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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Glad to introduce you my new software ImStocker Studio - file manager for microstock contributors. I 've worked very hard to make it as very flexible modular system. Out of box it: can read & write title/description/keywords directly to JPEG/EPS metadata tags (EXIF/IPTC/XMP) has ability to edit multiple files at once shows keywords rank which indicates popularity of words has integrated keywording system has keywords analysis feature can import & export CSV files in different formats (and you can create your own) has automatic
  2. Hello, I have a huge problem with uploading my video files via FTP and web form upload as well. Some of my video files are just impossible to upload at all although they have exactly the same export parameters, same resolution (all of them are 3840x2160), same PhotoJPEG codec, same 30fps speed, duration between 15-25sec, all of them less than 4gb. If I use webform to upload I have a message saying "There was an error uploading the following files" at the end and files are rejected, if I use FTP upload - files are just staying at FTP server without processing for days. I've alr
  3. Hello everyone! Duplicate files appear when uploading videos via FTP. It's just hell to seek and delete them. Is there a solution to this?
  4. I'm trying to upload many video files at 4k resolution but the FTP clients (i've tried Filezilla and Cyberduck) reports "530 login incorrect" while uploading. Some files are correctly uploaded, some others aren't and they are flagged by Shutterstock server as corrupted. Note that the initial login sequence is correctly executed, the error occurs only while uploading. I've found many other topics regarding this problem, hope that will be finally solved as soon as possibile, because it's very hard to work with Shutterstock with this crazy and time consuming issue!!!
  5. The problem with FTP uploads: since May of this year all of the footages in the 4K quality ( 100 - 300 Mb of each) at the side of Shutterstock account come with an error "We can't read what's in your file. Please re-save or re-export your file, and try uploading it again." These have been several attempts with a total of over 100 files. (!) Same footage in HD quality uploaded successfully. * And from the Shutterstock technical support side, I get the impression, that I get answers from artificial intelligence but not from a real person, who can understand the essence of the problem.
  6. Hello I need help Maybe stupid but when i send few file it look like only one stay there. then i send an other one again only the last one is there. Is there some link for process this ftp correctly thanks
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