. When the file appeared in the "not yet submitted" queue I went to submit it and all of my metadata disappeared so I had to copy/paste them from the files to the indexing section. I also noticed that in the "Approval Status: videos" > approved footage clips, I can find the approved clip, but if I click for details I see "Released: N" but I know that clip was model-released. Is there something I have to know? :-)
  18. I always upload via FTP, and I usually never have issues. Today however I upload them no problems, but they don't appear on the website. If I login again via FTP, I see the files there in the main directory (they usually disappear after a few seconds). Is the server having issues?
  19. Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to submit some new footage that I believe is perfect for stock sales. The content has a crisp, clear image, and is in 4K quality. However, when I try to upload the clip, it gets rejected for "Noise / Artifacts / Pixelation -- Clip contains excessive noise, compression artifacts, and pixelation " . But like I said, on my end the video is perfectly clear and crisp. There's no detectable noise, artifacts, or pixelation in the video, which leads me to believe that somehow my videos are getting compressed in a strange way when I upload the file. So what precautions can I take when rendering out the video file, and uploading the content? Currently I'm splicing the clips in premiere pro, and I render the clips in H.264 mp4 (matching the native quality and fps as the original clip), and then I use FileZilla for ftp upload. Is there a better format to be rendering my clips in to avoid strange compression post upload? I seriously have no clue as to why my clips would appear noisy or distorted post upload. Thanks for the help!
  20. Since last week I'm receiving the following alert in the new, modern, buggy and unwanted "Submit content" page: "Photo error. You recently uploaded XXXXX.jpg which exceeds our maximum image size of 50 MB. Please upload a smaller size or contact support for help addressing this issue." Some of them pass other don't. Is there anyone having the same issue?
  21. Hello, I am submitting files bigger than 50MB with filezilla on my OSX and everything seems fine. After I finish the ftp session, I check the submit page and everything looks fine. I submit them as usual but as soon as they are checked, the submission answer is always "File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit". It's painful. Thank you and be inspired!
  22. Anyone else uploading pictures via upload and not seeing them on the "Not yet submitted" section? I've uploaded a few and they're no where to be seen. Usually it takes about 1m for them to process, if that. It's been over 15m and nothing happened. Uploaded them again, same thing.
  23. Can't upload by browser nor ftp, get either can't read files by ftp or incorrect file format. Files are normal jpg's, tried uploading one I've already uploaded before to test and same error.
  24. I have been experiencing very slow upload speeds for as long as I have been contributing. I love Shutterstock, but the slow upload speed is really annoying and time consuming. For example, I get between 200 and 300 kbs on average, wich equals to seriously long upload time for 4K videos on other sites I average between 7-12 Mbit per sec, wich equals to blazing fast uploads. Does anyone have the same issue? and possibly a fix?
  25. Hello everyone, I am relatively new to uploading footage through FTP. Currently, I encounter an error in uploading a footage to SS. Error: Disconnected from server: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted Error: File transfer failed after transferring XX,XXX,XX bytes in 910 seconds All errors occurred exactly after 910 seconds. I have changed the connection timeout settings to 6000s but still the problem still happen. Anyone with similar problem know how to fix this? I've tried emailing support team, but it's been more than 2 weeks with no reply. Regards, Zulkamal
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